Power Rangers Summary

I am now going to be also reviewing Power Rangers!  Yay!

So, this is going to be pretty different from my Stargate reviews, because most of my information from those shows comes from me seeing any reruns as a kid and the occasional look at the shows’ tv tropes pages.

But Power Rangers was my ‘gateway’ fandom, so to speak.  It’s the show that once I started watching Mystic Force truly got under my skin and I wanted to know everything about it.  Luckily, there was a ton to find out (which I suspect is how my budding love of the series survived Operation Overdrive… that, Ronny, Rose, and “Once a Ranger”).  It likely inclined me towards consuming superhero media.

This series more than any other show, film, or novel kick-started me as a ‘legit’ nerd in the sense that I sought out websites on it, sought out fan-fiction and even wrote my own (for once, I don’t mind the lack of detail on what happened next to them- all the ideas!), and collected so many images to use for my computer background (I think I still have them on a thumb drive somewhere… but I’ll be taking my own screen-caps for the reviews, just like with my Stargate reviews).

I’ll be starting out with the thirteenth season, Space Patrol Delta (SPD for short).

Therefore, I pretty much know everything that’s about to go down in the first seventeen seasons.  But it’ll be fun to take a more serious look at the series as I get to watch them for the first time in YEARS.  In Mystic Force’s case, it’s been nearly a decade.  Actually, I’ve only seen Bridge-centric clips on Youtube in regards of SPD but Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and RPM I saw on TV and I’ve seen various bits and pieces of the other seasons via YouTube and rented VHS videos.

In conclusion, this will be a lighter and fluffier set of reviews in comparison to my Stargate ones because it’s a far less serious show.  But it’ll be fun morphenomenal!

… I didn’t explain the show itself, did I?  Oh boy.  Okay then, a quick overview before I start reviewing Space Patrol Delta.  Well, quick considering the quantity of data.

1977 to present: Super Sentai is a live-action show in Japan.  It features people who can ‘morph’ into spandex-clad (dodges K’s cannon) superheroes.  The morphing sequences would look rather familiar to anybody who’s ever seen a magical girl anime, except with no implied nudity and the show is aimed at boys opposed to girls.  Most of the morphed fight sequences in Power Rangers are just dubbed versions of the Super Sentai source material.

1993-95 (Mighty Morphin): Rita Repulsa is freed from her space dumpster along with some minions, goes to her moon fortress from which she attacks the city of Angel Grove.  Zordon (a floating bald head in a tube who’s a wise alien) is in a Command Center nearby with the robotic Alpha 5.  Five freshmen are chosen to become the first modern Power Rangers: Jason Lee Scott (Red), Zachary Taylor (Black), Trini Kwan (Yellow), Kimberly Hart (Pink), and Billy Cranston (Blue).  Seventeen episodes in, Rita Repulsa creates the evil Green Power Ranger out of new kid Tommy Oliver.  The Rangers manage to break the spell and Tommy joins the team.  Late in the season, Tommy and Kimberly start dating. (60 episodes)

It begins with “Day of the Dumpster“.

Lord Zedd shows up at the start of the second season since Rita hasn’t taken over Earth yet.  The Green Power Coin’s energy gets drained, but a few episodes afterwards Tommy becomes the White Power Ranger.  But soon afterwards Jason, Zack, and Trini leave for a teen peace conference in Switzerland and are replaced by Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Aisha Campbell respectively. (52 episodes)

It begins with “The Mutiny, Part 1“.

In the third season, new girl Kat Hilliard is bewitched into helping Rita but the Rangers break the spell so she becomes an ally and then the new Pink Ranger when Kimberly leaves for gymnast training.  Then Master Vile (I think) at the end of the season uses a magic doohickey that turns the Rangers into kids and renders the Power Coins that, well, power their morphers useless.  But it’s okay, since they go on quests to find the various Zeo crystals and a team of Rangers from Aquitar (who are rubber forehead aliens) fights the bad guys while they’re kids. (43 episodes)

It begins with “A Friend in Need, Part 1“.

