14-21: Koragg’s Trial

Imperious tries a new tactic to get rid of Koragg.

Last time on Power Rangers: The team got their powers back as well as the Legend Mode upgrade.


Sunday Morning

The episode opens with Udonna and Daggeron enjoying the quiet in Rootcore.  She was about to head out to collect some “beetle’s bane” for a potion but Daggeron offers to go get it for her.  Meanwhile Nick, the twins, and Chip are painting a mural on a wall of the Rock Porium (at least, I’m assuming so).  They’re all clad in white coveralls.  It’s hard to tell what exactly is going on with Vida’s hair as she’s wearing a pink handkerchief, but there’s definitely some red-orange streaks and the indigo from earlier seems to be gone.  As team leader (and the oldest of the lot) Nick tries to maintain order but a paint fight breaks out.  It doesn’t help that Nick is already irritable since he was supposed to have had the day off but Xander called in sick due to a cold.

Down in the Underworld, Imperious and Koragg are grumpy towards each other.  The latter forciably retrieves his magic from Necrolai and wants to take out the Rangers.  So the Rangers’ fun with the paint ends when Nick is telepathically contacted by Koragg.

The four go to the beach, where Koragg teleports in.  The Dark Wolf is disappointed there’s only four of them present, but said four quickly upgrade to Legend Mode.  However, Koragg retains the upper hand no matter what tactic the Rangers use.  They even end up back in ‘normal’ mode after the second blast.  Charging at Koragg, Nick just ends up on the ground with Koragg’s blade at his throat.

But Xander’s vine attack saves the day!  The Green Ranger is in civilian garb.  The four return to Legend Mode and take on Koragg, having gotten their second wind.  Evidently they can use code two without all five Rangers present.  Once Koragg has been felled, that’s when Xander morphs and goes into Legend Mode.  I have no idea why he didn’t do so soon.

Koragg super-sizes into the Centaurus Wolf Megazord.  The four form the Mystic Lion and Nick the Mystic Firebird and they then create the Manticore Megazord.  The battle is fairly even, but Nick’s able to ‘nudge’ Xander about feeling better for a second time.  The Red Ranger probably suspects that Xander never really had a cold; I’m more suspicious he ended up using a spell or potion to feel better.

Imperious shows up to infect the Megazord with a virus, turning it red and weakening it.  An upset Koragg approaches but doesn’t squish them like the Rangers were afraid of.  Instead, he absorbs the virus into his shield and states, “It’s wrong to leave them defenceless.”

Aggravated, Imperious teleports away.  Affirming that “I will only win with honor” Koragg departs as well.

On Trial

Storming into the central chamber of the Underworld, Koragg snarls at Imperious, “You’re a sorry excuse for a wizard!”

Imperious retorts, “It is you who will be sorry.  You have failed time after time to destroy the Power Rangers.  Perhaps there is a reason you keep failing.  I stand before the Master and charge Koragg with treason!”


A bunch of Hidiacs and Styxoids are required to hold back Koragg from rampaging, as seen above.  Necrolai is watching on with delight.  It looks like Imperious’ plan is to convince the Master that Koragg is the traitorous one and then be allowed to dole out Koragg’s punishment.  What follows is a sequence of flashbacks about the times Koragg has failed to destroy the Rangers.

Back at the Rock Porium, the four are painting while Xander is studying paint swatches in the back of Vida’s Jeep.  Nick expresses bafflement about both Xander and Koragg, stating, “Xander is… Xander.  Koragg… does anyone but me ever think about why he never finishes off a fight?”

Judging by his teammates’ reactions, they have not.  However, the show cuts back to the Underworld and the trial at this point.  More memories of Koragg letting his foes go- “Soul Specter” and “The Gatekeeper, Part 2”- are called up.  The scene of Necrolai using Koragg’s magic to easily batter the Rangers is pulled up as well; the vampire queen is mock sympathetic towards the Dark Wolf about ‘going with the flow’.

Imperious is thinking out loud when Koragg throws off the minions and then throws Imperious into the air out of sheer rage.  Koragg argues that Imperious was once Calindor and also brings up the other wizard’s dealings with the Barbarian Beasts, who attacked both the Rangers and Koragg.

Jenji’s capture by Imperious’ forces is brought up.  Apparently they don’t know about Koragg helping out the Rangers… then how do they think the Rangers got access to Fire Heart?  Imperious wants to fight Koragg but the Master does a red beam thing, tired of all this talking.  Apparently whoever defeats the Solaris Knight will be the victor and the other will be banished.

Daggeron Ambushed

Having found some beetle’s bane at last, Daggeron is collecting it when he’s attacked by Imperious as Koragg watches on.  Morphing, Daggeron however first battles Koragg in an evenly matched fight.  Udonna sees the fight in her crystal ball and contacts the five, who run off.

With Daggeron worn down by Koragg, now Imperious steps in.  But the morphed five show up at this point.  Nick and Daggeron team up to take on Imperious while the other four battle Koragg.  At Vida’s suggestion they go into Legend Mode.  Imperious and then Koragg retreat back to the Underworld.

“Next time Udonna wants some beetle’s bane, I’m sending Clare,” Daggeron half-jokes to the other Rangers.

Down in the Underworld, both dark wizards are kneeling before the Master’s hole, Koragg getting out his magic again.  Imperious blames Koragg for their failure.  The Dark Wolf snaps back, “My honor is the cornerstone of my being.  A warrior without honor cannot be trusted to protect and serve you at all costs.  Imperious has proven he is evil, but without honor, can he really be trusted?”

Imperious argues he can too be trusted.  The Master restores Koragg’s magic to him.  Koragg predicts to the other dark wizard that Imperious isn’t long for the Underworld, making him storm off.  Necrolai tries to make nice with Koragg but he rightfully doesn’t believe her.  Flashing red, Koragg has a flashback to holding a baby in a gold-trimmed red blanket to his bafflement.


Back in Briarwood, the five are concerned about the final result of the mural (it does look rather… splatter-y).  Toby comes out and adores it, so Xander takes credit.  Once their boss goes back inside, the other four go after him with paint, particularly as he’s not in white coveralls like them.


This was a Koragg-centric episode.  While the other Rangers all showed up, they had comparatively small roles here.  Clare, Phineas, and LeeLee didn’t show up at all, while Toby showed up for barely a minute at the end.  Koragg’s commitment to being honorable, even if that leaves his foes alive, is stressed here.  Frankly, he doesn’t fit in with Imperious and Necrolai’s mind-set of doing whatever it takes to have darkness win.

Even though he meant the virus to get rid of the Rangers, I think Imperious has in fact triggered the process to get rid of Koragg… but at a terrible cost for the Underworld.

The trial did invoke a mini recap sequence to showcase just how often Koragg gives mercy to his opponents, despite frequently having the upper hand in battle.  I really do suspect until they got Legend Mode, Koragg viewed the five Rangers as harmless as puppies and he’s not the puppy-kicking type.  Furthermore, he wants to win fairly or not at all.  And it’s not a fair fight when he’s so much more powerful and experienced than the five combined.  Heck, it’s been made clear he’s better than Udonna and Daggeron as well (perhaps not combined, but separately for sure).


Next time on Power Rangers: Koragg is having strange memories while Imperious and Daggeron face off.


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