14-23: Heir Apparent, Part 2

There’s effectively a tug-of-war to get Koragg/Leanbow on their side.  It’s Imperious versus Daggeron, and the episode’s climax has an internal reveal.

Last time on Power Rangers: The Mystics got captured and Koragg remembered his true self- Leanbow.


Exposition Time

The episode opens with Leanbow and Udonna hugging as Nick insists in the background that it’s a trick.  Imperious claims that the Solaris Knight is dead, just as Jenji is spitting out Daggeron in the desert.  Leanbow teleports himself, Udonna, and the five Mystics out of the Underworld and to a quarry-like area in another dimension.  The Mystics, particularly Nick, are confused.  Leanbow gets why they’re mistrustful but Udonna is certain that it’s truly him.  She does, however, want to know what happened.


“My tale is so incredible I’m not sure I believe it myself,” he opens with that admittedly cheesy line.  After summing him getting sealed in the Underworld, Leanbow reveals that while he was forcing the Master into the depths, the Master was able to use the last of his powers to use dark magic to turn him into Koragg.  The spell left him with no memory of being Leanbow.  It’s stated that Imperious’ virus likely ended up undoing the memory spell.

Nick points out all the deeds he did as Koragg.  Leanbow apologizes, with Udonna arguing that there was no way for him to withstand the Master’s power.  Still, Leanbow wants to find a way to make amends and earn the Rangers’ forgiveness.  Udonna then collapses.

As Leanbow helps her up, she confesses what she did and now it’s left her effectively human.  There’s a blast due to Imperious finding them.  Despite Udonna not wanting to leave, he teleports her back to Rootcore where she collapses again to Clare’s concern.

Apparently the Kimuda is now called a Chimera.  I’m going to just roll with it.  Anyway, the monster shows up with Imperious and Necrolai as the sky grows dark overhead.  Leanbow apparently isn’t completely free of the Master’s spell, but he still manages to go into his Ancient Mode.

Morphing, the five Mystics take on the monster.  But Necrolai manages to teleport away with the still-weak Leanbow while they’re distracted.  Nick insists they don’t need his help, but his attack then backfires.


The Solaris Knight teleports in, riding an unicorn as he wields the Laser Lamp.  Chip is suitably impressed.  Daggeron introduces the unicorn as Bright Star, who can teleport between dimensions.  I’m not sure if Bright Star is special in that regard or if all unicorns can do that.  And while it’s not surprising given their youth that the five Mystics can get along with an unicorn, Xander’s flirty attitude notwithstanding, it’s definitely interesting that Daggeron can ride an unicorn.

Daggeron and Imperious battle, with everybody else soon teleporting away, causing the daylight to return.  Daggeron brings up Leanbow, but Imperious doesn’t reveal that he’s alive.  Instead, the dark wizard challenges Daggeron to a ‘real’ bound battle, which he accepts.  The show briefly cuts to the Underworld, where Necrolai drags Leanbow down to the eye, where the Master casts a spell to turn him back into Koragg.

Dual Natures


On a huge chessboard in an otherwise dark area stand Imperious and Daggeron.  Jenji exits his lamp to list the rules before they go into their Ancient Modes, as seen above.  After Jenji ‘introduces’ the two combatants, the fight begins once they’re linked together by a magical chain.  As they fight, Jenji sometimes commentates.

The Mystics are in the park when the Chimera shows back up.  Nick combines with Bright Star to form the Phoenix Unizord.  Forming the Dragon Zord, the others engage in the fight as well.  But Chimera is able to break down the Dragon and the four end up back in their uniforms.  Chimera’s heads concur that the Red Ranger is as stubborn as Leanbow and thus a suitable outlet for their rage against him.

“I’m nothing like him,” refutes Nick angrily before resuming the battle.  Then the Centaurus Wolf Megazord shows up.  Clare’s tending to a weary Udonna is interrupted when she goes to the crystal ball and despairs over Leanbow being turned back into Koragg.

Nick is now further convinced that Koragg is a liar.  He ends up using this rage to destroy the Chimera, and then starts battling Koragg.  Meanwhile, Daggeron and Imperious continue to battle in a fairly even match.

Down in the Underworld, the Master starts to rise up to the delight of Necrolai and the minions.  Nick and Koragg end up normal-sized as they continue to fight.  The other four are watching on, concerned for Nick as well as confused by how in sync Koragg and Nick are in battle.

Nick’s sword gets away from him.  In a fairly subtle call-back to last episode, Koragg insists upon Nick picking up his blade as “[he] won’t fight an unarmed opponent”.  Nick is clearly furious, making Koragg comment that he ought to learn how to control his emotions.  Instead of calming down, Nick demands to know why Koragg never took any of the many opportunities he had to destroy them.