1996 (Zeo): Kat is still the Pink Ranger, Tanya Sloan has replaced Aisha as the Yellow Ranger, Rocky is now the Blue Ranger, Adam is now the Green Ranger, and Tommy is the Red Ranger.  As for Billy, he helps out Alpha 5 and Zordon in the Command Center.  The Machine Empire has taken over the moon fortress, kicking out the former residents.  But it’s fine since it apparently allows Zedd and Rita to focus on their marriage (… it’s a long story that started out with a love potion back in season 2 but ends up as an actual bond somehow).  Kimberly breaks up with Tommy via letter (not cool), Jason rejoins the team as the Gold Ranger, Billy leaves for Aquitar, and then towards the end of the season Jason loses his powers and Tommy and Kat begin dating.  The ship war centering on Tommy is ongoing.  (50 episodes)

It begins with “A Zeo Beginning, Part 1“.

1997 (Turbo): Around the time of their graduation, the team switches over to the Turbo morphers.  Divatox is now the main threat.  They all keep their colors, except Rocky is replaced by 11-going-on-12-year-old Justin Stewart.  Also, for a time apparently Zordon went on vacation and a riddle-speaking lady alien replaced him.  Plus Alpha 6 replaces Alpha 5.  It was during this time that she convinced the four senior Rangers to step down and pass on their morphers.  TJ Johnson became Red, Cassie Chan Pink, Carlos Vallerte (?) Green, and Ashley Hammond Yellow.  That plan worked out “great” when Divatox’s forces attack the Command Center in the finale, leaving the team powerless as the villains capture Zordon. (45 episodes)

It begins with “Shift into Turbo, Part 1”.

1998 (In Space): So the teenage Rangers left in a space shuttle (I have no clue where they got it) while Justin stayed behind.  They quickly team up with the Red Space Ranger, Andros, towards whom Ashley was instantly attracted to.  TJ switched over to Blue, Carlos to Black, and the girls got to keep their colors.  Dark Specter was the leader of the Evil Alliance, with Astronema as his main warrior.  Later Andros’ friend Zhane was awakened from his healing coma and joined the team as the Silver Ranger.  It was around this time that Andros and Ashley’s friendship truly began to develop into something more (it’s hard to tell for sure since after the first two seasons kisses were a no-no as was the l word).  Astronema was revealed to be Andros’ sister Karone under a mind control spell but Dark Specter soon got her back under it.  Finally, when the bad guys are pulling a full-scale invasion on Angel Grove, Andros finds Zordon.  But the mentor has the Ranger release him from his containment, turning him into a pure energy wave that converts the more sympathetic villains into humans (Rita, Zedd, Divatox, Karone) and destroys the rest.  But he dies as a result. (43 episodes)

It begins with “From Out of Nowhere, Part 1”.

Special note: Bulk and Skull are about the only recurring characters who last from “Day of the Dumpster” to “Countdown to Destruction”.  They’re rather silly, and started out as occasionally malicious but overall are good-intentioned.  Plus, the teams generally spent their free time at Ernie’s Juice Bar and Gym.

1999 (Lost Galaxy): The space station of Terra Venture heads out in search of habitable planets for humans (I think).  But, as always in Power Rangers, there are attacking villains.  Leo Corbett is Red, Maya Zephyr is Yellow, Kai Chen is Blue, Damon Henderson is Green, and Kendrix Morgan is Pink.  Leo’s big brother Mike is believed dead after the second episode, but ends up being alive and becoming the next Magna Defender after the previous one dies.  But speaking of death, during the crossover with the five Space Rangers, Kendrix dies and Karone takes her place.  Unfortunately, this was not done for the drama of it, but because Kendrix’s actress had cancer and needed to go receive treatment.  Thankfully she recovered enough for her character to be restored to life when the Quasar Sabers (which power this team’s morphers) were returned to their rightful places after the villains were defeated. (45 episodes)

It begins with “Quasar Quest, Part 1”.

After this point, the seasons are pretty much self-contained, although there is the occasional cross-over with the previous team.

