1-40: Doomsday, Part 2

The team works together to stop Cyclopis and save Angel Grove.

Last time on Power Rangers: Rita stuck Angel Grove’s citizens in a dimensional vortex on Power Rangers Day.


A High Stakes Mission

Zordon recaps the situation to the team in lieu of a ‘previously on’ segment.  Goldar’s Zord Cyclopis must be defeated to rescue the civilians but the Zords are still regaining energy after the previous battle.  Furthermore, there’s apparently a risk of the Rangers getting trapped in the morphin grid if they push too hard.  But Rita has to be stopped to protect Earth.

Morphing, the team is suddenly in the cockpit of the Megazord (the transforming sequences are evidently reserved for the climatic battle later on).  But even after Jason calls upon the Dragonzord, Lokar and Cyclopis retain the upper hand in the battle.  At least this time I can be certain there wasn’t anybody in the building the Megazord accidentally toppled over.  Once felled, the two Zords slowly disappear via reddish light.

Jason can’t contact Zordon, Billy suggesting that Rita is jamming the frequency.  The overalls-clad teen then reassures Kimberly that the Zords simply were teleported back to their “secret hiding place”.  Good to know that’s been a trait in the show since the beginning.


The team retreats to Billy’s garage so he can attempt to change their communicators’ frequency so they can contact Zordon.  Back at the Command Center, said being is getting an update from Alpha on the situation.   The robot discovers since Rita’s fortress is on Earth he can now access her data banks.

Goldar and a pair of Putties teleport to Billy’s garage so he can destroy the “Power Geeks”.  But his monologue gives Billy enough time to alter the communicators so they can teleport back to the Command Center.

Overwhelming the Forces of Evil

Once there, Zordon reveals to them that Alpha found Cyclopis’ weakness: rapidly change battle modes to confuse it.  Apparently even Titanus is fully recharged again.  Okay, but at the beginning the Zords needed twelve hours to fully recharge and that was before the failed battle.  So how are they fully charged now?  Does the new security system also enable better and faster charging?

After a lengthy calling-upon sequence of the five Zords, the second battle begins.  The team starts out with their individual Zords, then standard Megazord mode (not even a token presence of tank mode), then Dragonzord is called upon, then Dragonzord Fighting Mode, and lastly the Ultrazord is formed.  During all of this a second building is toppled.

Incapable of keeping up with all the changes, Cyclopis’ controls stop working.  Goldar teleports out before his Zord explodes.  I’m not sure where Lokar went, though.  Back at the fortress, Goldar tells Rita to leave Earth.  Although she does start the fortress back to his home on the moon, she also commands him to never tell her what to do again.

All the civilians teleport back to where they were beforehand; it’s never clarified how aware they were of their predicament nor shown where exactly they were.  The mayor shoos away Bulk and Skull so she can begin her speech.

Showing up, the Power Rangers go through the crowd towards the stage.  A group of four kids argues which Ranger is the best (the one girl insists on the female ones, ‘of course’).  Tommy, still clad in green, comes by to tell them “they’re all totally awesome”.


Tommy gets a handshake from each Ranger as they go by.  The poor guy has on a bittersweet expression as they continue to the stage.  Once the team is on stage, the mayor makes a grateful speech about their heroics.

Later at the Command Center, Zordon offers them the chance to return to their normal lives.  Apparently everybody is under the impression that Rita will now stop attacking Earth.  But as they know there might be other threats, the five decide to stay on as Power Rangers.  And his efforts with Rita’s data bank have given Alpha a computer virus, complete with sneezing.


It’s fairly obvious this was meant to be the season finale, especially in that final scene.  There’s a huge battle with high stakes for the city and Zordon offers them the chance to return to normal lives.  But instead that spring came an extra twenty episodes before season two began in late July 1994.

At least Tommy got a cameo this episode.  Clearly he’s not adjusting too well to a non-powered life as seen by his attire and expressions.  But he also still admires/likes his former teammates yet he hasn’t been hanging out with them either.

I’m not sure why the good guys figured Rita would just give up after this defeat.  It’s not like she’s ever done so before (well, obviously).  Then again, the fact that the Rangers gradually stop viewing Rita as a serious threat is probably part of why Lord Zedd shows up next season.


Next time on Power Rangers: Squatt gets into the tree-planting going on in Angel Grove.


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