14-4: Rock Solid

Shortly after Nick comments on Madison’s shyness, she’s turned to stone by a monster.

Last time on Power Rangers: Chip and Vida tried to take a shortcut to magic.


Too Shy?

Madison is filming again at the Rock Porium.  Vida is DJing, Xander is reading the latest article on people getting turned to stone (the episode actually opens with a scene of a man being turned to stone the previous night), and Chip is being Count Discounts.  Due to a fast from snack foods, Toby is short-tempered with a potential customer who wants “eight-track tapes” due to his belief that “the fidelity on those things is horrible”.

Finding Nick in the back room, she teases him about being shy for not wanting to be filmed.  Nick turns the topic around since he finds her shy.  Madison tries to defend that she does have fun and can be spontaneous by commenting how she just bought wintergreen toothpaste instead of peppermint.  Understandably, Nick is underwhelmed by this.


They leave the back room with her trying to argue “defending the world takes most of [Madison’s] free time” and Nick calling her out on that being an excuse before leaving.  LeeLee comes over and taunts Madison for her lack of coolness and unwillingness to leave her comfort zone to the point that Madison leaves the store.

Going over to Toby, LeeLee insinuates that the Power Rangers are the cause of all the odd/bad things happening in Briarwood.  Oh, please.  The Power Rangers are an effect.  Some villain starts to attack a city, and ergo a group of teens/youths get morphers to defend said city.

Down in the Underworld, Morticon and Necrolai are both pleased with the work of Clawbster, the monster that can turn people to stone.  Its name is only revealed in the credits, and I’m guessing the name is a reference to a cockatrice.  Anyway, Koragg wants to have Styxoids attack Briarwood and Morticon doesn’t see a problem with that since it’ll speed up the process of taking out Briarwood.

Turned to Stone

Udonna has just turned Clare back to normal after the apprentice turned herself into a goldfish in a small glass container when the crystal ball activates.  So the remaining four Rangers leave on a ‘lunch break’.


In the Briarwood Park, Madison is walking down a path overhung by some really gnarly branches of trees, the Ranger having traded out her purple work shirt for a sky blue hoodie with elbow-length sleeves.  The scene very cool and given how this was filmed in New Zealand there’s a possibility these are real trees.  In her inner monologue, she’s conflating what Nick said with what LeeLee said.  She notices a cute guy with a football and wants to talk to him but then his friends show up, unnerving her.  While trying to pump herself up to go over and say ‘hi’ the guy comes over himself to greet her.

On their Mystic Racers, the other four show up in a location where Necrolai and Clawbster are with a bunch of people turned to stone.  Once the quartet has been felled, the duo leave to where Madison, Ben, and the other teenage boys are.  The other boys get turned to stone and Madison pushes Ben out of the way, getting turned to stone herself.  Vida uses her Mystical Wings on the duo when the other Rangers show up, but it seems less of a retreat and more like wanting their enemies to wallow in fear for a while before destroying them.

Udonna’s magic fails to free Madison since the spell is tied to Clawbster’s life force or something.  Vida is wrathful about what happened to her twin, so Xander courageously gets between her and the exit to point out they need a plan otherwise they’ll just end up like her.

Nick is afraid that Madison “got in over her head” and foolishly makes his opinion on her filming known.  Her anger now directed at him, Vida manages to show Nick some of Madison’s footage on her friends/teammates including her commentary on Nick that “he’s something special”.  While not stated, it’s implied Madison has fun and preserves fond memories through her filming.


“Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves, Nick.  Maybe Madison does it through her films,” Udonna points out.  Going over to the stone Madison, Nick admits he made a mistake in dismissing her hobby and gets a new spell code because of that.  Morphing, the four get on their Mystic Racers to go after the monster.

Koragg is present on the ground with a bunch of Styxoids armed with staffs that can unleash long-range blasts as well as some Hidiacs.  Nick tells the others to go ahead while he takes on Koragg and the minions.

Defeating Clawbster

While the trio take on Necrolai and Clawbster, Nick turns his Mystic Racer into the Mystic Speeder (an actual motorcycle with blasting weapons).  I’m definitely reminded of the wheeled battles in SPD.  It takes a while, but Nick takes out all the Styxoids but opts to leave rather than engage in a long-term battle with Koragg.

Conjuring up a mirror at the right point, Nick causes the monster’s spell to bounce back and petrify it instead.  He then defeats the monster, which turns everybody back to normal.  Madison wants a recap of what happened but Udonna tells her the others are still in danger since Koragg has revived and super-sized the monster.


Accepting Nick’s apology, a just-arrived Madison gets a new spell code as well.  This allows them to form the Titan Megazord where the five are in a chessboard like cockpit.  Using Titan Saber, the Rangers manage to defeat Clawbster again.

Presumably the next day, Ben shows up to thank Madison and asks her to show him around the store.  Vida comments to Nick that she will unleash vengenance upon Ben if he hurts her sister, but Nick points out that she can take care of herself.


I do appreciate how the dual moral of the episode is that introverts don’t have to be extroverts but sometimes it is worth expanding your comfort zone.  Plus, you shouldn’t push somebody to go outside their comfort zone if they don’t want to.

Unlike Harry Potter, apparently here magic and technology can work together.  Then again, that’s always the standard in Power Rangers where the three genres of science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes blend together.  But unusually for the show, a character here- LeeLee- expresses cynicism about how helpful the Power Rangers are and implies the cause of trouble opposed to trying to stop any.

It’s definitely implied something is budding between Nick and Madison; he’s been “watching her” and she thinks he’s “something special”.  And of course, the twins adore each other and their talents despite their clear differences.  It’s possible the fact they’re not so different is implied by their powers aren’t opposites (fire versus water, air versus earth).  Nick and Madison clearly have some kind of push and pull going on, while Xander makes an effort this episode to ground Vida from doing anything rash.  I’m not sure how Chip fits into there.

Happy Leap Day!

Next time on Power Rangers: Nick hears Koragg’s voice in his head; meanwhile, the other Rangers are concerned Nick’s behind some missing money.


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