14-13: Scaredy Cat

Necrolai finds and has the Master revive Imperious; meanwhile, the Rangers deal with the feline Jenji.

Last time on Power Rangers: Clare drained the power of the Gatekeeper sending the Underworld back below.


By the Sea


The episode opens with LeeLee, her mom, and a trio of Hidiacs standing just outside of a seaside cave.  When Necrolai attempts to send the minions within, the “energy field” dematerializes them.  Casting a spell to destroy the protective magic, Necrolai then shoves her daughter into it.  She’s only shocked, so the energy field was weakened but clearly still present.  The blonde sarcastically brings up the Power Rangers when Necrolai muses that the energy field must keep out evil, which gives the vampire queen an idea.  It’s not revealed why Necrolai wants within there so badly.

Over at Rootcore, Clare gathers the team around the now wiggly egg, a sign it’s ready to hatch.  Except none of them know how to hatch a dragon egg.  Madison reads from the book 1001 Things You Want to Know About Dragons, which suggests using a sledgehammer to get out the baby dragon.  Her twin, who has three yellow stripes on the right side of her hair now, is excited by the idea but Clare understandably thinks that it’s a bad plan.  They can’t ask Udonna, since she’s off elsewhere for most of the episode.  It’s never said where and why, though.

A Toothy Problem

Suddenly there’s knocking; Nick and Vida head out the dragon’s head entrance to encounter Phineas, who is suffering from a toothache, complete with a bandage tied around his face.  When the troblin explains how teeth trouble is dealt with in the forest (a boulder is tied to the problematic tooth and then shoved off a hill), the team decides to take him to Briarwood to see a dentist instead.

They disguise him in sunglasses, a fedora, and a brown coat.  They dissuade him from trying to eat a car.  LeeLee ‘runs’ up to the group, claiming there’s trouble at the sea cave and she’s looking for the Power Rangers.  Nick gets her to go look for them on the other side of town; voicing her frustration by calling them “costumed freaks” she leaves.  Vida’s miffed by the insult.

Chip’s bemused why “the crystal ball didn’t pick it up” and the team wants to go check it out.  Madison points out somebody needs to take Phineas to the dentist.  Then Toby wanders over, having spotted his employees.  This gives Xander inspiration.  In any case, the morphed Rangers take out a few minions before safely entering the cave, pleasing Necrolai.

Back in Briarwood, Toby is double-checking that Phineas is “Xander’s long-lost uncle from a small mountain village” who has been in a disfiguring skiing accident and also has a skin condition.  His suspicions about this story get forgotten when he has to stop Phineas from trying to eat a car.

A New Dark Power and a Single Wish

Madison panics when a frog lands in her hand, topping her as well as Nick and Xander.  They’re creeped out by a nearby mummy before getting distracted by a half-buried lamp.  When Nick picks it up, there’s a minor earthquake and the energy field vanishes.  Necrolai can now enter the cave and she’s vindictive enough to tell the Rangers why that is.  She’s uninterested in the lamp and teleports out with the mummy.


Toby and Phineas are messing around in a dentist’s… office?  Work room?  The place where the dentist does his work on a patient.  In any case, they’re generally being bored while waiting for Dr. Tristian to show up to handle Phineas’ tooth.


In Rootcore, Nick brushes some of the dust off of the lamp and blows on it, which causes Jenji the cat genie to come out.  He tells them they can only have one wish.  Also, back in the day I hadn’t realized just how little clothing he wore for a bipedal cat.  It’s weird.  Chip completely lacks genre savvy and wishes for ten wishes for each of them, which is quickly revealed not to work.  Of course, Jenji is a bit grumpy about having spent nineteen years in that cave.  Clare comes in, carrying the egg, and is unimpressed by him.  Jenji suggests sitting on the egg to keep it warm.


Down in the Underworld, Necrolai places the mummy on the Master’s ‘peephole’ so that he can use his power to grant him a new body.  Imperious is quite pleased with his new look.  LeeLee thinks he looks like a “traffic light” and is bitter by how subservient her mother is towards him and how she has to be as well.  When she complains about his supposed wishy-washy thinking about them kneeling or standing, Imperious turns her into a tiny bug that retains her human face and apparently her human voice box.  Necrolai and Imperious exit to plot against the Rangers.