2000 (Lightspeed Rescue): The city of Mariner Bay is apparently over top of an ancient demon city.  And when the demons start getting out from some sort of seal, they’re not happy about that.  So Captain Mitchell gets five people to become the Lightspeed Rangers: Carter Grayson is Red, Chad Lee is Blue, Joel Rawlings is Green, Kelsey Winslow is Yellow, and his daughter Dana is Pink.  Their headquarters is the Aquabase, which is obviously underwater.  The evil Titanium Ranger is revealed to be Dana’s older brother Ryan, who had been presumed dead after a car accident years ago.  But he is freed from the demons’ influence and joins the Rangers.  Anyway, the series ends when the Rangers prevent Queen Bansheera from fully rising and destroying Mariner Bay.  Plus Joel finally gets a date with their tech support Angela Fairweather. (40 episodes)

It begins with “Operation Lightspeed”.

2001 (Time Force): In the year 3000, the evil mutant criminal Ransik escapes the police, seemingly killing Alex who had originally captured him, and travels back to the past in a spaceship with his daughter Nadira, the robot Frax, and a bunch of mutant criminals who had been shrunk and frozen but can be easily freed to attack the nearby city of Silver Hills.  Alex’s four teammates go back to 2001: Blue Ranger Lucas Kendall, Green Ranger Trip Regis (has green hair and a forehead crystal to mark him as an alien), Yellow Ranger Katie Walter (who’s super strong), and Pink Ranger Jen Scotts (also Alex’s fiancée).  But their morphers won’t work without a Red Ranger, and the Red morpher is keyed to Alex’s DNA.  Luckily they find Wes Collins, Alex’s easy-going idle rich doppelganger.  They run an odd-jobs business out of an abandoned clock tower.  Sometime later Wes’ old school friend Eric Myers (who has a huge chip on his shoulder towards everything and everyone) becomes the Quantum Ranger, thus leading to there being two Red Rangers on a team.  Towards the end of the season, a healed Alex travels back and takes back his morpher, but has proven to either have turned into a jerk or just revealing his true colors.  Plus it can’t help that Jen and Wes have grown very close over their months together.  The team goes back to Wes, and Jen breaks up with Alex.  But Nadira, who recently had a change of heart, talks her father into peacefully giving himself up.  Wes and Eric end up alone in the present day.  (40 episodes)

It begins with “Force from the Future, Part 1“.

2002 (Wild Force): Around this time Saban sells Power Rangers to Disney, leading this season to be mostly Saban’s.  Once again, the show begins with the Red Ranger joining the rest of the team.  Taylor Earhardt is the Yellow Eagle, Alyssa Enrile is the White Tiger, Max Cooper is the Blue Shark, Danny Delgado is the Black Bison, and Cole Evans is the Red Lion.  They live on the flying island of Animaria near the city of Turtle Cove.  The Zords are sentient in the series, with a special connection to Princess Shayla of Animaria.  There are Orgs who hate nature, humans, and animals so they wreak havoc, led by the Master Org.  There is an arc with their noble foe Zen Aku, who turns out to be Merrick Baliton, one of the warriors from 3000 years ago when the Orgs last attacked Animaria (which became a flying island in the aftermath of that attack).  He becomes the Lunar Wolf Ranger after he is freed from the influence of the evil wolf mask he had put on to fight evil but was then corrupted by it.  But Merrick refuses to join the others on Animaria, instead becoming an employee at Willie’s roadhouse, which is frequented by motorcyclists, has pool (which he becomes fond of), and serves root beer.  Also, the crossover with the previous team is of special note due being a two-parter and to the amazing belligerent romantic tension between Taylor and Eric.  I ship it.  Later, due to it being the tenth season, there is a special episode where ten Red Rangers (Jason, Tideus of those Aquitar aliens, Tommy, TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Eric, and Cole) go to the moon to battle the last bits of the Machine Empire.  Also, Master Org turns out to be a human- a human who had killed Cole’s parents out of jealousy when Cole was a baby.  But then he somehow turns into a real Org.  Anyway, good triumphs over evil and Princess Shayla takes back all the Rangers’ vests and morphers to go back to sleep on the island until the Wild Zords are needed again.  Merrick is very mopey as a result, since he and Shayla had some romantic attraction to each other but to mutual shyness and Merrick’s guilt complex nothing came of it.  (40 episodes)

It begins with “Lionheart“.

