1-39: Doomsday, Part 1

Rita decides to ruin Angel Grove’s Power Rangers Day.

Last time on Power Rangers: There were evil doppelgangers of the Rangers.


Honoring the Heroes

The placement of this episode strongly implies Power Rangers Day might be an apology for ever thinking the Power Rangers might go bad.  In any case, there’s going to be a special event in the park to celebrate the team’s heroics in protecting Earth and Angel Grove in particular.


Understandably excited, the team decides they ought to make a personal appearance to acknowledge the citizens’ appreciation.  A brief fashion tangent: Billy’s in overalls as usual and I like Trini’s pleated skirt.   In contrast, Bulk decides he and Skull ought to get in on the superhero gig to get similar adulation from the citizens and media.  On the pillar they hold their discussion is a poster for the school’s ‘glee club’ which is a lot more amusing nowadays than it was back in November 1993 when this pair of episodes aired.

Rita wants to take advantage of the celebration to get victory over the Rangers.  It does make sense that she’d want to prove they’re not true heroes and it’d be ‘fun’ to defeat them on their day of honor.  An evil spell is cast to call upon the evil Zord Cyclopis.

Losing the Crowd

Jason and Zack are impressed by the celebration’s turnout.  Zack attempts to ask out Angela, who dismisses that she’d only go out with him if he were a Power Ranger.  In addition to the dramatic irony, I suspect Angela wants to date a guy with similar morals as a Ranger which she thinks Zack lacks.  All five teens are mingling before any morphing to lessen the odds of anybody putting two and two together.

Kimberly comments to Billy and Trini that she can’t see Tommy in the crowd.  Trini points out he probably would feel left out and probably doesn’t want the reminder of losing his powers.  I appreciate that the show finally remembered that Tommy exists and that as his sort of girlfriend (?) Kimberly would be the one most interested in seeing him.

Using a photo booth, Bulk and Skull change into their shiny colorful superhero costumes.  The duo passes by the five as they head towards the stage.  The Rangers are in the same clothes as before, so I’m presuming that this is the same day but after school.  In any case, Bulk and Skull take the stage.


Bulk introduces them and they do some moves.  The crowd thinks it’s part of the entertainment and are amused but the five are just incredulous.  I suspect somewhere in the crowd is a face-palming Mr. Caplan.  But the pair are the first to go when Rita activates the dimensional vortex beam to transport all of Angel Grove’s citizens to an alternate dimension.  I wonder if that includes Tommy or if the ex-Ranger was of the city this day.

Brought Down to Earth

Rita transports her moon fortress to downtown Angel Grove, creating an earthquake.  For whatever reason said fortress is on top of a skyscraper; maybe usually it’s about twenty floors of basement storage?  The close proximity gives Rita enough power to summon Cyclopis for Goldar to pilot.  Zordon sums up Rita’s scheme to a fretful Alpha 5.

Morphing, the five call upon their Zords and then create the Megazord (with just a few seconds in tank mode in between).  First Jason has to call upon Dragonzord and then Zordon Titanus in order for Cyclopis to be destroyed, Goldar leaving the cockpit seconds beforehand.

Rita creates a pit (maybe quicksand or a sinkhole) that ‘swallows’ Titanus, blasting the Megazord so they can’t rescue the other Zord.  A storm forms as Rita does the incantation to summon Lokar.  With his power she’s able to reform Cyclopis.

The Rangers retreat to the Command Center, where their Zords need to basically recharge before they can go after Cyclopis again.  When Billy worries about the citizens, Zordon assures the team they’re safe for now but out of reach in Rita’s other dimension.  Jason points out that the team is their only hope of getting out of there.  I almost want to call that a Star Wars reference.


The stakes are higher than usual, as the entire population of Angel Grove is at risk if the Rangers can’t stop Cyclopis and Rita.  Lokar returns from the two-parter “Island of Illusion”.  Rita apparently got cranky about the city holding up the Power Rangers as heroic rather than her.  Cyclopis’ power was demonstrated by the lengths the Rangers had to go to stop it.  And now that Titanus is gone, they can’t form the Ultrazord anymore.

Unlike most two-parters, it doesn’t end on an obvious cliff-hanger.  The team is catching their breath back at the Command Center before re-engaging in combat.  Tommy was mentioned briefly, but I still don’t know why he hasn’t been around.  Maybe he’s still readjusting to not having a morpher?

Bulk and Skull want to get the same levels of attention as the Power Rangers, but clearly don’t know what it actually takes to be a superhero.


Next time on Power Rangers: The team must find a way to rescue the people of Angel Grove.


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