14-22: Heir Apparent, Part 1

Udonna and Daggeron tell the Rangers the whole story of the first war against the Underworld just as Imperious sets a new scheme into motion, the results of which surprise everybody.

Last time on Power Rangers: Imperious put Koragg on trial, but didn’t succeed in getting rid of him.


Rivalries (Friendly and Not)

Imperious is about to try poisoning the Master when Koragg shows up.  The dark wizard drops the vial out of surprise and claims he was working on a potion.  His comment on Koragg being “such a loyal servant” makes it sound like a flaw rather than a virtue.  Once the Dark Wolf leaves the main chamber, Imperious decides he must either gain Koragg’s favour (hah) or get rid of him.

In the woods, Nick and Daggeron are doing “bound battle” training where they use wooden blades as the other Mystics and Udonna watch on.  Each has an armband on one arm; there’s a lengthy cord linking the two armbands.  Nick and Daggeron snark at each other as they train.  At one point Nick gives back Daggeron’s sword, but soon wins anyway.  Daggeron is impressed with his students’ progress.

Chip talks about how Daggeron was taught by the best and now they’re being taught by the best before accidentally name-dropping Leanbow.  Udonna is startled by Chip knowing that name.  Daggeron apologizes as does Chip, since apparently Daggeron told Chip to not mention Leanbow, which he hadn’t until now.  Daggeron suggests that it’s time to tell the Mystics the whole story.

Down in the Underworld, Imperious is giddy about his latest plan- capture the Rangers and steal their Legend Power.  Koragg has the same flashback again to his confusion.

The Great Battle

The seven end up on a spacious balcony on Rootcore.  Udonna starts to explain how before the war, she lived peacefully with her husband and their baby son.  Daggeron was mentored by Leanbow; both knights have Ancient Mystic Modes.  It’s interesting that Leanbow wears brown despite being a Red Ranger (or at least using the red wand).


Eventually a plan had to made to stop the Underworld once and for all.  Leanbow, Niella, and Daggeron were all in their Ancient Modes for the meeting; Leanbow’s can be seen in the above screen-cap.  Udonna is holding Bowen, with the other four Mystics flanking her.  These four aren’t named for whatever reason, even though given how the clip of the aftermath shown both here and in “Broken Spell, Part One” had Udonna picking up the wands, implying they died as well in the battle.

Fondly Udonna comments, “He always did things his way.”

Daggeron replies, “I remember, and it was always the honorable way.”

… Guys, shouldn’t that be a red flag?  Who else do you know who’s uber-focused about honor?  And also super powerful?  Hello?

In any case, Calindor showed up in his Ancient Mode at the meeting as well.  Udonna explains, “Bowen, born of magical blood, would have the power and the potential to stop their evil domination,” so Daggeron was put in charge of baby-sitting him.  No word on where Clare was.

The other Mystics get felled by the hordes of Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Daggeron narrates over the clip that shows him attacked by Calindor and putting down Bowen to focus on fighting the traitor.  He goes on to explain what he and Udonna learned about Bowen’s fate.


Madison interrupts to comment that her son’s alive somewhere.  The redheaded woman is still glad that Bowen is alive somewhere rather than dead as she had long believed.  On a side note, as seen above, Vida now has a reddish streak in her hair (presumably the same hairstyle as last episode).  And the screen-cap gives a good look at their uniforms, which I do love.  Udonna resumes narrating to explain what happened to end the Great Battle.  Niella spent her life force sealing the Gate with Leanbow on the other side, with him planning to take out as many foes as possible before his inevitable defeat.  She wraps up by saying, “Leanbow and Niella gave their lives to save us all.”

To be fair, Udonna was likely closest to her husband and sister.  But surely the other Mystics deserve credit as well?  Maybe she’s trying not to depress the next generation.  Yet it’d be interesting to have had her state who used to wield each wand to give the modern Mystics a connection to this past.

The Rangers have renewed determination to stop the Underworld.  Nick gets telepathically contacted by Koragg.  The five Mystics are to face off against the Dark Wolf while Daggeron finishes his fight with Imperious.  Although they’re morphed when they arrive where Koragg is in a park, they then upgrade into Legend Mode.  Yet Koragg continues to hold his own against the youths.

Forbidden Spells

Daggeron takes the Solar Train to a desert which Imperious states is “the dimension of wandering souls”.  The other man can’t help but snark, “With a name like that, how could I stay away?”