2003 (Ninja Storm): It’s now the first fully Disney season and the first Power Rangers season to start out with just three Rangers.  Evil Lothor attacks the Wind Ninja Academy near the city of Blue Bay Harbor, turning its headmaster Kanoi Watanabe into a guinea pig, capturing all of the students except for three tardy ones and the headmaster’s tech savvy son Cameron who’s been barred by his father from learning martial arts (turns out he’s been practicing in secret later in the season).  Also, Lothor has two nieces who ‘help’ him with his plots.  Shane Clarke becomes the Red Ranger with air powers, Tori Hanson the Blue Ranger with water powers, and Dustin Brooks the Yellow Ranger with earth/rock powers.  They have the underground Ninja Ops, and hang out at Storm Chargers where Dustin works.  I’m not sure if it’s specifically for motocross or for extreme sports in general- the focus tends to be on the former though.  Lothor is genre savvy, so in just the fourth episode the Crimson and Navy Thunder Rangers are introduced.  They’re brothers by adoption, Hunter and Blake Bradley, who believe Kanoi is responsible for their adoptive parents’ deaths.  But it turns out Lothor actually did so, but Lothor enchants them into following him when they stop willingly obeying him.  The Rangers manage to break the spell and the two officially join the team.  Cam reveals his prowess at martial arts, upsetting his father.  He then somehow time travels and learns Lothor is his father’s evil twin and gets a morpher.  So he becomes the Green Samurai Ranger.  However, Lothor’s end game isn’t revealed until it’s too late: when his monsters are defeated, they end up in the Abyss of Evil and he’s gotten it to overflow.  Oops.  But the good guys manage to win and free all the captured students regardless.  (38 episodes)

It begins with “Prelude to a Storm”.

2004 (Dino Thunder): On the first day of the 2004-05 school year at Reefside High, three seniors are given detention by Principal Randall: Conner McKnight, Kira Ford, and Ethan James.  Said detention will be supervised by the new science teacher… Dr. Tommy Oliver?!  The teens find the Dino Gems, gaining morphing abilities and super powers.  Conner is Red and has super speed, Kira is Yellow and has a sonic scream, and Ethan is Blue and has some retractable super-durability power.  Tommy gets captured, the trio learns from Hayley (who runs a cybercafé that links to their underground Dino Lair and is their tech support) via a video about the Power Ranger legacy for the 500th episode.  Tommy becomes the Black Ranger for his fifth morpher.  Kira meets and crushes on Hayley’s new employee Trent Fernandez.  But Trent goes through a weird portal that pops up in the study of his adoptive dad Anton Mercer and ends up stuck with the corrupted White Dino Gem.  And under its influence he traps Tommy (aka Dr. O. to his students) in amber.  For quite some time Tommy is left in various uncomfortable situations; Trent eventually becomes wholly good but the bad guys, led by Mesogog, have an evil clone.  Oh, right.  Mesogog, Zeltrax, Elsa, and their minions want to bring back the age of the dinosaurs and stomp out humanity.  Points for creativity, I guess.  It turns out Mesogog is the Hyde to Anton Mercer’s Jekyll; Trent keeps his secret for a while… so it’s not pretty when the others find out shortly before the finale.  Plus Elsa is Principal Randall.  But Anton separates from his evil half so Mesogog can be safely destroyed, while Elsa/Randall becomes good as well.  And thus the Prom goes well to close out the season.  (38 episodes)

It begins with “Day of the Dino, Part 1”.

