1-37: Clean-Up Club

As a result of a school project, Trini founds a clean-up club.  This inspires Rita to send down the Polluticorn.

Last time on Power Rangers: Zack mentored a preteen in karate and the Rangers stopped a monster powered by an AI.


… Where’s Tommy?

Again, the ex-Ranger doesn’t show up nor is mentioned the entire episode.  What makes it extra odd is how in an earlier episode he was in Miss Applebee’s class with the other Rangers, Bulk, and Skull.  Did he go to a long-term karate competition somewhere?  Is he out with the flu?  Where is he?!

VHS Footage

I’m starting to suspect Miss Applebee’s class is some sort of public speaking elective.  Back in “For Whom the Bell Trolls” there were doing presentations on their hobbies, and in this episode they’re making short videos on a chosen topic.


Trini did hers on the pollution and littering going on in Angel Grove as well as its impact on the environment.  She wants to start the titular club to prevent further damage.  Meanwhile, Skull is going around filming Bulk since the latter’s awesomeness is their topic.  There are a few scenes scattered throughout the episode of Skull filming Bulk.

Rita gleefully wants to increase pollution to render the Rangers’ efforts futile.  To do so, she puts Goldar and Scorpina in charge of ensuring the monster Polluticorn’s success.

Title Drop!


The five handle the recycling at the Gym and Juice Bar.  They’re wearing dark green t-shirts with white lettering on them but their pants are color-coded.  Next they head to the park to pick up the copious amounts of litter there via a montage.

Just as they’re wrapping up their work there, Putties show up to ‘soften’ the team up for the monster which appears once the Putties have been defeated.  The grey monster has both a horn and wings, and is fierce enough that the Rangers retreat to the Command Center.

Billy and Alpha start their analysis while Zordon does a voiceover of viewing globe footage about Rita’s latest plan.  The robot gets covered in the reams of paper printed, but Billy learns that the horn is the source of Polluticorn’s power.  Morphing, the five go the recycling plant under attack by the trio.

I appreciate that it’s a non-gendered fight.  While Jason takes on Polluticorn, Trini and Billy go up against Goldar and Zack and Kimberly fight Scorpina.  Though I’m not sure of the wisdom involved in the team’s weakest fighter (Billy) being part of the team going against Goldar, who can keep Jason or Tommy at bay.

Doing dual lightsaber mode, Jason severs Polluticorn’s horn so Rita super-sizes him.  Interestingly enough, the monster still lacks said horn.  I don’t know why, but after the call for the Dinozords the show jumps to the formed Megazord- no Zords arriving nor tank mode.  No offense meant, but this episode isn’t heavy enough on plot to warrant jumping stock footage especially since there are two full morphing call sequences.

In any case, there’s a battle and Polluticorn explodes.  Rita gets a headache but Goldar is certain they will eventually achieve victory over the Rangers.  Back at the Gym and Juice Bar, the five are watching the news report on their latest battle until Ernie calls them over to help with the recycling drive.  But then Bulk and Skull show up and due to their clumsiness knock over their tidy piles.

When the time comes for Bulk and Skull to show their video, Skull has somehow picked out the most embarrassing footage to be viewed to the Rangers’ amusement and Bulk’s fury.  I have to wonder, given Skull’s earlier protest of wanting to be in front of the camera for some of the time, if Skull did it deliberately out of passive aggressiveness.  Or maybe it was a subconscious release of annoyance.


Billy did wear overalls in the opening and closing scenes.  But mostly the five were wearing their clean-up club tees and color-coded pants.  As I opened with, Tommy is still mysteriously absent.  It’s somewhat concerning.

Rita seems more reactive than the Rangers.  By that I mean in a lot of superhero and fantasy stories the villain does a thing which the heroes react to opposed to the inverse.  I think part of her problem is that she’s starting to react to what the Rangers are doing, instead of having them react to her actions.  Basically, Rita needs to get more proactive and have more original thinking if she’s to get anywhere.

… That was ‘How to Be a Better Supervillain with Tabetha’.  You’re welcome.


Next time on Power Rangers: Rita sends down Putties that look like the Rangers to ruin their reputations.


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