1-34: The Green Candle, Part 1

Rita Repulsa wants Tommy’s Ranger powers back.

Last time on Power Rangers: Before the talent show the team took out a monster Finster sent down as a birthday surprise for Rita.


The Big Dance

After they’re done sparring, Zack and Tommy discuss the upcoming dance.  The latter is worried about asking Kimberly with the other boy trying to reassure him.  As Zack continues to offer encouragement and advice, Tommy wants him to ‘walk the walk’ and ask out Angela.

Doing some dance moves to show off, Zack gets up in her personal space to do so.  Angela just scornfully informs him to “get a life”.  Zack, if your crush is treating you the same way Trini and Kimberly treat Skull and Bulk you might- just might– want to reconsider your flirting technique.

Speaking of whom, Skull and Bulk wander over to mock the other pair of boys but of course it backfires on the duo.  While they did start the trouble, I think Tommy and Zack calling over a group of girls to hear their retaliatory mocking rhyme to the duo was somewhat disproportionate.

The Titular Magical Artifact

Up in the moon fortress, Rita has decided the time is ripe to use the Green Candle on Tommy to strip him of his powers so Rita can use them.  I’m not quite sure why she didn’t do this in the first place- possibly since she prefers to not have to be on the front lines of combat.  Using a tiny version of her staff on a map, Rita locates Tommy.  I’m not sure why she didn’t just use her telescope like she usually does.


Kimberly and Tommy are walking by the lake, Tommy trying to work up the courage to ask her out.  The screen cap really demonstrates the height difference between them.  I’m not sure why she’s wearing a unitard-like garment under her dress (beyond the obvious Doylist reasons).  But before Tommy can get out his question to the brunette, Putties attack them.  Despite their best efforts, they get overwhelmed by the time Goldar shows up to teleport Tommy away to the chamber Jason was held in during the “Green with Evil” arc.

Goldar, bewilderingly enough, explains the plan to Tommy.  The bad guys are that confident their plan will work.  Finster puts the shape-shifting Cyclops through the Monster-matic to keep the other Rangers distracted.  While Goldar and Tommy fight, the others are fretting in the Command Center.

Twice the Dragonzord


The viewing globe shows what appears to be the Dragonzord attacking Angel Grove to their shock.  Zordon reassures the five that it’s an imposter.  Morphing, the Rangers go to handle the situation.  Rita calls upon Goldar to fight them, so the villain puts Tommy in magical chains so he can’t do anything about the candle while he’s gone.

The Rangers fight Goldar and some Putties for a time before creating the Megazord to take on the fake Dragonzord.  Returning to the chamber, Goldar’s overconfidence allows Tommy to get a hold of the monster’s blade.  Tommy mimics what Goldar did to teleport them to the chamber, which luckily takes him back to Earth.  But Goldar remains smug as the green candle continues to burn.

A morphed Tommy has to put extra effort into calling upon the real Dragonzord.  Working together, the two Zords send the Cyclops into retreat.  But Rita remains confident that the Green Ranger won’t be a problem much longer.


The ‘domestic’ plot is minor compared to the seriousness of Rita’s efforts to drain Tommy of his powers and mostly consists of Zack and Tommy failing to ask their crushes to the dance since they both lack self-confidence in doing so: Zack by covering up with apparent arrogance, and Tommy by not being able to get the words out before the attack.  It makes sense that Rita can take away the Green Ranger powers, given how she gave them to Tommy- of course she’d have a back-up plan to use in case things went wrong for her.

Billy is back in overalls, re-establishing the status quo.  He, Jason, and Trini are in the background of this episode.  For that matter, Zack and Kimberly don’t get a lot of focus either.  This is (understandably) a Tommy-centric episode.

On another note, today marks the first anniversary of Nerdgate Hobbit!  I can’t believe it’s already been a year of posts.

Next time on Power Rangers: Tommy must go after Cyclops while the others work on creating a portal to Rita’s dark dimension.


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