1-18: Green with Evil, Part Two

“Jason’s battle” for his freedom when he gets captured goes poorly for the Red Ranger.

Last time on Power Rangers: Tommy became the evil Green Ranger.

Repairs to the Command Center

Once they repair Alpha 5, Trini and Billy work with the robot to fix the damage.  I’m intrigued by the fact that Kimberly knows how accurate the sabotage was.  Maybe her time as Billy left her with some technical know-how, or she simply has spent enough time around him for her to pick up on some things.

Unfortunately, they can’t figure out how to locate Zordon.  And they need to replace a lot of the wiring.  As usual, Billy is in overalls.  As a team, they are worried about being on their own without Zordon’s advice.

The Sword of Darkness

Rita is excited to start “phase two” of her plan.  Okay, with Tommy mimicking Steve last time and now this- is the superhero world really that small?  Then again, I think Disney still owned Power Rangers when Captain America was in production (if not for much longer).

Anyway, Rita wants to give Tommy the evil sword of darkness so that he will be always under her spell.  Finster is worried that Zordon knows the sword’s secrets but Rita is dismissive that Zordon will be a factor anymore.


Rita and her minions end up on a beach where they watch an unmorphed Tommy take on a considerable amount of Putties.  Once they’ve been defeated, he’s gifted the sword, which evidently can emit green lightning.

Captured by Goldar


And now Jason is channeling his inner Steve Rogers by using a literal punching bag to express his frustration.  He’s rightly suspicious that there’s a connection between the Green Ranger’s appearance and the trashing of the Command Center.  Plus Jason is hurt that Zordon never mentioned the possibility of other Rangers to him or his teammates.

At school, Tommy’s a jerk to Kimberly (Zack later tells her to shake his attitude change off since they have more serious problems to deal with; he’s both right and wrong).  After school, he encounters Jason and has him teleported to a chamber, presumably on the moon fortress.


Goldar has Jason’s morpher, enabling him to have the upper hand in the combat.  At one point Goldar even lifts him by the throat.  By the end of the episode he’s tired of toying with the Red Ranger and is prepared to end him.

Green Power

Meanwhile, the other four go into battle against the Green Ranger.  They’re all baffled by Jason’s tardiness but aren’t allowing themselves to be considering that anything serious has happened to him.  Even without Jason, they can still form the Megazord with Zack taking lead.

This allows them to redirect the sword’s energy blast at the Green Ranger.  I’m not sure this adhearing to the rule about escalation, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  This is the most serious situation the team has ever faced.


The stakes get even higher here.  Rita’s forces have captured Jason, who as the Red Ranger is the team leader.  Without his morpher, Jason can’t effectively battle Goldar.  Billy, Trini, and Alpha 5 are struggling to fix the damage done by the Green Ranger (even if they don’t know he did it for sure).  With the sword of darkness, it’ll be even more challenging to break Rita’s spell over Tommy.

For once, the bad guys have a competent plan against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  At the end of the episode, the quartet and Alpha 5 are seriously worried about what their next step should be since they can’t locate Zordon nor Jason.


Next time on Power Rangers: The other Rangers come to Jason’s aid.


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