P&P Mini-series, Part 2

Both Collins & Wickham make their appearances.


Last time on Pride & Prejudice: The characters were introduced and the plot began.


This version of Mister Collins comes across as not only less-than-bright and a sycophant, but at times seems rather creepy in his behavior towards Lizzy.  I can’t blame her for rejecting his proposal, and I certainly understand why Mister Bennet supported her decision.

However, Lizzy let her confirmation bias affect her judgment regarding Wickham.  As she later realizes herself, if Wickham’s story had been true, then he surely wouldn’t have told someone he had just met nor would he have not attended Bingley’s ball despite his claim that he had no reason to avoid Darcy.

Also, Missus Bennet is being rather… loud about her dreams for Jane to marry Bingley and thus give her other daughters opportunities to meet (and marry) other wealthy men.  I can sort of see where Darcy might be worried that Jane is being pushed by her mother towards Bingley instead of actually caring for him.

Mary cannot sing- even as a tone deaf person I can tell.  What I want to know is if anybody has gently tried to deter her from singing as she plays the piano, or if they just haven’t had the heart to tell her that she lacks that ability, given her already fragile self-esteem due to having prettier sisters.

Kitty and Lydia continue to be giddy and juvenile around the militia.


Next time on Pride & Prejudice: Lizzy and Darcy exhibit both traits.