1-43: Something Fishy

Billy must confront his fear of fish to save his friends.  Also, he and Kimberly are adorable.

Last time on Power Rangers: The team went up against a pig cursed into the monstrous Pudgy Pig.


A Fishy Fear

Jason, who’s trained in scuba diving, is taking Zack and Trini out for a dive.  There’s very little footage of them diving and the scene prior to scuba diving features Jason reminding the other two of how to stay safe.  Bulk and Skull plan to go fishing after school.  Billy and Kimberly have opted to go on a picnic instead: Billy since he dislikes fish and Kimberly claims she doesn’t want to mess up a good hair day.


The two have an adorable picnic by the pond in the park.  Billy’s in overalls like usual, and Kimberly’s in a nice pink dress along with a cropped pink vest with a pink unitard under it.  While the fight scene in the near future makes the Doylist reason for it obvious, I’m not so sure about the Watsonian.  Maybe she was planning to do some gymnastics later that day and didn’t want to make changing complicated?

Apparently Billy was bitten by a fish as a kid when he was making a mini whirlpool in a pond (possibly even this very one).  Ever since, he’s been so scared of fish he won’t even eat them.  I can’t say I blame him; I was just knocked over by a big dog, not even bitten, as a pre-schooler and I’m still on edge around dogs two decades later.  Even if it’s irrational, sometimes you just can’t help but be impacted by a bad childhood experience with something.  Kimberly’s hinting about him going scuba diving next time is interrupted by nearby screaming.

Nearby they find Bulk and Skull, the former having hooked a ‘no fishing’ sign to add to their pile of junk.  The next time they try to cast their lines they get them stuck to their pants and end up falling into the pond.  Unamused, Billy and Kimberly head back towards to their picnic.

Kimberly suggests they go help the other three with their gear and then get ice-cream afterward.  Billy wants “chocolate chocolate-chip”.  To distract the duo, Rita sends down a bunch of Putties.  Kimberly’s unable to contact the other three, leaving the pair on their own.  After the battle, she compliments Billy, which is nice of her given how he’s the least capable fighter on the team.

Never a Day Off

They go to the Command Center, where Zordon tells them that the Goo-Fish monster has been unleashed on the beach.  Morphing, they go to the beach to take on more Putties.  The monster shows up to take the pair on, but the other three are still scuba diving.

At Goldar’s suggestion, Rita casts a spell on Billy to heighten his fear of fish to point where he hides behind a baffled Kimberly.  Alpha is freaking out and Zordon realizes the problem.  Luckily the others are on the beach now, so Zordon’s able to fill in Jason on the situation.

When they arrive, however, the Goo-Fish dives into the ocean to avoid them.  Goldar sums up Rita’s plan to draw out the Megazord so the monster’s poisonous goo can destroy it.  They briefly return to the Command Center where Zordon reports Rita’s spell on Billy can be broken by him facing his fear.  He’s not so sure he can do it, though.

Morphing again, the five return to the beach.  Kimberly suggests she and Billy take on the Putties while the other three take on the Goo-Fish.  Initially though they all need to take on Putties since there are so many of them.

The Goo-Fish manages to trap the trio.  Kimberly tries to defend a freaking out Billy and help her trapped teammates but only gets trapped herself.  The monster starts to blast the quartet.  Although still afraid, Billy comes to his friends’ aid.  He tricks the Goo-Fish into shooting its venom straight up into the air so that it lands on it, weakening the monster.

By this time the four have recovered so Rita super-sizes the Goo-Fish.  The Zords are called upon and the Megazord is formed.  When the Goo-Fish traps and weakens the Megazord with its gooey venom, Zack gets an idea about converting the goo into the energy.  This enables them to defeat the Goo-Fish.

Jason praises Billy for facing his fear and Billy’s pretty proud of himself too.  Up in the moon fortress, Rita is annoyed at her latest defeat.

Fish are Food, Not Foes

In the near future, Billy and Ernie return to the Gym and Juice Bar from a successful fishing trip.  Kimberly expresses her pride in Billy and Jason suggests the blond could join the others on their next scuba diving trip, to which Billy agrees to.  Bulk and Skull show up, but their plan to show up Billy went awry as soon as Skull bought a big can of tuna opposed to a big tuna.  Bulk pokes his head into Billy’s sack of catch, getting a live lobster to the nose for his mischief.

The Shipping War

Before wrapping up this review, I suppose I ought to go on a tangent about shipping.  The term is basically when fans think a pair of characters would make a good romantic match.  In the Zordon era, the two major clashing ships are Tommy/Kimberly and Tommy/Kat.  It’s not so much I ship the latter as I ship Kimberly with Billy.

Now, I know.  Amy Jo and David were just good friends off-screen and remained so for years after the show’s end.  I’m not sure if they’re still close or not, though.  But on-camera I can’t help but find their interactions cute and view them as a good match.

Along with this episode, they’ve shared the spotlight in “Power Ranger Punks” and “Switching Places” both of which highlighted their strong bond.  It is definitely canon that the two are close friends despite or possibly because of their dramatic differences.  Like what I did with Kat/Doggie in SPD, I might occasionally stretch the facts but I don’t just make up data to support my ships.  For example, the top of Kimberly’s dress last episode looked like a jean overall top- that’s definitely interesting in the context of Billy wearing overalls jean or otherwise most the time even if not intended as a hint of their closeness.  And frankly, at this point Billy is the boy Kimberly interacts with the most.  I can’t count the end of “The Green Candle” as the starting point of Tommy and Kimberly dating considering she’s mentioned him only once since then.


So, this time Billy had to face his fear of fish in order to help his fellow Rangers out.  Billy’s never been one for confrontation so it makes sense it’d take such a drastic scenario for him to face his fears.  He and Kimberly spent most of the episode together, just being cute.  It was amazing, especially as it becomes obvious that Kimberly staying on dry land was about her wanting Billy to not be alone instead of maintaining her hair .  Jason, Zack, and Trini were on the sidelines just as much, with little of their scuba diving trip seen.  Clearly it wasn’t in the budget.

Bulk and Skull continue to be mean-spirited and foolish.  Seriously, when will they start to develop as three-dimensional characters?  The monster was okay, only unique in that I think it’s the first aquatic-based one of the show.  That’s a nice bit so that Billy’s fear isn’t a retcon.


Next time on Power Rangers: Zack’s longed-for date with Angela is under threat by Rita’s latest scheme.


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