Dr. Tristian comes in and is intrigued by the amount of teeth Phineas has.  Toby nods when Phineas checks if he wants “something for the pain” but the dentist first numbs Toby instead.

Wishful Thinking

Jenji stresses to Clare that she must sit on the egg until it hatches.  Annoyed, Nick puts the genie back in his lamp when the crystal ball activates.  The Rangers arrive in Briarwood to discover Imperious there.  There’s a bit of foreshadowing for the “Dark Wish” arc when Imperious claims “magic is for fulfilling all your own desires”.  He gives them the ‘join the dark side, it has cookies’ offer but the Rangers refuse, so he blasts them down.

Still in his lamp, Jenji flees when Nick tries to use the genie’s magic against Imperious.  Each Ranger tries a piece of elemental magic on the dark wizard only for the dark wizard to redirect the spells back at their users.  A smug Imperious super-sizes as Jenji watches on.  Going into Titan Mode, the team forms the Megazord.  However, they’re still dwarfed by Imperious’ giant mode to the point where he just kicks them away.  As the dentist is yanking Phineas’ tooth, Toby spots the ongoing battle and starts to watch through the window.

Also watching the battle, Jenji comments, “I wish I wasn’t such a little scaredy-cat” which somehow makes it come true.  Jenji grows to Imperious’ size and distracts Imperious so that the Megazord can leap up to hurt Imperious in the face.

The dark wizard’s toppling over causes shaking that causes the dentist to pull out Phineas’ bothersome tooth.  Imperious is miffed but suffers a shock when he tries to cast a spell.  Realizing he’s not at full strength after his “time in the cave”, Imperious teleports away.

Demorphed, the five cheer on Jenji as the frog follows them.  Xander and Madison then go to the Rock Porium, where Toby has unwittingly introduced Phineas to rock n roll to their concern.  It’s interesting that those are the two shown closest to the troblin this episode; Xander after their interaction in “Petrified Xander” and Madison simply as the most empathic member of the team.  Also, the Jake Bone-breaker cut-out makes a reappearance here as Phineas’ ‘companion’ in rocking out and doubling as a coat and hat rack.

Chip and Vida lead Udonna just outside of Rootcore, with the sorceress covering her eyes.  They ‘introduce’ her to Jenji, but it turns out they already know each other.  Udonna starts to ask after Daggeron and Bowen but then Clare starts to call for aid within the tree.  … Although, I do wonder why Jenji didn’t bring up that he and Udonna already knew each other.  Maybe he didn’t want to spoil the youths’ fun?


They go to her just in time to see the egg hatch into an adorable CGI dragon who thinks Clare is his mama.


As an adult, I can see now how Jenji is played as a knock-off of Robin Williams’ genie character in Aladdin.  I’m pretty sympathetic towards his fear of Imperious, given what’s learned in the following episode.  I wonder, given how Jenji mentions that genies have rules, if his wish was just a placebo effect.  Daggeron and Bowen are brought up for the first time here, although first-time watchers won’t have a clue who they could be.

Imperious joins the cast of villains.  Necrolai fawns over him, LeeLee is scornful, and who knows where Koragg was this episode.  Even though I know for certain it can’t possibly be true, it’s funny to think Koragg and Udonna hung out together off-screen this episode.

I am starting to get concerned about who the show is focusing on.  Clare’s role was somewhat minor, but Toby and Phineas had the B-plot to themselves and LeeLee had a decent-sized part as well.  Madison was empathic, Xander does have a degree of fondness towards the troblin now, Vida showcased her violent tendencies, Chip was remarkably clueless about genies for a geek, and Nick continues to be stubborn and moral.  So it’s not that the show isn’t giving any non-combat attention to the Rangers, it’s just sometimes I think the show forgets that they ought to be the only major characters and add in Udonna, Toby, Phineas, LeeLee, and Clare.  I don’t mind large casts, but I am acutely aware this season consists of just sixteen ‘regular’ length episodes and nearly half of what Mighty Morphin 1 got in terms of quantity.

Next time on Power Rangers: Daggeron the Solaris Knight joins the team!


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