8-4: Riding the Edge

Kelsey comes to her new friend Nancy’s aid when Whirlin attacks Mariner Bay.

Last time on Power Rangers: Carter learned the value of thinking before acting.


Kelsey to the Rescue!

The episode opens with a woman walking her tiny fluffy dog.  When she briefly stops to tie her shoe, the dog opts to wander out into the street.  On roller skates, Kelsey dramatically comes to the rescue.  Owner and pet are reunited, with a happy crowd around them.  To be cynical, I suspect most of them have recognized Kelsey as a Power Ranger- even if Nancy’s too relieved to have her dog back safe and sound to make the connection.

Down in the demon pyramid, they’re scheming up ways to destroy the city.  Thanks to their conversation, I now can firmly say that Diabolico is the golden demon while Loki is the more indigo-hued one.  Jinxer uses a card to conjure up the monster Whirlin.

Mariner Bay is going to launch a space shuttle for a four-hour trip in order to place a satellite.  I strongly suspect there’s a lot of space exploration going on in the Power Rangers universe than in ours, especially after the events of Lost Galaxy.  Rolling an ottoman over, Kelsey realizes that the pilot Nancy Cooper is the woman she helped out earlier.  But the Rangers can’t stick around to watch the televised launch since Whirlin has struck near the docks.

Taking the Jeep, the Rangers arrive already morphed to help out the civilians.  Diabolico briefly appears in a fiery circle in the sky to affirm his goal of destroying the human city so he can rebuild the demon queen’s palace where it was millennia ago.

The team battles Whirlin and some Batlings in a maze of shipping containers to send the monster into retreat.  Reforming as a tornado, Whirlin goes after the shuttle as it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.  Although the Rangers stop Whirlin by using the Unilaser formation out of the Rescue Bird, the shuttle has been damaged by the winds.  Captain Mitchell alerts the team of the shuttle’s trouble.  Having learned nothing from “Lightspeed Teamwork”, Joel volunteers himself as a solo mission.

Kelsey, with Carter’s consent, takes point for this mission.  The Zords are called upon and the others follow her instructions.  I’m more bemused by the drivers on the freeway listening to Dana.  Nancy clues in that the Yellow Ranger is the woman who rescued her dog when Kelsey restates “Crazy’s my middle name”.  I suspect this ‘catchphrase’ of hers won’t be used again.

In any case, the team manages to help the shuttle land safely.  Carter and Kelsey each give the other kudos for a job well done.  An aggravated Jinxer revives and super-sizes Whirlin so the team forms the Megazord.  It’s a short battle to blow up the monster, impressing Nancy.


Kelsey and Nancy hug after the battle before chatting as the others watch on.  Down in their stepped pyramid, the demons are more determined than ever to restore their queen’s palace.


This was mostly a standard ‘monster of the week’ episode.  Kelsey’s main traits were further established: she’s bubbly, impulsive but thinks fast on her feet (or skates), and athletic.  Carter is a pretty laid-back Red Ranger, Chad’s a bit of a worrywart, Joel has an independent streak which has and probably will continue to get him in trouble, and Dana is a steady presence.

I really do appreciate the subtle world-building of multiple cities having space programs in the Power Rangers verse.  It probably helps that it’s an established fact in this reality that there are aliens out there and not all of them are friendly to Earth.

The demons continue to have a valid reason to attack just Mariner Bay.  Though I am starting to wonder where exactly their revered queen is.


Next time on Power Rangers: Dana is worried her dad doesn’t fully trust her as a capable adult.


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