14-17: Ranger Down

Jenji gets jealous of Fire Heart.  Meanwhile, Necrolai and Screamer cause trouble for Briarwood.

Last time on Power Rangers: Daggeron helped out Chip when the Yellow Ranger’s recklessness got him into trouble.


Magic or Strength

Jenji is recounting a story to the five Mystics from his past, but only Chip is interested.  Clare enters the central chamber with a bundled up Fire Heart to report he did a small roar and then came a “puff of smoke”.  Grateful for the distraction, they go over to coo over the baby dragon.  Well, not Chip, but he goes over as well because, again: BABY DRAGON.  A jealous Jenji exits, with only Madison noticing.

Down in the Underworld, Imperious manages to successfully bait Koragg into using only his fighting skills against the Rangers.  He hands over his magic in the form of a largish glowing maroon ball, warning the other villain that he wants his magic back once the Rangers are defeated.  Once Koragg leaves, Imperious turns the orb into a purple cell phone morpher for Necrolai, who promptly uses it to turn her daughter into a human-faced insect.  Screamer, a blue bird banshee monster, is called upon to team up with the vampire queen.

… And Koragg isn’t seen for the rest of the episode.  I like to think he left the throne room of the Underworld only to realize he can’t just teleport to the surface world anymore and thus spent the rest of the episode trying to figure out another way up there.  Using Nick’s baby blanket, Jenji abandons Fire Heart in the woods to ensure he’ll get the Rangers’ attention back.

Downtown Trouble

Okay, I don’t actually know if Necrolai and Screamer pop up in downtown Briarwood, but given the title it’s a suitable pun.  Toby is present as Necrolai freezes some civilians with her new magic wand cell phone so that Screamer can more easily turn them into piles of feathers via her sonic scream.

Rushing back to the Rock Porium, Toby recounts his experience to his employees before going off to hide in his office.  Ergo, the five can leave to take on the duo easily.


As seen above, Vida now has a red streak in her hair opposed to a yellow one.  It’s also amusing that she and Xander are both wearing camo-style pants.  Chip cracks, “That bird’s got a foul mouth.”

Upon being looked at by Vida, he sheepishly goes, “Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.”

After they morph, the guys go up against Necrolai while the twins take on Screamer.  Given Vida’s feud with the vampire queen, I’m a bit surprised it’s not the other way around.  Necrolai has fun using magic against the Rangers; Madison uses a watery spell to free the guys from the vampire queen’s magic cords that left them in midair.  I guess that balances out Xander rescuing the twins last episode.  After that, the duo retreats.

Baby Blanket and Baby Antics

Nick, Madison, and Chip return to Rootcore.  Udonna reveals that Fire Heart is missing, causing Clare much upset as well as the concern of what could happen to a baby dragon in the wrong hands (oh hi foreshadowing).  Jenji tries to sneak by, but Daggeron apparently has a sixth sense about when the cat genie is up to something.

Jenji is leading them through the woods to where he left the baby dragon when Nick finds his baby blanket and is upset that Jenji took it without asking.  Madison finds it “cute” that Nick still has his baby blanket, but she gets awkward when Nick reveals it’s all he has left from his birth parents.


He assures them that his adoptive parents are “great” and is unsure why he’s kept his baby blanket so close by for all this time.  Um, hey, Nick?  Any mention of your adoptive sister…?  Aren’t you currently living with her?  This is starting to bug me, to be honest.  The conversation ends when Jenji calls for them as Fire Heart is no longer anywhere near where Jenji left him.

Cut to Phineas at his campsite cooing over Fire Heart.  Listing off some names, he opts to name the baby dragon Phineas Junior, or PJ for short.  So… nobody told him about Fire Heart?  I guess keeping the location of the last dragon a secret would be a good idea.

Phineas does a song-and-dance routine for Fire Heart that he seems to appreciate to the point where Fire Heart calls him “Daddy”.  I don’t recall him really speaking at any other point, maybe since he is so young.  When Fire Heart’s sneeze gets green goop all over him, the troblin approves.

All About Jenji

Daggeron reads a note to the Mystics from Jenji about the cat genie running away.  Again, Madison is the one with the most overt reaction- in this case, guilt.  Daggeron reveals that Jenji got banished from his homeland after the jealous Rexigan had a witch cast a spell over his village so they thought he was evil.  When he and Daggeron met, the cat was a “wandering nomad”.

Cue the flashback of the Solaris Knight trying to warn Jenji from opening up a cursed box.  But like Chip last episode, he opened it anyway.  Wait, that’s not fair to Chip- Daggeron got to finish his explanation whereas Madison barely got half a sentence out.  The only way Daggeron could save him was by ‘trapping’ him in a lamp and turning him into a genie.  I have to wonder where, how, and why Daggeron got ahold of an empty genie lamp.  The point being, Jenji can’t stay out of his lamp for long or the curse will finish him off.  Then the crystal balls show Necrolai attacking, Madison opting to go find Jenji while the others handle the attack.

