1-32: A Star is Born

Goldar gets to be in charge of the latest scheme to take out the Power Rangers while Tommy is distracted by a commercial audition.

Last time on Power Rangers: Kimberly had an unlucky day.

Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Tommy and Bulk both want the role of an upcoming karate school commercial.  Of course, everybody except Bulk and Skull knows that Bulk lacks talent in martial arts while Tommy excels at them.  He shows off some moves with Bulk’s scarf before returning it.  Bulk and Skull are dressed up for the role.  Up in the moon fortress, Rita is exhausted and puts Goldar in charge while she takes a long nap.


The core five Rangers are hanging out at the beach when Bulk and Skull show up to catch some rays prior to the audition.  Bulk is still confident he’ll get the role, bragging to Jason, but Skull distracts him while he puts mayo opposed to sunscreen lotion on him.  Evidently that first splash of lotion was all that was left.

A sunburnt Bulk returns to Angel Grove High, where Tommy and other karate-loving teens are waiting for their turn.  Bulk believes his audition went great (it really didn’t), and brags yet again to Tommy about him getting the role.  It doesn’t help that the lead lady commented wryly, “Well, I think we’ve got our man” and Bulk missed the sarcasm.

While the five are playing volleyball, Scorpina and Putties attack.  Her pet silkworm traps the Rangers within a large red cocoon.  Zordon and Alpha can’t reach Tommy, since he left behind his communicator for his audition, which is far more productive than Bulk’s.  Using their blasters, the Rangers manage to free themselves and go to their Zords.

Goldar, Scorpina, and a monster called Babe Ruthless (… just go with it) have all been supersized.  The individual Zords attack the trio.  Around this time, Tommy finally gets in contact with Zordon so he can morph and call upon the Dragonzord.

All Wrapped Up

When Babe Ruthless is easily destroyed, sending Goldar into retreat, Scorpina calls upon her pet silkworm in giant mode.  The Rangers get back into their Zords and form the Megazord, skipping tank mode entirely.  The silkworm traps the Megazord within another cocoon to Goldar’s delight.  Tommy calls the Dragonzord back up to free his friends and the Zords merge to destroy the worm.  Now awake, Rita is furious that her minions are even more incompetent without her around to lead them.


The six Rangers are at the bar of the Gym and Juice Bar.  Billy is in jean overalls, so he’s maintaining his streak.  After the news has reported on the latest Power Rangers battle, the commercial for the Angel Grove Karate Center airs.  Bulk’s footage is used to showcase what untaught martial arts looks like, while Tommy’s is used to demonstrate the level of quality teaching the school gives.  Everybody except Bulk is amused by the commercial.


While I know that Tommy’s comparative modesty and dedication to actually learning karate opposed to flailing about is good, I can’t help but feel bad for Bulk given his face at the end.  I know that he and Skull sometimes need to be taken down a peg or two due to their egos, but unwittingly being the ‘bad before’ of a commercial clearly hurt him.

I have no idea why Finster thought ‘Babe Ruthless’ would be a good idea for a monster.  Suddenly I’m concerned he and the others have been getting up to date on Earth culture, because how else could they make that sort of pun?  The silkworm was interesting.  But yes, this episode had a definite backslide in monster quality- no wonder Rita was upset.


Next time on Power Rangers: Finster’s birthday surprise for Rita doesn’t go as planned.


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