1-38: A Bad Reflection on You

Rita sends down evil doppelgangers to ruin the Rangers’ reputations.

Last time on Power Rangers: Trini founded a clean-up club and the Rangers fought the Polluticorn.


“The Beard Is What Makes You the Evil One”

Okay, I know I just said Rita needed to be more proactive in stopping the Rangers.  But that didn’t mean she should have gone for one of the oldest tropes in the science fiction genre!


Rita has the Twin-man monster create doubles of the Rangers out of five Putties.  The sunglasses conceal the fact that sometimes their eyes flash red.  And while it’s hard to tell in the above screen-cap, which I just had to edit, the fake-Billy is in fact wearing overalls but just with the top down.  The actual Billy wears them properly.  So his streak continues.

Anyway, first the fakes cause trouble at the school which causes Caplan to put the real ones in detention with Bulk and Skull.  Then they ‘morph’ to wreak havoc on Angel Grove.  Figuring out the plot, the Rangers leave to stop the frauds in a color-coded battle, defeat Twin-man, and clear their names.

Bulk and Skull try to convince Mr. Caplan the five left detention, but they teleport back in and retake their seats just in time.  Zack tells Bulk to “get a life” as the five leave the classroom, having been forgiven by Mr. Caplan.  The pair just shrugs at each other.


Tommy is still nowhere to be found.  Okay then.  I think Bulk and Skull now suspect something’s up with the five teens, even if they don’t know what.  Rita’s scheme is an admitted classic, but it doesn’t really work while the real ones are around to clear their names.  And the sudden one-eighty in behavior typically makes others suspicious.  Heck, even Bulk and Skull were baffled the fakes’ actions.  I have to wonder if eventually Mr. Caplan put two and two together and that’s why he forgave the teens at the end of the episode.  After all, it probably was on the news that the evil Power Rangers were fakes; the coincidences are adding up enough that somebody ought to figure out their identities.

Sorry this review is so short, but even for a Mighty Morphin episode it was light on substance.  Nothing unusual was done with the ‘evil twin’ plot and the stuff with Bulk and Skull in the detention room didn’t contribute much to the episode.

Keep in mind that starting in April there’ll be a new schedule!


Next time on Power Rangers: Rita turns her moon fortress into an evil Zord.


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