8-5: A Matter of Trust

When Dana is put on a different assignment than her teammates, she thinks he’s being her dad first opposed to her commander/mentor.

Last time on Power Rangers: Kelsey’s new astronaut friend needed help landing the shuttle against a demon attack.


Special Assignment or Special Treatment?

Captain Mitchell gives a briefing to the team on a powerful fuel cell that’s sensitive to heat.  Four of the Rangers leave for the airport to escort Dr. Hanson back to the Aquabase.  Dana is given a different mission- to show around an old friend with bad eyesight before bringing him to the base for a visit.  Offended, Dana accuses her father of treating her like “[his] little girl” before storming off.

Down in their pyramid, the demons want to get ahold of the fuel cell.  I don’t think it’s ever clarified why they want it, since they seem to prefer using magic over technology.  Impus creates his first monster card, which Jinxer activates to create the Fireor monster.

While the others pick up a professional looking guy with a safety deposit box, Dana goes to a quiet street where she meets up with an elderly man named Earl who apparently is going to go fishing with her father.


Perhaps sensing her bad mood, he offers to let her drive his truck ‘Big Blue’.  Okay, is that a common nickname for older vehicles or an actual shout-out to the Stephanie Plum series?  But the offer, as seen above, does nothing for Dana’s bad mood.

In the Jeep, the others are attacked by Fireor and a group of Batlings.  Kelsey is put in charge of guarding Hanson by Carter, who perhaps trusts Kelsey’s judgment over Chad’s or Joel’s after last episode proved her competence.  Carter wants Dana’s help but Mitchell insists she bring Earl to the Aquabase first.  The bad guys get access to the box, but it’s empty.  Unaware of that, the Rangers attack until Fireor leaves in search of the Pink Ranger, who he rightfully suspects has the fuel cell.

He induces a heat wave in Mariner Bay, leading the quartet to focus on helping stricken civilians.  The monster also starts emitting fiery blasts in random directions.  Chad uses his helmet’s capabilities to locate Fireor up on a roof.

A nearby blast causes Big Blue to crash, leading some ice to spill out of Earl’s tackle box.  Worriedly Earl makes his way to an ice machine to dump in more.  Coming over, Dana sees the fuel cell within.  Earl explains the situation and assures her that her dad does have faith in her.  I wonder if that was a fake Dr. Hanson and Earl is the real deal, or simply by knowing Captain Mitchell for so long Earl could guess what would upset his daughter.

Vypra teleports in to attack, injuring Earl.  By this time the other Rangers have reached the roof Fireor and some Batlings are on in order to continue the battle.  As she tends to Earl’s injury, he comments on her resemblance to her mother and how she’d proud of her too.  I don’t think it’s ever clarified what happened to Mrs. Mitchell, but it’s a safe bet that she’s deceased.  But I do like how Earl acknowledges both of Dana’s parents; often just one of the parents is emphasized.

Now on the streets, the other Rangers fight Fireor.  Reaching the docks, Dana and Earl are cornered by Vypra.  By deflecting one of the villainess’ blasts with a small anchor, Dana buys enough time for the pair to go underwater to be picked up by a sub.  I mean, the show doesn’t show what happens between Vypra spotting ripples in the water and a sub nearing the Aquabase, but it’s implied.

Captain Mitchell makes sure he’s present when the drenched duo arrives on base.  Earl hands over the fuel cell to his friend.  But Dana gets permission almost immediately to leave to help her teammates, showing up just in time to save Carter.

Dual Roles

United, the team takes on the monster and ultimately trick him into being in the line of fire of one of his own attacks.  Jinxer then revives and super-sizes Fireor, so Dana calls for the Rail Rescues so that the Megazord can be formed.  During the battle, the footage is sometimes shot through a bridge.  Dana takes point for this battle, and Fireor is taken out in a massive blast.

Dana later visits her father in his office to apologize for her earlier outburst.  He admits that sometimes he does still see her as his daughter before as one of his Rangers even though he spent years preparing her for that responsibility.  Now aware she does have her father’s trust, Dana is happy to assure him that nothing “tops being your little girl”.  They hug.


I’m glad that Dana and her father are working to ensure that she doesn’t get special treatment as his daughter.  They both know she’s a capable adult, but sometimes he might see her as the “little girl” she once was.  What’s never in question is that they love each other.  It’s just she was upset that he wouldn’t ‘risk’ her on dangerous missions like the other Rangers due to being his daughter.  But as it turns out, Captain Mitchell entrusted her alone with the fuel cell’s protection.

I suppose the demons just wanted to see what would happen to the city if they blew up the fuel cell by heating it up.  They seem fairly laidback about regaining their city, but after millennia a wait of a few more months would be just a blink of the eye.

… Please tell me that afterwards Captain Mitchell and Earl did actually go fishing.


Next time on Power Rangers: To stop Vypra, Miss Fairweather provides the team with cycles.


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