2005 (Space Patrol Delta): In twenty years’ time (well, ten now), there is a city called Newtech City with the titular peace-keeping force that converts criminals to trading cards by a device that determines guilt.  No, really.  When the A-Squad is captured by Emperor Gruumm’s forces, which are heading towards Earth, the B-Squad has to step up to the plate.  They have a giant building which can turn into a Zord for their headquarters.  B-Squad has two members doing it as community service- Jack Landers is Red, Z Delgado is Yellow.  The others are actual recruits: Sky Tate is Blue (and dislikes Jack because he wanted to be Red), Bridge Carson is Green (a fan favorite), and Syd Drew is Pink.  All five have an ability: Jack can become intangible, Sky can create flat force fields, Bridge has psychic abilities channeled through his hands, Z can replicate herself, and Syd can take on the qualities of materials she touches.    The alien Doggie Cruger becomes the Shadow Ranger (no clue where his muzzle goes when he morphs), a future version of the teleporting boy Sam joins them as the Omega Ranger but is typically a ball of light (what), tech support Kat Manx gets a morpher for an episode, and in the last episode Sam’s friend Nova arrives for last-minute aid.  In the end the Troobian empire is defeated.  This includes the A-Squad, who claim not to be brain-washed but generally speaking we Power Rangers fans tend to be a wee too idealistic to swallow that.  (38 episodes)

It begins with, well, “Beginnings, Part 1“.

2006 (Mystic Force): This was the first season I watched and the one that got me into the show as a whole, since I’ve always been a fantasy fan.  We’re back in the present in the city of Briarwood which is next door to a magical forest.  Udonna the White Ranger gets five teens to become the new Mystics when the Underworld led by the Master starts to attack both regions.  Udonna lives in the truly giant tree Rootcore with her clumsy apprentice Clare who is revealed to be her niece and the new Gatekeeper after her mother’s death sealing the Underworld 20 years ago (at least until the crown’s powers are drained).  The dark Ranger Koragg beats Udonna and steals her Snow Staff (aka her morpher).  That leaves Nick Russell the Red Phoenix, Vida Rocca the Pink Butterfly/Sprite, Chip Thorn the Yellow Thunderbird, Madison Rocca the Blue Mermaid (Vida & Madison are twins), and Xander Bly the Green Minotaur as Briarwood’s defenders.  Hopefully I don’t have to clarify who has which element.  They also work together at a music store, frustrating their boss Toby until he finds out late in the season that they’re Power Rangers.  The vampire queen Necrolai has a half-human daughter LeeLee; Nick befriends a troll-goblin hybrid named Phineas: this matters since Phineas and LeeLee hook up late in the season after LeeLee becomes good and they help Clare rescue a captured Udonna.  After Morticorn is destroyed during the Gatekeeper mess, two wizards are freed from stasis after 20 years.  One is Imperious, formerly Calindor, and works for evil.  The other is Daggeron, the Solaris Knight (played by John Tui, who also played Doggie in SPD).  Udonna finds out that Nick is actually her long-lost son Bowen, and Koragg eventually realizes he is under a curse by the Master and breaks free of it.  He’s actually Leanbow, Udonna’s husband and Bowen/Nick’s dad (no, there’s no Star Wars moment).  The Ten Terrors get loose after Daggeron destroys Imperious in a duel in their Ancient Modes (which are both so cool looking).  But in the end, all the bad guys are defeated (save Necrolai, who becomes Nikkei after draining her powers by reviving Daggeron & Leanbow).  (32 episodes)

It begins with “Broken Spell, Part 1“.

