1-31: Calamity Kimberly

Kimberly’s unlucky day gets worse when Rita’s Samurai Fan-Man captures her.

Last time on Power Rangers: Jason’s cousin ended up helping them against Rita’s latest scheme.

I’m now in the latter half of this season, and I did a post on the first half.

Wrong Side of the Bed

Kimberly wakes up only to have several unlucky events occur to her: a lamp topples over, she falls out of bed while turning off the alarm, her hair is a mess, it’s storming out, and a dress of hers got burned while at the dry cleaner’s.  Then there’s a minor earthquake which causes her hand mirror to break.  Squatt excitedly reports this chain of events to Rita, who plans to make Kimberly’s day even worse by siccing a monster on her.  Finster chooses the Samurai Fan-Man to put through the Monster-matic to be sent down to Earth.


Her umbrella broke on the way to school, so Kimberly is truly soaked.  She’s upset when her crush Tommy sees her like this.  Skull and Bulk come over, amused by Kimberly’s disarray.  Tommy faces off against Bulk, getting him to slide across the wet floor so his head gets stuck in the wheely bucket.  He offers to walk her home, which she accepts after warning him something could happen.

As they walk through the park, a now dry Kimberly explains about how bad her day has been.  Then the Samurai Fan-Man unleashes yellow wind upon the pair, capturing Kimberly and knocking Tommy unconscious.  Kimberly is stuck within the monster’s jar.

Four versus Four

Zack and Jason are playfully sparring and Trini is giving Billy a tai chi lesson when Zordon alerts them to the situation.  Tommy is teleported onto a couch set up in the Command Center.


Alpha 5 checks that Tommy will be okay- but it’ll take time for him to recover.  Zordon fills in the four Rangers on the situation.  Morphing, they go after the Samurai Fan-Man, who’s with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  The monster uses his fan on the four, sending them flying.

They’re teleported back to the Command Center “just in time”, according to Alpha.  Jason checks on Tommy’s recovery.  All of them are worried about freeing Kimberly and how to do so without Tommy and Dragonzord’s power.


The evil four are at the “Putty Bowl Restaurant”, enjoying a premature victory celebration.  Kimberly is trying to stay hopeful her friends will rescue her.  The four Rangers show up to get their friend back.  In the background of the above screen-cap, color-coded cycles can be seen as well as in the background of a few other moments during this battle.  I’m guessing this is an accidental hold-over from Zyuranger.

Rita soon super-sizes Samurai Fan-Man and Goldar.  The individual Zords aren’t very effective.  A disorientated Tommy insists upon morphing and calling upon the Dragonzord.  Partway through the extended Zord battle (most configurations used save tank mode), Kimberly is freed.  In time, the Samurai Fan-Man is destroyed so Goldar teleports away.

News Update

In the final scene, Billy is in overalls while working on the Rad Bug.  That means there’s still only the one episode where he doesn’t wear any at all.  Trini calls over the boys over to watch a news report on the latest Power Rangers battle.  Billy asks a just-arrived Kimberly to “increase the volume”, but when she tries to do so, the TV sends out sparks, implying her streak of bad luck isn’t quite over yet.



Rita’s plans are showing a tendency to fall apart once she super-sizes her monsters and the Rangers call upon the Zords.  Her haste in wanting the Rangers gone might be causing some of her trouble in succeeding in that goal.

Although this was a Kimberly-centric episode, not a lot of nuance was added to her character.  Her crush on Tommy is strongly hinted at, as well as him crushing back on her- although both seem oblivious to the other’s interest.  Tommy’s determination to help his friends was showcased; indeed, all the Rangers demonstrated a trust in and reliance on each other in this episode.


Next time on Power Rangers: Tommy is distracted while the others are fighting Scorpina’s “pet”.


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