1-4: A Pressing Engagement

Jason, while attempting to break the bench-pressing record at Ernie’s Gym and Juice Bar, is isolated by Rita’s latest monster.

Last time on Power Rangers: Trini and Kimberly prove the power of teamwork and the Power Weapons are given to the Rangers.

Jason Interrupted


There’s almost a Groundhog Day style loop to the sequence where Jason keeps almost making the record but then shenanigans ensue.  Zack accidentally does cause one of the interruptions, getting Kimberly’s bubble gum all over the two of them while she’s blowing a bubble.  He does apologize to both of them and offers to pay for that day’s smoothie (which the trio doesn’t get to drink because their communicators beep just as Ernie serves them).

No Riddles from the Sphinx

Finster brings life to the King Sphinx and Rita sends him and Goldar down to defeat Jason.  To be fair, this is a good goal considering how the Red Ranger is the cornerstone of the team.  Sometimes the others can’t even access their morphers unless the Red Ranger’s morpher has been activated/bonded with.


Using his wings, the King Sphinx first flaps away Kimberly, then Zack.  The pair, demorphed, ends up on the balance beam back in the Gym and Juice Bar.  Worried, the pair heads over to what I presume is Billy’s house given how the garage is acting as a lab.  They know they can’t beat the pair of monsters without the whole team being together.


Billy is four for four episodes wearing overalls.  I’m starting to think Kimberly needs to take him shopping.  Just how many pairs of overalls does he have and does he have any other bottoms?  Teleporting to the Command Center, Alpha 5 finds Jason via the viewing globe.  He’s cornered by giant-sized Goldar and King Sphinx in a barren area.  Zordon instructs the other Rangers how to call upon the Power Crystals (although Jason somehow already knows about them… maybe he’s been asking Zordon questions after the surprise of the Power Weapons since he’s supposed to be team leader) so that they can access the area he’s at.  I’m not questioning it, since the answer is likely magic.

The Rangers then call upon their Zords and form both the attack tank and Megazord in an effort to defeat the duo.  Ultimately they call upon the Power Sword to destroy the King Shpinx, leading Goldar to teleport away.

Victory at Last

This time, Trini keeps count for Jason instead of Ernie.  That probably helped.  But at last Jason beats the previous record, held by a belligerent Bulk (who lost his pants earlier in the episode to reveal massive ).  Ernie brings in a sheet cake stating “Happy Birthday Mom” to celebrate, but Bulk crashes into it.  When Skull laughs at the sight, Bulk smears cake in his face in retaliation.


Despite only being about two and a half minutes shorter than a usual SPD episode, this episode seemed both drawn out yet very insubstantial.  It probably doesn’t help that at the very least this opening sequence seems longer than SPD’s.  Jason did receive a reminder of the importance of friends’ support, which he did need to bolster his efforts to beat the bench-pressing record.  I’m still failing to find Bulk and Skull’s antics humorous.  However, these are the early days when the show is still finding its footing.  I mean, the trope of “Sixth Ranger” hasn’t even been established yet.

Next time on Power Rangers: Kimberly’s deaf friend helps them stop Rita’s latest plot.


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