Olympus 1-9: Pandora’s Tomb

While Hero and Ariadne journey to the titular place, everybody else must deal with the fallout.

Last time on Olympus: Athens fell to Minos.


Love Triangle

I am just tired right now.  Even though I’m sure the SG-1 directors (and Amanda Tapping) have been doing their best, this material has so many plot holes.  Basically the scenes with Medea and/or Daedalus were the only parts I enjoyed.

Ariadne is doing her best to get into Hero’s pants.  And he’s starting to fall over her and her lies… seriously, dude?  I know you grew up severely sheltered, but your first encounter with her involved her trying to slowly and painfully kill you.  And you know she has motive to lie about the Oracle- she wants you to love her, not the Oracle.  Basically: why are you being dumb?

It’s made very clear that Ariadne believes herself to be in love with Hero, enough so that she’d risk her father’s wrath for picking Hero over him.  And okay, I have to admire her courage in taking such a risk (because as time goes on, Minos’ concern for her is started to get mixed in with annoyance).  But if her lie is found out by Hero, it won’t be pretty.

At least a fairly valid reason was given for Ariadne taking Oracle’s clothes: she needed them to look like Oracle at the Temple long enough for Hero to get close.

Hero opens up to Ariadne about why he won’t just hide- it’s so that his son won’t grow up to deal with what he did.  First the laundry girl, now Ariadne.  I think the Oracle is the only one who hasn’t gotten this speech of his.  Also, I do not get why all these girls are swooning after him.  I guess he’s cute, but he doesn’t exactly have a lot going on upstairs.  … That’s not mean, given how readily he falls for Ariadne this episode.


They spend a night cuddling, even.  This seems like it’ll end in disaster, guys.  Ariadne is utterly manipulative and Hero is fairly gullible.

Back at Athens

Medea gets Xerxes to translate the claw marks (did Chronos do that by accident or on purpose?) down in the caves in exchange for an elixir that’ll kill him quickly and painlessly compared to what Minos has planned.  In any case, the claw marks are Akkad, “the ancient language of the gods”.  The three symbols are for love, heritage, and human soul.  While Medea wants him to burn like he intended for her, she does give him the elixir after he flatters that she’s too clever for that kind of fate.  It’s currently up in the air whether or not it would do the job.  It could go either way with her.

Minos steps up his game to obtain the Oracle’s love.  She tells him about the vision she’s had about someone causing the death of the gods and the end of the world and how it’s likely Aegeus so she wants him “put to the sword”.

Aegeus is continuing to be a whiny coward down in the caves, unappreciative of his teenage son despite Lykos going above and beyond to care for his needs.  Even now Aegeus refuses to bond with his younger son… small wonder he didn’t get along with Hero.


Medea visits Daedalus, who is concerned over his newfound theory.  He found a petrified beetle in the palace garden, making him realize the landmarks are petrified Titans, having been defeated long ago by the gods.  At the epicenter is “the weapon that killed them”.  Not the doors to Olympus, but “the doors to almighty hell”.

Obviously they must find and stop Hero.  Or, well, Medea does.  She argues that Daedalus can’t go because otherwise Minos might send an army after him.  Daedalus wants to use his flying method to reach there in time, but he’s taken away by soldiers to see Minos before that plan can be enacted.

This leaves Medea to travel the woods alone, to get accosted and nearly raped by a father-son duo of bandits (I think… who knows) despite her claims to be the goddess Nyx.  There’s a nice metaphor involved about how lust is born from the night and not from love.

That doesn’t make me even remotely okay with defaulting to the threat of rape.  Like, seriously, the spoken threat of rape did make me more concerned for Medea, but that could have been just as easily accomplished by threatening her with a slow, painful death.  That would have gotten her tied up too and then the bandits get into a fight, the son still accidentally kills his father and flees.  Thus leaving Medea still in the position of being tied up with a dead guy draped on her without having to use the threat of rape.

Visions and Delusions

Daedalus is compelled to help set up the scene for Aegeus’ death as kings can only be killed upon their throne.  Well, that tidbit makes the reference in an earlier episode about Aegeus’ father Pandion dying on the throne a lot creepier.  Daedalus tries to get to the foothills of Mount Parnassus where the ‘hub’ is.  Um, I’m pretty sure that’s where Apollo and the muses hung out, not where Pandora was buried.  But then again, this show has been playing fast and loose with mythology (and no, that debate over who is Eros’ mother doesn’t count because the differences in mythology aren’t typically that drastic).

