1-47: Reign of the Jellyfish

Rita attempts to interfere with a time capsule about to be buried.  The titular monster honestly seems more of an afterthought.

Last time on Power Rangers: Jason got a terrible itch due to the Flea monster and Ernie nearly had to close down the Gym and Juice Bar.


A Hundred Years

Miss Applebee’s current class project involves having her students bring in an item to put in a giant time capsule which looks like a clear orb and to justify why it should go in there.  Jason puts in his first karate trophy to showcase what humans were capable of.  Kimberly puts in some garments to reveal “that we had freedom to make choices of our clothes and stuff”.  I’m glad she’s aware that there were times and places where people didn’t have that freedom.  Even Miss Applebee decides to put in a photo of the Power Rangers that looks like a tiny version of the giant banner used in “Doomsday”.

Rita is furious that the teacher considers the team “heroes” and wants to be “the remarkable one that the future should remember”.  While she pours over her “monster cookbook”, Finster opts to start making “the dreaded Jellyfish Warrior” to her pleasure.


Zack has brought in a CD with “fat tunes” as a sample of their current music.  Billy shows off a personal computer he’s modified.  As seen above, it’s utterly clunky compared to the ones used nowadays.  Since he’s in that outfit for the whole episode, this marks the third time all season that he’s hasn’t at all wore a pair of overalls.

Trini puts in that day’s edition of the “Angel Grove Clarion” so that the future people can know what was going on in the city when the capsule was buried.  It almost feels like Trini forgot about the assignment and grabbed the newspaper at the last moment, but maybe that’s because her item is the only one not linking back to her hobbies.  Bulk and Skull show up late with the ingredients to make a “bulk-wich”, or a yard-long sandwich with plenty of meat and condiments.  Really, a better idea would for them to make the sandwich and put in a photo of it as well as the recipe- plus afterwards they could have eaten the “bulk-wich” themselves.  Skull gets mayo onto Bulk’s face (um), amusing the five and Jason even makes a snarky remark.

Rita is impatient for the Jellyfish monster to be ready, but Finster remains calm since apparently monster-making is a delicate process to do so successfully.  Trini and Kimberly are by the lockers when the guys show up with the half-filled time capsule.  The five apparently got the best grades and therefore get to bury it.  Rita is concerned by the shortening time frame so Goldar will use Putties to distract the teens while Baboo and Squatt trade out the photos.

In the park the teens reach the “time capsule sign” where they’re supposed to dig the hole.  The Putties show up, with Baboo and Squatt teleporting down nearby in some bushes.  A new song plays over the fight montage.  The duo, having not brought along Rita’s photo, opt to just steal the whole time capsule.


Once the Putties have been defeated, Kimberly points out the pair of thieves so they give chase.  But they’re barely done so when the pair teleports away, leaving behind the time capsule.  I don’t understand why they didn’t just bring it along.  The Rangers are understandably confused by what Rita would want with a time capsule.

Jelly Time

Rita points out the obvious- the pair should have taken her photo with them to Earth so they could easily make the swap.  Finster siphons away her wrath by revealing that the Jellyfish has been sent down to Earth.  Yes, apparently its name is just ‘Jellyfish’.  I thought the corny names were bad, but evidently I dislike bland ‘Captain Obvious’ ones even less.  Zordon contacts the five about the monster so they morph.

Their attacks don’t impact Jellyfish but its “toxic spray” nearly gets through their suits so they retreat back to the Command Center.  Alpha 5 sprays on a new protective layer to keep it out; the suits are briefly sparkly as the spray takes effect.

The Rangers go after Jellyfish and some Putties.  The monster calls the minions “super Putties” but the Rangers don’t have the same trouble they did with them in “Gung Ho!”.  As a defensive weapon, Jellyfish uses an umbrella.  No, I don’t get it either.

His spinning attack allows Jellyfish to transport them to another dimension where Zordon and Alpha can’t contact them.  A blast from Zack’s Power Axe weakens the monster enough to get all of them back to Angel Grove.  Before the Rangers can take out the monster, Rita super-sizes him.

Calling upon the Zords, Billy and Trini attempt individual attacks and then Zack tries to freeze the monster.  Only after that do they form the Megazord.  Jellyfish keeps teleporting away from their attacks, so Jason calls upon the Power Sword to gain the upper hand and defeat the monster.  Rita is upset and has a headache, leading Baboo and Squatt to cower from her.

At the Gym and Juice Bar Ernie serves the teens sodas and three small ‘goblets’ of popcorn to share.  Bulk and Skull come in with a completed “bulk-wich”, holding it over their heads to show it off.  Jason points out that the capsule has already been buried.  Surprised, Bulk drops his half, getting food all over him and a bit on Skull.  When Skull is amused by this, a mini food fight breaks out between them.

The teens express hope for the future and individual ‘goals’ they want it to hold.  Jason wants a “peaceful and friendly world”.  Kimberly wants “no hatred”.  It’s heart-breaking in hindsight that Billy’s is “no prejudice” given why he left during Zeo.  Trini wishes for “no crime” and Zack for “no wars”.


For only the third time this season, Billy did not wear overalls at all- the others being “The Trouble with Shellshock” and “The Yolk’s on You”.  Other than that, this really isn’t a noteworthy episode.  Four of the Rangers’ interests were stressed by their items for the time capsule (unless Trini is really into current events and/or journalism and then it’s all five).  Jellyfish was almost an afterthought, only coming into play halfway through the episode.

It was interesting that Rita seems to consider the Rangers villainous from her perspective- or at least not heroic.  Usually she so thoroughly embraces her role as a wicked witch it’s hard to believe she isn’t aware of she’s the bad guy of this story.  Baboo and Squatt were absurdly inept in their attempted photo swap and I don’t get why the time capsule couldn’t get transported to the moon fortress (particularly since that seemed to be their actual plan before the Rangers noticed them).  Bulk and Skull weren’t much better; honey might last for millennia but a huge sandwich definitely wouldn’t.


Next time on Power Rangers: Trini must learn to channel her inner Toph in order to stop Rita’s latest monster.


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