SG3-11: Past and Present

The team arrives on a planet whose natives are suffering from mass amnesia.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: Sha’re got a final message to Daniel before she and the symbiote within were killed.


The Name Game

Linea from “Prisoners” shows back up in this episode, but now the subtitles are spelling it Lynnea.  And I can’t Google the correct spelling in case there’s a third episode with her.  The subtitles spell her amnesiac name “Ke’ra” but I’m going with Kira.  Partially since it’ll make writing this review easier, and partially since in Latin the name means ‘light’ which has interesting connotations given her role in this episode.  But it’s mostly because I’m annoyed about the Linea/Lynnea change.

Memory Troubles

SG-1 goes through the wormhole to arrive in a warehouse.  A man and a woman, the latter having heard something, enter the room.  Jack soon reveals their presence and wants to see whoever’s in charge.  When the man (Orner) is baffled by the name Teal’c, the Jaffa reveals his father gave it to him and that it means ‘strength’.  This leads into a discussion where the couple realizes SG-1 isn’t from Vius (the planet) since about a year ago the Vorlix occurred and now they only remember the time after it.

Neither the MALP beforehand nor Sam’s devices now can detect anything now.  There are no longer any elders nor children on the planet, photographs being the only source of them.  Upset with Orner, the lady leaves when he offers to take them to Kira, who has emerged as a leader after the Vorlix.


Tangent: as can be seen above, Orner is played by Jason Gray-Stanford, who went on to play Randy Disher on Monk.  Unlike, say, the early seasons of NCIS, I don’t often recognize the actors who show up for a single episode.  When they find her, Kira is helping a woman who has discovered (or rather, rediscovered) she has a food allergy.  Orner evidently has a crush on the blonde; presumably this isn’t helping the other young lady’s temperament.

Unfortunately, not a lot is revealed about Vius this episode.  What little that’s seen of its civilization looks vaguely like Victorian England, so I’m sure it’d be interesting how that parallel culture developed.  But, of course, right now the inhabitants are struggling to maintain said culture in the aftermath of the Vorlix.

Kira takes them to a study, where she shows them the journal of a Dr. Zervis.  Evidently Lynnea came to this planet to the team’s discomfort.  Along with a few others, Janet comes through the Gate to do some preliminary tests on the natives.

Daniel and Kira sit at one table while the rest of SG-1 is at another.  They compare DDT and dargol before Daniel basically recaps the events of “Prisoners” to Kira.  Janet comes in, wanting to take some volunteers back to SGC for further testing.

Back on Base

Orner, the young lady he squabbles with, and Kira end up going through the Stargate.  Hammond greets them before Daniel escorts them to the infirmary.  First Hammond is concerned about whether they’ll be able to help them, then Janet’s dismayed by trying to figure out the right solution to unblocking the memories without causing any brain damage.

Daniel leads Kira to her guest quarters, where she explains close contact has become taboo on Vius since the Vorlix as they’re afraid they’ll be with the wrong person once they get their memories back.  As Daniel starts to ramble about recently losing his wife, Kira gives him a kiss.  They end up kissing again because of their attraction to each other and Kira’s concern she won’t be free to kiss him once she regains her memories.

Meanwhile, Sam’s research has borne fruit by the time Jack stops by.  Evidently the amnesia is a side effect of the de-aging caused by dargol- but it also lowers fertility rates.  I’m not sure, but possibly anyone under a certain age simply went ‘poof’ as a result of the Vorlix, which is scary and horrifying.  Hopefully everybody just ended up at a default youthful age.  It’s never really clarified.  When Sam starts to discuss Lynnea’s role and current place on Vius, Jack literally covers his ears and goes ‘lalala’ as seen below.


Sam gets him to behave in order to hear her theory that Kira is an amnesiac Lynnea.  In consequence they have a briefing with Hammond, Janet, Daniel, and Teal’c.

A Moral Conundrum

Janet did a DNA test that confirms Kira and Lynnea are the same person.  Daniel immediately goes on the defensive, arguing that it isn’t fair to blame Kira for Lynnea’s actions.  While the others do understand that perspective, they still want to take precautions such as confining her to her quarters.  When telling her about the new restriction, Daniel fudges the truth of the why.


But Janet and Sam are stuck in their research, deciding it’s necessary to get Kira’s aid as she has superior knowledge in the sciences.  It startles Sam, just how far ahead Kira is of them.  I love how it’s a trio of women doing the hard-science, two of whom are blonde.  Orner tries the first potential cure; he has a seize and briefly flat-lines but doesn’t get his memories back.

Daniel gets a moment alone with Kira in her quarters over the objections of Teal’c.  Kira has figured out why the SG personnel are suddenly tip-toeing around her.  He reassures her that she’s no longer that person.  When Kira is nudged out of the lab once a possible cure is found, she takes something from the lab with her.

This time, Orner remembers his true name Nodol and that the other woman is his wife of forty-three years, Layale.  I suspect he’ll have to do a bit of grovelling for his crush on Kira, but I’m sure they’ll work things out.

As they walk Kira back to her quarters, Daniel promises to ask the others about her returning to Vius.  Commenting that “all debts have been repaid” and that she’ll miss him, Kira goes into her room.  Daniel realizes where he’s heard that before and bursts into Kira’s quarters.

To find out if SGC was right, Kira had taken the antidote.  Now there’s an internal struggle between her benevolent ‘Kira’ persona and her ‘monstrous’ Lynnea one.  To ensure the latter won’t win, Kira was planning to commit suicide via a combination of two chemicals- I believe the same two mentioned earlier as dangerous when in the wrong amounts.

Daniel talks her down, saying there’s another option: she can deliberately take the dargol dosage again to forget Lynnea and become fully Kira again.  She does so, and everybody is kind and understandably delicate when handling her departure from SGC to Vius.  I’m glad that even in this unusual situation suicide was treated as not the solution to the person’s problems.


Looking at the screen-cap I took of Linea/Lynnea in “Prisoners”, her hairstyle resembles Layale’s.  I wonder if that was a deliberate red herring on the crew’s part.  Still, it’s certainly possible that she’ll return in a future episode- she might end up taking the antidote again and not get talked down.  Or maybe SGC will need her scientific knowledge in the future.  It is a little disappointing that the government’s story was the correct one.

While Daniel did try to justify his attraction to Kira about the recent death of Sha’re given his wife’s long-term abduction/possession by the Goa’uld, it’s still kind of uncomfortable for these episodes to be back-to-back.  In the previous two episodes where Daniel is attracted to a woman, there were outside forces influencing him (the virus and the sarcophagus, respectively) to negate the infidelity.  It just feels too soon after the death of Sha’re for Daniel to be in a relationship.  Then again, maybe this was a bit of a rebound attraction for him, especially given his and Kira’s similar intellects.

Next time on Stargate SG-1: Sam needs to use Jolinar’s memories to rescue her father.


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