2007 (Operation Overdrive): Even after the mishmash that is Turbo and the lackluster initial four seasons once Saban regained the franchise, this is generally regarded as the poorest season.  I blame Andrew Hartford.  Ahem.  So there’s the Corona Aurora, which when combined with its five jewels grants incredible powers to the wearer.  To prevent evil from collecting all the pieces after he finds the crown part, Andrew Hartford creates a Power Rangers team out of his mansion near San Angeles.  His earnest son Mack Hartford becomes the Red Ranger, the arrogant Will Aston becomes the Black Ranger, the ditzy Dax Lo becomes the Blue Ranger, the playful Ronny Robinson becomes the Yellow Ranger, and the bookish Rose Ortiz becomes the Pink Ranger.  Their morphers also grant them superpowers: Mack gets super strength, Will gets super senses, Dax gets super leaping, Ronny gets super speed, and Rose gets invisibility.  There are multiple factions of villains, and all the infighting is actually a good thing given how inept Andrew Hartford proves to be as a mentor.  Tyzonn, a humanoid alien, becomes the Mercury Ranger (he can ‘melt’ into mercury as part of his alien DNA) after Mack and the Sentinel Knight help him return to his true form.  The highlight of the season is the two-parter “Once a Ranger” when Adam Park, Tori Hanson, Kira Ford, Bridge Carson (as a Red Ranger- long story), and Xander Bly return to fight Rita & Zedd’s son Thrax when he disables the Operation Overdrive morphers.  Mack turns out to be android to his surprise (another stunning piece of well-meaning but actually ill-conceived decision-making by Andrew Hartford).  But it all works out, down to the completed Corona Aurora turning a Mack fried from destroying a super-powered Flurious into a living human.  (32 episodes)

It begins with “Kick Into Overdrive, Part 1“.

2008 (Jungle Fury): Thankfully this season was a great improvement.  For starters, the team’s headquarters is the pizza parlor Jungle Karma Pizza and the loft above it.  It centers around a secret martial arts order called the Pai Zhua which uses animal spirits.  The evil dragon spirit Dai Shi gets loose and possesses the lion spirit Jarrod after fatally wounding Master Mao (who occasionally returns as a spirit a la Obi-Wan).  There are other evil animal spirits that attack the city of Ocean Bluff under Dai Shi’s command.  Casey Rhodes is the Red Tiger, Theo is the Blue Jaguar, and Lily is the Yellow Cheetah.  Their mentor RJ Finn is the JKP’s owner and the Violet Wolf (he gets the Rangers to be his employees).  Plus there is Fran, who is a clumsy, bookish young woman who ends up also working at JKP and helps out a lot once she finds out their secret.  RJ becomes a Power Ranger after fixing an issue with his wolf spirit after it was injured during a battle with Dai Shi.  Later RJ’s friend Dom Hargan the White Rhino spirit shows up and joins the team.  Also, Jarrod starts coming out more due to him falling for Camille the Chameleon spirit who starts to like him back (love ends up redeeming both of them).  Casey recognizes this and against the advice of the others remains convinced of this.  So he faces off against Dai Shi alone and chooses to turn his back on him, trusting that Jarrod would not harm him so dishonorably.  And Casey was right.  Of course, this just makes Dai Shi angrier and he becomes a multiple-headed dragon for the final battle.  Then Theo finally asks Lily out as they remain at JKP with RJ, Casey reopens (?) the Pai Zhua Academy as a teacher there.  Dom and Fran go on a trip to Europe together… they’re just friends.  Really.  Or so I’ll insist. (32 episodes)

It begins with “Welcome to the Jungle, Part 1“.

2009 (RPM): Disney is tired of Power Rangers, so it looks to be the final season.  The show runners take that freedom and run with it.  It’s a post apocalypse world due to an evil sentient computer virus called Venjix that was accidentally released by a genius barely-a-teen-at-the-time known only as Dr. K when she was trying to escape the think tank she grew up in.  Venjix turns humans into cyborgs and sleeper agents, including the amnesiac Black Ranger Dillon.  There’s an actual prison fight in an early episode over Jell-O!  Besides the implied genocide, both the Red Ranger’s big brother and the Yellow Ranger’s butler are pretty clearly killed off even if it’s never explicitly stated.  The Gold and Silver Rangers’ favorite hobby is blowing stuff up (Gem and Gemma, another set of twins, grew up in the same think tank as K).  Ziggy Grover, the Green Ranger, used to work for the mob until he had to go on the lam after giving millions in medicine to sick orphans.  And it’s a subplot in several episodes.  Plus he makes shadow puppets.  Oh, because of the Earth’s poor state the city of Corinth is under a dome.  Scott Truman, the Red Ranger, is the younger (well, now only) son of Colonel Truman, head of the city’s military forces.  Flynn McAllister is the Blue Scottish (mostly) Ranger.  Yellow Ranger Summer Landsdown is most notable for her actress Rose McIver going on to even more famous properties (I love this show dearly, but it does tend to be the highlight of most of the actors’ careers).  Dr. K has a ‘sound’ cannon that blasts off most clothes (not underwear or socks since it’s a Y-7 show) and has a cannon concealed in the fridge.  She and Ziggy have the best romantic tension since Eric and Taylor except this time it lasts for the entire season!  It does repeat an arc from In Space: brooding loner with energetic, easy-going buddy, and a sweet-natured romantic interest who’s the Yellow Ranger as well as a younger lost sister who turns out to have been brainwashed by the bad buys (Tenaya) and shortly after their mutual realization she’s brainwashed again but in the end is a good guy. (32 episodes)