Jenji is sulking in an alley when Piggy of all characters shows up.  There are call-backs (or are they call-forwards?) to the events of SPD, and the alien goes back into hiding when he hears Madison calling for Jenji.  That’s the closest we’ll get to a SPD/MF crossover… though it would have hilarious to see how they’d handle Doggie and Daggeron being the same actor.  Split screens?  Never having them in the same scene?

Jenji is bitter over the Rangers seemingly preferring Fire Heart over him.  Elsewhere in Briarwood, Screamer is turning more civilians to piles of feathers, delighting Necrolai.  The four Rangers arrive on their Mystic Racers to battle the duo.  In the woods, Phineas wakes up from a nap to find ‘PJ’ gone.


Madison is trying to convince Jenji to return to his lamp, getting into an ‘is, is not’ fight on the topic of who the Rangers prefer- Jenji or Fire Heart.  Jenji gets Madison to say ‘sorry’ six times.  Madison goes on to tell Jenji he needs to talk about his problems, not “dump [them] in the forest” and furthermore, what he did to Fire Heart was no better than what Rexigan did to him.  Agreeing, Jenji now feels he “deserves” to disappear forever.  Their conversation is interrupted by Nick contacting Madison about her teammates needing 17GrownFireHeart

Necrolai and Screamer have the upper hand in the battle, turning the quartet is color-coded piles of feathers.  In the woods, Phineas and Clare encounter each other as they search for ‘their’ baby dragon.  Except now Fire Heart isn’t so little, as seen above.  Clare is in shock but Phineas is delighted.  I suspect their mutual initial scared screams when they encountered each other is what attracted the attention of the dragon, inspiring concern for his ‘parents’.

Jenji takes on Screamer, with Madison arriving later on to provide back-up.  When Madison is downed and demorphed, his wish for more time as he fades actually works.  So… do genies get multiple wishes to use on themselves or was Jenji messing with the Rangers back in “Scaredy Cat”?

With his extra time, Jenji uses the Super Cat Attack he mentioned in the story he was telling in the opening scene to remove Screamer’s magic beak on her forehead, weakening her.  Daggeron and Udonna are on a balcony of Rootcore when Clare shows up to tell them the news.

Daggeron is concerned how to get to Jenji in time (um… teleport?  The bad guys do it all the time) when Fire Heart scoops him up to take him to Briarwood.  Madison is upset as Jenji fades but a morphed Daggeron is dropped down just in time to save him.  Did he morph while being carried by a dragon?

When Screamer approaches, he tells “Maddy” to ranger up, and she does so.  She then uses the Solaris Leisure Lamp against Screamer to defeat her, annoying Necrolai.  Everybody affected by Screamer’s magic is restored to normal.  Necrolai revives and super-sizes Screamer.  The two Megazords are used against the monster and easily defeat her.


Daggeron, Udonna, and Jenji are near the dragon’s head entrance when Phineas is dropped down in front of them after his time dragon-sitting Fire Heart, causing Jenji to flee out of startlement.  The troblin lets slip about a human baby he found twenty years ago that he left in the human world.


This understandably leads the pair to do a double take.  Phineas tries to backtrack but this fails as he’s an awful liar.  So he tells the truth: while Daggeron and Calindor were fighting, Phineas found the baby and since it was wartime couldn’t care for the infant himself so he left him somewhere safe in the human world.

Udonna wants to find her son now but Daggeron points out he’s probably safe and their focus needs to be on stopping the Underworld.  Furthermore, it’d be in Bowen’s best interest to make sure the Underworld doesn’t know about him.  She stresses to Phineas to keep Bowen’s existence a secret, so Phineas locks his lips and throws away the key… the mimicking such actions, not literally.  That sort of thing tends to require clarification in the fantasy genre.


It took me a bit, but I realized the title is a reference to how Screamer turned four of the Rangers into piles of feathers… in other words, down.  That is a groan-worthy pun right there.

Madison’s empathy was useful in helping out Jenji, and it’s a shippy bit when she considers Nick “cute” about him keeping his baby blanket.  Daggeron’s compassion is tempered by practicality, as seen in the final scene.  Udonna’s first impulse is to find and reunite with her son, but Daggeron rightfully points out that would put him in danger from the Underworld.  And he’s definitely right about that.

Fire Heart is now a grown dragon with absolutely no explanation on how he went from baby to Zord-sized in the space of… what, an hour?  But I have to admit, the ‘rivalry’ with Jenji seemed out of nowhere.  After all, just last episode the genie was on board with helping to feed him (though the growing appetite might have been a clue about an upcoming growth spurt).  And the opening scene was less preferring Fire Heart and more jumping at the distraction from Jenji’s story (possibly one they’ve heard one too many times…?).  Of course, since the trust exercise with Madison in “Long Ago” failed due to the others getting distracted by Fire Heart, she might have had a more acute understanding of the annoyance when everybody else gets distracted from you by a baby dragon’s mere existence.

But again: BABY DRAGON.  That’s a pretty distracting occurrence.

Necrolai is extra dangerous when given access to magic, but I have to wonder if Koragg will be less so without magic.  Certainly I suspect Imperious hopes so.


Next time on Power Rangers: The team has gotten a little too used to using magic… but then Imperious gets ahold of Jenji.


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