14-3: Code Busters

Vida and Chip attempt to take a shortcut to get more spell codes.

Last time on Power Rangers: Udonna’s Snow Staff was stolen and the five morphed for the first time.


Mystic Racers


In the forest, Clare (in a lovely sky blue tunic over either a white under-dress or skirt) is collecting potion ingredients.  She finds a batch of stickle berries to pick, but while doing so a large tunnelling creature goes straight at her.  A mysterious being shoves the fleeing blonde out of the creature’s way, but disappears into the bushes before she can thank him.  Down in the Underworld, the main three are planning action against the Rangers.  The Hydro Worm, which dug out the Underworld, is awake again.  To distract the Rangers, Morticon has called upon a bright green monster named Mucor.


The five Rangers are riding their flying motorcycles through the woods as a fun lesson.  It turns into a race.  Four of them are a bit grumpy when upon returning to Rootcore, whose massive size can be seen in the above screen-cap, as Udonna tells them it’s time for “elementary incantations”.  Madison, however, thinks “it sounds kind of interesting”.

Vida wants access to more cool magic stuff.  Chip (with some help from Xander) briefly causes the conversation to veer off to discuss cape-wearing, but he agrees with Vida that they ought to be learning more fun magic stuff.  Udonna explains that the Xenotome contains the spell codes and will give them out when the Rangers perform heroic deeds and grow as Rangers.

Nick, Madison, and Xander settle down to study while Chip and Vida go off when the latter has an idea.  Clare recounts her experience to Udonna, who’s troubled by what it means.

Hero(e)s 4 Hire


Next to a lemonade stand, Vida and Chip have set up a stand of their own.  Not to be mean to Vida, but I suspect it’s more likely that Chip corrected the spelling in their banner.  Anyway, Vida’s plan is for them to do heroic deeds so they can get more codes faster.  Unfortunately, a montage shows the duo ended up doing ‘Good Samaritan’ work more than anything else.  And unlike the original Rangers doing community activities over in Mighty Morphin, Chip and Vida aren’t being unselfish about their actions.

I will acknowledge that Vida is in fact wearing a pale pink spaghetti strap top under her brown tank top with colorful floral embroidery and design.  Chip’s wearing a yellow top with a blue design on it, with a black jacket with a pair of white stripes on the sleeves over that.  Regrouping at their stand, the two teens learn they haven’t earned any new spell codes.


Elsewhere in Briarwood, the two guys are wondering what Chip and Vida are up to.  Madison correctly theorizes that they’re up to trouble, as she knows her twin.  Xander’s wearing a grey-green jacket over a grey top; Nick’s possibly wearing a red tee over a grey top as well as his jean jacket, or maybe the grey top has a red faux under-layer.  Madison’s wearing a cyan top under a white hoodie.  Not going to lie, this variety is refreshing after SPD’s near constant uniforms, even if I love Mystic Force’s uniforms.

Necrolai shows up, and a battle ensues when Xander’s effort at diplomacy fails.  Koragg sends a super-sized Mucor to the surface next to a lake.  Scooping up the morphed trio in her aerial mode, Necrolai throws them into the monster’s mouth.  Mucor swallows them.

Titan-Sized Heroes

Udonna is somewhat amused by Vida and Chip’s efforts to take a shortcut to magic, but then the crystal ball shows Mucor attacking.  Apparently Udonna can somehow tell the others are in danger; magic, I guess.  Udonna acknowledges that they are only two and very inexperienced.  Vida tries to deny she’s afraid but Chip owns up to his fear, even believing that his goose bumps have goose bumps.  Grudgingly Vida admits she’s scared.  But Vida and Chip want to go help their friends despite their fear.

“Real heroes are born in the face of real danger,” Udonna informs them as they depart.  Morphing, they take their Mystic Racers to fly towards Mucor.  Calling on his morpher, Chip gets Nick who tells them they’re in “the belly of the beast”.

Calling upon her Mystical Wings, Vida uses Fairy Dust to make Mucor sneeze out the three.  I’m not sure how that worked, but maybe monster biology is different than humans’.  While glad to be free, the trio is grossed out by the “monster muck” they’re covered in.  Chip uses his crossbow to briefly topple Mucor.  When the monster gets back up, the five do their battle cries prior to a huge explosion.


Along with the new spell code, there’s an audio-visual flashback to what Udonna said five minutes ago.  I understand the scriptwriters were right, but Chip simply acknowledging the truth of her comment could have been enough.  Calling upon their Mystic Titans, the five turn into their Zords which is certainly a unique take on the human-Zord bond.  Vida, the by far smallest one, turns into a ball and the others each get a turn tossing her around before Nick kicks her at Mucor, leading the monster to blow up.

Meeting Phineas

Necrolai is worried but Morticon is certain of ultimate victory.  Udonna is praising four of the Rangers while Nick is off looking for the monster that attacked Clare.  Out in the woods, Nick encounters the odd-looking being Phineas.  The Hydro Worm shows up and swallows Phineas but then spits him back out.  Morphing, Nick tries to attack but ends up needing rescued by Xander.

The other three join them just as multiple heads pop out of the ground (because Hydro is linked to Hydra and not ‘water’ apparently).  A new spell code is activated, so that four of the Titans form the Dragon Formation while Nick’s rides the dragon.  Watching in the crystal ball, Udonna is worried for the Red Ranger.  They successfully defeat (AKA explode) the Hydro Worm.

Nick apparently offered to complete Udonna’s ingredient collecting for Clare.  Trying a stickle berry, he finds their taste awful.  Phineas shows up to thank Nick for saving his life, but Nick points out what actually happened.


Properly introducing himself, the two shake hands.  Phineas explains he’s a troblin: half-troll, half-goblin, and hated by both sides.  Nick thanks Phineas for saving Clare and lets him have some stickle berries since the troblin likes them.  When Nick claims he’s aware how dangerous the woods can be, Phineas points out it can get worse since there is “the supreme Master of the Underworld”.


The Zords- or Titans- are introduced here.  Vida and Chip learned what heroic deeds really mean; that to be a true hero is to do something because it’s the right thing to do and not for a potential reward.  Furthermore, Phineas is introduced.  It’s certainly interesting that both LeeLee’s and Phineas’s introductions featured Nick.  Admittedly that’s partially due to him being the Red Ranger and leader of the team.  Neither Nick nor Vida is yet comfortable with their Ranger color.


Next time on Power Rangers: Nick is annoyed by Madison’s shyness and ergo feels extra guilty when a monster turns her to stone.


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