In any case, Minos finds the Oracle praying to Athena.  Minos questions her about his daughter and in reply the Oracle gives mostly honest responses.  When she tries for a vision about Ariadne, she sees her cuddling Hero in the forest.  Understandably she’s upset and probably thinking Hero lied to her last episode (nope, he just bought Ariadne’s lies this episode about the Oracle being a lesbian [wat]).

Down in the prison caves, a guy overhears Aegeus’ claims about being king and his citizens are “cowards”.  The guy and Lykos get into a fight which Aegeus just watches blankly.  While he manages to kill the guy, Lykos is stabbed in the chest as well.

Lykos crawls towards his father, needing attention and affection.  But Aegeus just tells him to “behave like a man”.  Um, Lykos just successfully killed a man to protect his father, getting seriously (possibly fatally) injured in the process, while Aegeus just watched on.  I think the hypocrisy is deliberate, or at least I hope so.  A pair of Minos’ soldiers takes away Aegeus as Lykos loses consciousness or maybe dies.  It’s rather unclear.  Hopefully it’ll be cleared up next episode.

As the ritual to kill Aegeus takes place, the ex-king apparently oblivious, the Oracle has the vision again… but this time she sees the threat’s face and it’s Hero.  So she does the ‘Pocahontas to John Smith’ deal to everybody’s confusion.  Later on, there’s a brief scene where the Oracle explains everything about the vision to Minos and how it’s critical to stop Hero.

The Titular Place

Hero and Ariadne reach a massive tree with an entrance in it.  I think it’s a stone building that a tree gradually grew over.  Hovering over it like a porch light is a golden apple that she can’t touch as it’s “cold as ice”.  Within she sees the runes on the tomb itself that explain this is Pandora’s Tomb.  Ariadne is right on in thinking that opening up the tomb is a massively bad idea but Hero just wants to get things over with.

As dawn breaks he confirms he’s fallen in love with her (possibly telling the truth, ‘cause it didn’t take much for him to fall in love with the Oracle either) and they kiss.  They open up the tomb and within is grey swirly stuff.  Hero somehow gets the Ring back.  Entranced, Ariadne can’t help but touch it and gets sucked in, with Hero diving in after her.  The tomb closes after them, which is… worrying.


So yeah.  In this episode Hero and Ariadne took a long, romantic trip in the woods while everybody else ran around dealing the fallout of them doing so.  Particularly once Medea and Daedalus- and later the Oracle and Minos- realize just how bad Hero going to the ‘hub’ would be.

I’m baffled at how intense Ariadne and the Oracle feel for Hero.  Like, seriously, Ariadne, you had the right idea in putting the moves on the Oracle because she’s more than a pretty face.  She’d be able to call you out on your manipulations as well as vice versa.

Medea and Daedalus continue to be awesome separately and even more so together.  Why couldn’t the series have been the two of them doing magitech exploring of ancient Greece?  I’d watch that.

Aegeus has completely checked out of this reality, it seems, and it looks like Lykos died defending a father who evidently didn’t really care for him.  Or maybe he’ll wake up next episode in the care of Kimon.  If that happens, I shall face-palm.  I’d rather him have been killed off than have to go through another awkward scene with those two.  I’m still upset about the SURPRISE INCEST!  D:

For an episode centering on her tomb, Pandora herself wasn’t discussed.  I wonder if she unwittingly released the weapon that killed the Titans and that’s why she was buried there.  Given how loose the show’s take on mythology has been, I would buy that’s the version of events it’d use.

Amanda Tapping presumably tried her best, but this episode was not fun outside of the Medea and Daedalus scenes.  The love triangle isn’t very believable.  Well, that’s not fair.  I can buy the chemistry between Ariadne and the Oracle, but it’s just not there for either of them with Hero.  At least, I can’t spot it.  Plus, I’m grumpy that he bought Ariadne’s lies about the Oracle as he really should have known better.  She tried to kill him in an incredibly slow and painful way back in “Minos” and honestly, I don’t get how he’s forgiven her enough to kiss her repeatedly without duress.  I think he grew up a little too sheltered because he clearly has no clue how to deal with girls- or how to handle being dealt with by girls.

And now I’m vaguely concerned the Oracle will hook up with Minos of revenge towards Hero.

There’s one disc left, and it’s entirely possible I’ll watch the behind-the-scenes featurettes on it before watching episode ten (or right afterwards) just to get a clue of WHAT WAS GOING ON!


Next time on Olympus: Heritage matters, I guess.


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