13-36: Resurrection

Jack starts to want a life beyond SPD in a ‘careful what you wish for’ situation, as soon afterward B-Squad finds A-Squad.

Last time on Power Rangers: The team couldn’t sleep out of concern and confusion over their past and future.


Buttery Toast


The episode opens with Bridge having made a pile of buttery toast.  Sky, Syd, and Z all don’t want any, so Bridge gets the toast to himself.  Z triggers a tangent by asking why Bridge’s fingers wiggle whenever he says ‘buttery’.  Sky suggests it’s because “it’s ingrained in his cellular make-up”.  Bridge attempts to prove Sky wrong but to no avail.

Doggie comes in to check on the Rangers since it’s been quiet lately- too quiet for Doggie’s tastes.  After learning Jack’s in the city, Doggie makes to leave before noticing the pile of buttery toast.  Bridge explains the best he can before asking if he wants any.

Jack and Ally Standing by the Sea…

While in Newtech City, Jack encounters a young woman he initially thinks is pulling off a similar stunt as to what he and Z used to do.  Ally comes across as somewhat overly cynical and dismissive of Jack, even though I’ll acknowledge he was in the wrong in the situation.  Plus, she seems certain Jack was taken aback by her gender where I think he was just startled by how attractive she is to him.

In any case, Ally and her dad apparently regularly donate extra/cast-off clothes to the poor.  Jack offers to help her out once the misunderstanding has been cleared up.  As they finish up, Ally offers to make mac and cheese for them to share but Jack’s morpher beeps, making him ask for a rain check.


Later in the episode, the two of them are fishing in the surf.  Since their stuff is several yards away, Jack doesn’t hear his morpher beeping since his teammates are off fighting Delex for the second time.  The pair’s good time is ruined when Doggie commands Jack to go battle.

While a tad upset their date has to end early, Ally understands that fighting evil as a SPD Ranger has to come before romance for Jack.  Jack himself isn’t too happy about the situation, however.

“Playtime’s Over”

An emotionless Mora throws Cindy Sunshine over in the fog when Gruumm returns the doll to her, saying the above quote.  The scene showcases how altered Mora was by the Magnificence’s power, underscored by her new tidy outfit and new hairstyle of two tidy buns.  Even as Morgana she had a fondness for that doll- her just throwing it away is unnerving.


Z and Sky follow Jack’s lead and go off-base.  In addition to a yellow jacket (possibly leather), Z is wearing a black top that’s either rucked up or deliberately bares some skin, a brown belt, and grey slacks.  In contrast, Sky is in a blue-toned argyle sweater and khaki pants.  She’s amused by how comparatively unwound Sky has become since they’ve met.

But then a monster is attacking nearby, leading both to morph.  Evidently Delex can turn beings into energy for the next phase of Broodwing’s plan to conquer Earth.

Kat and Doggie give the team a quick briefing after the initial battle about the infamous monster.  Doggie doesn’t want any of the Rangers alone while Delex is on the loose, promptly realizing that Jack is missing again.

But first Sky and Z, in SWAT mode, find Delex turning more beings into energy.  They start attacking the Krybots accompanying the monster before Bridge, Sam, and Syd show up.  The five fight Delex to little avail.  A tardy Jack turns the tide of the battle.  When Delex supersizes, Kat is prompt is sending out the SWAT Flyers so that they can defeat the monster once and for all.  His defeat somehow restores all his victims to normal.  I won’t question it since it means they’re fine.

Work-Play Balance

B-Squad is praised by Doggie in the command center, but he then asks for Jack to stay back.  Sky’s a little too pleased to quietly comment to him, “Someone’s in trouble.”  While their rivalry has settled down into something mostly playful, clearly Sky and Jack still enjoy getting one over each other… well, mostly Sky over Jack.

Doggie starts in on Jack being late and not putting his duties first.  Jack pushes back that he doesn’t want to end up like Doggie without a life beyond SPD before being dismissed.  Doggie attempts to get moral support from Kat to no avail- she admires the guts it took for Jack to stand up to him and feels “he deserves a life”.

“What about the other Rangers?  What about the safety of Earth?” demands Doggie, probably recalling all the other planets lost to the Troobian Empire.  Kat insists Jack is loyal to SPD and implies Doggie is taking out his own issues on the Red Ranger.


Doggie growls, but Kat holds her ground, saying, “Growl as much as you like, but don’t ask me if you don’t want to hear what’s true from me.  I know, I know.  Dismissed.”

Before she can fully back off, however, the alarms start up due to an SOS signal off-planet on a secure SPD channel.  They send off B-Squad and Sam in the SWAT truck to locate the source of the signal.

Finding A-Squad

Traveling through a teal-hued jungle, B-Squad combats Krybots, Blue Heads, and Orange Heads as well as a monster before opening up a shuttle.  Out of it comes A-Squad to everybody’s surprise.  The Red Ranger demorphs- to Jack and Sky’s surprise the Red is a girl.  Z and Syd high-five.

But… wouldn’t A-Squad’s identities be known at least to the rest of SPD?  Maybe Doggie and Kat didn’t discuss the team with B-Squad or even with each other since it was too raw of a wound.  Yet surely Bridge, Sky, and Syd had at least seen A-Squad unmorphed prior to their capture.


In any case, both squads return to Newtech City.  As seen above, A-Squad consists of four humans (or humanoids) and one alien.  Brunette Charlie is Red, a blond is Yellow, an African American is Green, an Asian is Pink, and a grey-ish alien is Blue.  Their uniforms also emphasize their colors more than B-Squad’s do, although their suits are more black and grey than their color.

Doggie is pleased about A-Squad’s homecoming and dismisses B-Squad so he can talk to A-Squad alone.  A concerned Bridge uses his power before leaving the command center, telling the others once he joins them in the rec room that he has “a really bad feeling” about how easy the rescue was and their auras seem off to him.  I appreciate the Star Wars reference, even if it was probably accidental.  But his teammates are more dismayed about the imminent loss of status and respect after months of doing their best to protect Earth.  I suspect they’re concerned A-Squad will get all the credit after the final battle they know is close.

What they don’t know is that once Doggie is alone with A-Squad, the five morph and prepare to take him hostage for Gruumm.


The budding Jack/Ally romance seems a bit out of place so close to the finale.  I can understand why Doggie would be concerned about Jack (especially as team leader) not being invested in the battles against the Troobians, particularly since everybody at SPD knows the final battle is coming up.  Of course, it’s a possibility Doggie is torn on whether or not he spent too little or too much time with his wife prior to the battle for Sirius.  In light of what happened, he’s partially glad he got whatever time he could with her.  But there’s probably a part of him that’s afraid that if he had just prepared/trained more Sirius wouldn’t have been lost to the Troobians.

On the one hand, I’m thrilled to see a female Red Ranger.  On the other hand, making her villainous is hugely aggravating.  About the only consolation I have is that A-Squad probably got mind-whammied by the Magnificence like Mora did.

All that’s left for SPD is the two-part finale!

Next time on Power Rangers: B-Squad’s mettle is tested against A-Squad and Broodwing launches an invasion of the Delta Base.


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