14-20: Dark Wish, Part 3

The Rangers get back their powers and then receive Legend Mode as well.

Last time on Power Rangers: Even after the dangerous journey to the Tribunal, the Mystics did not get Imperious’ dark wish reversed.


The Color of Magic

The credits now include footage of Legend Mode, the grown Fire Heart, and the new Zords (Phoenix, Lion, and Unicorn).

Hidiacs and Styxoids are harassing civilians as Necrolai bosses everybody.  Toby gets out a music box to enjoy (I think his brains have been scrambled…) but its song has barely begun when Necrolai grabs it and stomps on it.  The White Tribunal promptly calls her a “relative” of the Black Tribunal, who stands firm that they did what had to be done.  Some minions seize Toby, who begs for help.  Nick decides that “magic or no magic” he has to help and goes over to fight the minions.  The others join the fight to give Toby time to flee.

The Tribunal is aware that without their powers, the youths will be destroyed.  Despite knowing they’re fighting a doomed battle, they keep fighting.  Once they’re surrounded, Necrolai comes over to do a bit of final taunting before destroying them.  Doesn’t that counteract what Imperious said in the first part… is she acting independently or has Imperious decided they’re too dangerous to keep alive?  In any case, the three decide that their “extraordinary courage” warrants them changing their minds and the dark wish is reversed, returning color to the world.  Clare and Udonna return to normal and witness Rootcore regrowing in a matter of seconds.

The five teens are delighted to have their morphers back and use them.  Madison, Chip, Xander, and Vida each use their element against minions in the following battle (because of course there are still lots of them in Briarwood… somehow).  Nick fights Necrolai while down in the Underworld Imperious is upset.

A confused Daggeron exits the dragon’s head entrance, going, “May I ask what just happened?”

The pair of women just laugh, out of relief more than anything else.  Back in Briarwood, the Rangers come to some civilians’ aid.  Nick rides up on his Mystic Speeder to rescue Toby to the older man’s giddy relief.  Getting off his cycle, Nick fights some Hidiacs and Styxoids as well.

Jenji is still trapped in a black lamp, but gets LeeLee to rub it so she can get her one wish.  The blonde ends up accidentally wishing that she never started to bite her nails… which somehow results in her having long, black claw-like nails instead.  But Jenji just teleports away.

Presumably having regained access to the Koragg-morpher, Necrolai uses it to super-size Fightoe but the Mystics just create the Megazord.  Once they use “Titan Megazord Galaxy Slash” to slice the circle part of the beast’s staff he shrinks back down.  Koragg is furious down in the Underworld and wants to take out Fightoe and Fifty Below.  He remains suspicious of Imperious as well, but has no proof of any treachery.

In Rootcore, the good guys are having a happy reunion and briefing.  Jenji apologizes but Madison rightfully assures him it wasn’t his fault.  But then the crystal ball signals that the remaining Barbarian Beasts are attacking.  In a junkyard like area the morphed six Rangers show up to take them on.

Daggeron gets battered and drops the lamp, demorphing.  Fifty Below is about to finish off Daggeron when Koragg shows up, wanting to destroy the pair to Jenji’s and Daggeron’s confusion.  Back at their temple, the White Tribunal comments, “I have observed Koragg before.  He is a servant of evil but fights with honor.”

… I have to wonder just how much the Tribunal knows about Koragg.

Legend Mode

The five are losing the fight to Fightoe and acknowledge if they hadn’t tried to take the easy way out before with Jenji then maybe this second battle (and implicitly this whole mess) would have been avoided.  While as the Tribunal says, this is a “valuable lesson” I still feel that Imperious is partially to blame since he more or less did his best (or worst) to back the five into a situation where they felt using Jenji was their only option.


In any case, the Tribunal gives the five with Legend Mode, as seen above.  Koragg is impressed while the two Barbarian Beasts realize they’re in trouble.

“Inconceivable!” goes Jenji.  … Has he been watching The Princess Bride?  Daggeron points out, “Only the Tribunal can grant that kind of power.”

