Season 3 Summary

It’s time to review season three as a whole before moving on to the fourth season of SG-1.

The final episode of the season introduced the Replicators.



Let me put it this way.  “Urgo”, “A Hundred Days”, and “New Ground” were the only episodes in a twenty-two episode season that did not invoke a previous episode- usually one from a previous season.  I’m counting “Into the Fire” as it features both Hathor and the Tok’ra, not just as a continuation from season two.  So yes, there continues to be a lot of galaxy building.  I believe an Ancient was met in “Maternal Instinct” but the Furlings remain a mystery out of the Great Alliance first brought up in “The Torment of Tantalus”.

This was a very good season, with only “Legacy” and “Rules of Engagement” not getting high scores in my mini-recaps and those are largely due to my personal tastes.  Ties between SGC and their alien allies were strengthened throughout.  Apophis is proving himself harder to kill than a cockroach and it’s still up in the air whether or not Sokar is dead.  And now the Replicators- the foe the Asgard have trouble with- have been properly introduced on the show as metal spiders (okay, they have too few legs to be spiders, but… they just give off a spidery vibe).

Character Arcs

Hammond, Dr. Fraiser, Bra’tac, Walter, Major Davis, Robert Rothman, and Sergeant Silar are all reoccurring characters.  Of course, only General Hammond is a major character but Janet does get a specialized credit in the post-opening credits.

Teal’c was only featured in “New Ground” which showcased his loyalty and determination.  He said “indeed” for the first time I’ve caught in “Shades of Grey”.  His hopes for Jaffa-kind have been put on the back-burner for this season, as well as his family.

Daniel was the central figure in “Legacy”, “Forever in a Day”, “Past and Present”, “Maternal Instinct”, and “Crystal Skull”.  He remains the ‘soft’ academic of the team as well as the most idealistic and open-minded teammate.  Of course, “Crystal Skull” highlighted how that open-mindedness got him basically laughed out of the ‘real’ academic community just like his grandfather.  The irony being that they were both correct in their theories (although anybody in our reality who voiced such theories would be laughed at).  At least he wasn’t thought dead at any point in this season: missing, yes, but not dead.

Jack and Sam more or less shared “Point of View”, particularly given the emphasis on alternate Sam and her loss of her husband in alternate Jack.  Sam got the two episodes about escaping Netu as well as the one immediately after them in “Foothold”.  A bit of her early life was revealed as well as some lingering complications from sharing a mind-however briefly- with Jolinar that she apparently prefers not to discuss with her teammates.  While increasingly capable of leadership, she’s content to be under O’Neill’s command.  Jack featured in “Learning Curve”, “A Hundred Days”, “Shades of Grey”, and “Nemesis”.  He’s a believer in balance: work and play are equally important, allies matter just as much as technology, and he’s as much of his teammates’ friend as he is their boss.

The rest of the episodes were team-centric, and often heavily involved a one-off character with his own mini arc.  An example would be Urgo and Togar in, well, “Urgo”.

Apophis remains the most frequent Goa’uld threat.  Colonel Maybourne, after what seemed to be a borderline redemption in “Foothold”, was revealed to be taking a ‘the ends justifies the means’ method towards visiting other planets (i.e., stealing their technology to use in defending Earth).  It’s been implied that Maybourne is in the ‘middle’ of the chain of command in this group, so it’ll likely make a return next season.

Now, I recall reading that McKay did show up in a few episodes in SG-1 before Atlantis was even cast.  The story I remember is that the producers were casting for a McKay-like character and then David Hewlett auditioned so they decided to just make McKay a main character on the spin-off.  The point being, I really hope that McKay will show up soon.

As predicted in season two’s summary, this season did end on a cliff-hanger.  Anybody want to lay the odds down for season four doing the same thing?


I can’t wait to start watching season four, beginning with “Small Victories”, which will pick up in the aftermath of season three’s finale.


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