Imperious fakes guilt and remorse as he goes into Ancient Mode, kneeling down.  While wary, Daggeron is at least a little hopeful about redeeming him.  But Imperious attacks before going down to his standard form.  The pair fights briefly, with Imperious taunting Daggeron with the memory of Leanbow.  So Imperious also believes that Leanbow is dead; that’s interesting.  He then super-sizes himself, causing Jenji to panic.  Daggeron calls upon the Solar Streak Megazord.

The five are still fighting Koragg to little avail.  Back in the desert, Imperious drains the Megazord of most of its energy before flat-out stealing that power from Daggeron.  The other man is demorphed in the sand with Jenji nearby.

Imperious casts a forbidden spell to revive the souls of all the warriors Leanbow defeated and states, “I summon the Kimuda!”

A hodgepodge monster is formed, one that combines all of those warriors’ strength.  Daggeron is unnerved and matters aren’t helped when Imperious sics the monster on him.  Although I’m suspicious about whether he’s being honest, he does claim to Daggeron that his plan is to revive the Master.  Imperious blasts Daggeron again, but Jenji (in his lamp) gets between the blast and his friend.  Udonna, watching via the crystal ball, is worried.

Daggeron seemingly taken care of, the Kimuda shows up in the park.  Koragg is startled and concerned by Imperious casting a forbidden spell.  The monster easily gets the upper hand against the five and despite his concerns Koragg teleports the five down to the Underworld’s central chamber.

In their uniforms, the five are contained by Hidiacs and Styxoids.  LeeLee shows up and the Rangers discover she’s Necrolai’s daughter.  Necrolai promises LeeLee that she can keep them as her pets once their powers have been stripped from them.

Udonna casts a spell on the crystal ball to see where the Rangers are.  Learning that they’re in the Underworld, Udonna gets out “The Book of Dark Spells” to use.  Despite the probable risk of losing her magic as pointed out by Clare, Udonna is adamant she must help the Rangers.  Clare opts to help her mentor and aunt rather than let her prepare the spell/potion on her own.  I’m not sure which type of magic it is.


The five are contained by a magic spell and stone pedestals as seen above; Imperious is still claiming that the Legend power will be given to the Master.  The red eye shows up again.  When Leanbow is mentioned, Koragg recognizes the name.  As their powers are begun to be drained from them, LeeLee is visibly uneasy.  This is the first indication that her discomfort in the Underworld isn’t just due to its aesthetic.

Koragg grumbles that there’s no honor in this method.  Imperious scoffs at him and laughs evilly.  But then Udonna shows up between the spell and her students.  The Master starts blasting Udonna with red lightning-like beams and the Rangers are too weak to come to her aid.

Leanbow Again

Koragg now has multiple flashbacks containing footage seen earlier.  Remembering who he actually he is, he charges forward and saves the day to everybody else’s confusion.  Initially the Rangers think he’ll attack Udonna.  He then turns into his Ancient Mode as the spell on holding the Rangers captive on the pedestals is broken.

Everybody else: O_O

Imperious in particular is shocked.  Leanbow then turns into his now middle-aged self.  Everybody’s still confused, even Udonna as she goes, “Leanbow?”


Yeah, I love this episode just as much as I did a decade ago.  There’s some interesting backstory given here, the Imperious versus Daggeron fight is awesome, and Koragg remembers that he’s actually Leanbow.  So much awesome.

About the only thing I’d be picky about is that I’m a little sad more wasn’t learned about the other original Mystics.  For that matter, it’d be interesting to get more detail on Calindor’s fall to the dark side.  But then again, I suspect that would be an entire prequel series (or whole-episode flashback).

I didn’t mind the slightly repeated footage given how any of it seen in earlier episodes was a while back and showing Koragg remembering that footage was a clue as to his true identity.  Of course, while the viewers had long ago figured out who Koragg’s true identity, it’s somewhat plausible that the other characters didn’t figure it out.  The ones who interact with Koragg the most (the five Mystics) only learned about Leanbow this episode, while Udonna and Daggeron believed him to be dead.


I couldn’t quite work this screen-cap into the episode proper, but here’s an image of young Leanbow and Udonna.  They look so happy together.  Stupid Underworld, ruining everything.  But yes, this arc is similar to the Doggie/Insinia one in SPD.  Yet here at least both halves of the couple are fleshed out.


Next time on Power Rangers: Leanbow and the others cope with what happened to him; meanwhile, Daggeron and Imperious engage in a bound battle.


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