They now have Mystic Lion Staffs with codes (they’re activated almost like a rotary phone).  Code One does an elemental attack: rockslide for Xander, whirlwind for Vida, tidal wave for Madison, lightning bolt for Chip, and fire storm for Nick.

Fifty Below and Fightoe are battered, so the latter retreats.  But despite his chest piece (?) cracking, Fifty Below calls upon “ultimate ice”.  But Code Two is used, “Legend Warriors, United Formation!” in order to destroy the monster.  Daggeron and Jenji are pleased by the youths’ victory.  Even Koragg is happy, commenting as he leaves the area, “You live without honor, you fall without honor.”

Udonna and Daggeron study Legend Mode via the Xenotome, impressed by its power.  The latter points out they’ll likely need it since Imperious likely has “more tricks up his sleeve”.  That comment gets a lot more painful when you recall that Calindor’s ability to ‘think outside the box’ was once an asset to the Mystics back during the first war against the Underworld.

Ursus and New Zords

Imperious is upset with Fightoe’s cowardice and teleports them to the nether dimension so that he can use Fightoe’s life force (?) to power his latest creation: Ursus.  Despite the name, it doesn’t really look like a bear.

Once alerted by the crystal ball to the dark magic activity there, Daggeron and Jenji take the Solar Streak Megazord to the nether dimension in an effort to prevent Ursus from reaching Briarwood.  But this fails and Ursus continues to battle the Solar Streak Megazord in Briarwood where in their normal suits the Rangers see the battle.

Udonna alerts Nick that among the codes are new Megazord powers.  So they go into Legend Mode.  Nick turns into the Mystic Firebird while the other four ‘merge’ into the Mystic Lion.  The two then combine into a new Megazord, which in the following battle destroys Ursus.

More Work Ahead

They’re all delighted and Vida reminds them about the party.  Koragg, however, shows up to inform them that their alliance is over.  Madison points out it doesn’t have to be, but Koragg refutes that his only loyalty is to the Master.  Nick is down with being enemies again and reminds him that “[they’ve] got more power than ever.”

Koragg is fine with that since that’ll make his victory even better.  And although he’s apparently too nice to say so, in his eyes Legend Mode makes it a more fair fight for the Mystics and makes battling them less like kicking puppies for him.

Back at the Rock Porium, Toby is continuing to make a speech.  Wait, wait, wait.  He got rescued earlier by the Red Ranger, so how could he have ‘resumed’ his speech?  Was Toby’s presence at the battle a hiccup in the time-space continuum or something?


In any case, Toby is upset by his employees’ absence but then they show up with a cake made “the old-fashioned way with hard work”.  Apparently Toby just loves cake, since he’s just as thrilled as with the first cake.  Wait, what happened to that cake?  Did it go ‘poof’?  Is it sitting somewhere, waiting to be eaten?  I suppose they lit the candle on it by rote, since they promptly freak out when Toby decides he ought to blow it out and make a wish.


This was a solid finale to this arc.  The titular dark wish was reversed, the team learned not to take shortcuts, a new powerful mode was earned, and Koragg got a bit more nuance.  Obviously Legend Mode is the most important part of the episode that’ll carry over for the rest of the season, but I think Toby is starting to realize just how often his employees go missing, which becomes a plot point in later episodes.  LeeLee is still around, even if she’s still hasn’t gotten any character development.

The Rangers collectively learned a lesson about not taking short cuts, but they also got some attention as individuals.  Nick’s continual refusals to give up still inspire his teammates, Vida is learning to temper her battle lust with reason, Xander is learning when to let others do the talking, Madison remains very empathetic, and Chip adores being a superhero.

Most of Koragg’s hidden depths were revealed last episode, but here he continues to be honorable and he remains straightforward in his interactions with everybody.  It seems that his loyalty to the Master precludes any other bonds, besides having beings as enemies that is.  The Master himself remains off-screen.  Imperious has no moral scruples whatsoever… not that Necrolai seems to mind.


Next time on Power Rangers: Imperious puts into play a new plan to get rid of Koragg.


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