It begins with “The Road to Corinth“.

2010 (Mighty Morphin Remix): Disney runs reruns on Mighty Morphin 1 with padding by way of freeze-frames with silly, colorful animation.  This upset Saban to the point where they bought back Power Rangers. (32 episodes)

2011 (Samurai): A large part of Samurai’s trouble with older fans was that most of us had looked more than usual at the source material since we didn’t know it’d be Americanized and Saban didn’t bother changing much.  Jayden was Red, Kevin was Blue, Mia was Pink, Mike 2 was Green (okay, there’s no 2 officially but he is the second Mike plus he uses the same handle as Cam).  Antonio Garcia, Jayden’s childhood friend, later joins the team as the Gold Ranger.  They’re in Panorama City, also Bulk returns with Skull’s son Spike for comedic relief. (23 episodes)

2012 (Super Samurai): The team continues to combat the Nighlok, wearing the same suits as last season (a first since the Mighty Morphin days).  Lauren, Jayden’s big sister, temporarily takes over as Red Ranger when she shows up.  At least until she got her butt kicked and realized just how much of a team the others were with Jayden.  Between her and A-Squad’s female leader, the show has a bad track record with girl Red Rangers.  Oh, and the guy who played Cole in Wild Force returned as the villainous Deker.  Anyway, in the end the villains are stopped. (22 episodes)

2013 (Megaforce): Troy Burrows (Red), Jake Holling (Black), Gia Moran (Yellow), Emma Goodall (Pink), and Noah Carver (Blue) do each have a  lot in common with the original five but it’s sweet and honestly it’s been twenty years.  It’s fine.  They live in Harwood, and in a beachside cave is Zordon’s student Gosei (a face in the wall) although it doesn’t make sense that the five don’t know what Power Rangers are, especially what with the cave hosting action figures (basically) of each previous suit.  Tensou is a cute little robot in a nod towards Alpha 5.  And a different Ernie runs Ernie’s Brain Freeze in yet another nod to the original series. (22 episodes)

2014 (Super Megaforce): Same Rangers as before, but with new suits.  A lot of cameos from previous Rangers this season, since the original a big Super Sentai anniversary so there’s a lot of reuse of suits from the earlier seasons.  I haven’t gotten around to seeing/reading up on much of it, given how I was busy finishing up college and recovering my health.  But apparently Saban has been settling back into the groove of things. (20 episodes)

2015 (Dino Charge): Again, I’ve only heard bits and pieces this time but everything I’ve heard indicates good things.  Tyler Navarro is the Red Ranger, Shelby Watkins is the Pink Ranger, Koda is the Blue Ranger, Riley Griffin is the Green Ranger, and Chase Randall is the Black Ranger.  It’s currently airing.

Update: evidently 2016’s season will be called Dino Super Charge.

Update 2: 2017’s season is called Ninja Steel.

Also in 2017, there was a motion picture reboot for the original season.

Update 3: 2018’s season is Super Ninja Steel.

So yeah, that’s the show.  It’s huge and I love it for that.  Starting next week, I’ll be posting my SPD reviews!


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