“I know why.  Because there’s a part of him that is still good,” realizes Madison.

Xander concurs, “A part that’s still Leanbow.”

Meanwhile, Imperious cheats by using magic to get ahold of Jenji’s lamp to use against Daggeron, causing him to demorph.

“You learned nothing from [Leanbow].  I’d rather die with honor than live without it,” Daggeron states.  Imperious blasts a beam at Daggeron, who manages to break it with his blade and goes on the offensive despite being weakened (otherwise I presume he would have just morphed again).  When Daggeron lands a fatal blow, the chain magically shatters.  Before dissolving into dust, Imperious warns that his destruction will cause an unimaginable terror to be unleashed. It’s interesting that his final/true form is that of his Ancient Mode, indicating that he truly wasn’t always evil.

Family Reunion

Back in Rootcore, Udonna is despairing over the situation.  She has indeed had a rough day.  A concerned Clare tucks her in with a familiar gold-trimmed red blanket.  Having a flashback to make sure everybody in the audience knows its significance, Udonna asks Clare where she got it.  The blonde admits she got it from Nick’s backpack and she’s sure he won’t mind her borrowing it.  Elated by this epiphany, Udonna leaves to Clare’s confusion yet pleasure that her aunt is feeling better.

Nick and Koragg are still fighting in the quarry-like area (probably not the same one as earlier… or at least not meant to be).  Using Wolf Attack, Koragg causes Nick to demorph.  Udonna shows up just in time, with the other still demorphed Mystics behind her.

Udonna makes the Big Reveal that Nick is Bowen, then clarifying how she came to that conclusion.  Sheathing his blade, Koragg goes, “My… my son?”

Nick is understandably baffled, backing off when Koragg tries to touch his cheek.  Backing up a bit, Koragg returns to being Leanbow.  Chip comments, “And I thought my family reunions were weird.”


“I am your mother,” states Udonna.  Okay, so are the Darths and Droids creators Power Rangers fans?  Sorry, that’s off-topic.  In any case, she continues, “It’s true, Nick.  I knew there was a reason you came to Briarwood.  It was to fulfill your destiny- the greatest wizard of them all.”

Um, Udonna, I think you’re missing a ‘to be’ before that ‘the’.  Nick is still bemused.  But then there’s a shake and tentacles rise out of the ground.  Leanbow forces the Rangers to magically stay put, insisting that “this is my battle.  I must finish what I started.”

He goes into his Ancient Mystic Mode, he heads to battle the Master’s tentacles.  Both the Master and Leanbow sink back into the Underworld, concerning Necrolai.  Down in the depths, Leanbow vows, “This time, honor will prevail!  I summon the power of good magic!  Mystic Force Fire Strike!”

The Master induces a cave-in as a result of the attack, causing them to sink even deeper into the Underworld.  I have a vague sense of déjà vu about Gandalf and the Balrog falling through the depths of Moria.  Five magic color-coded flowers rise up and go back into the Rangers, restoring their Legend Powers.  But Udonna is sad that her husband is gone again.

For the final scene, Daggeron and Bowen Nick are on the small set of steps in Rootcore’s central room.  Nick is now even grumpier on the topic of Leanbow/Koragg.  When a happy Udonna comes in to tell her son to clean up for Leanbow’s return, Daggeron makes a quick retreat to go feed Fire Heart.

After all she’s learned in the past day, Udonna is certain that Leanbow will come home.  Nick accepts being told to clean up, amused that “two seconds” after finding his birth parents he has chores.


This was a great episode.  It’s understandable for the other Mystics to be wary of Leanbow given how they know him as their most dangerous foe Koragg.  Despite cheating, Imperious was defeated by Daggeron once and for all.  The Master nearly rose again, but Leanbow stopped him again.  There was the internal reveal of Nick’s true identity, as I suspect most viewers already knew.  A unicorn showed up!

I’m a little sad we didn’t get to see Daggeron’s reaction to what the others had learned.  So I’m going to script it out.

[Scene: Rootcore; Clare is alone when the Mystics with Udonna come in one entrance while Daggeron with Jenji’s lamp comes in another]

Daggeron: Imperious has been defeated.

Chip: Wicked!  Hey, he did mention Leanbow?

Daggeron: Just that he was an annoying mentor in his eyes.  Why?

Madison: You might want to sit down.

Clare: He didn’t die, he got cursed into being Koragg!  [hugging Nick] And I have a cousin!

Daggeron: O_O

Jenji: Say what now?!

[Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison all talk over each other, explaining what happened to Daggeron.  Udonna watches on happily as Nick awkwardly hugs Clare back.]

Daggeron: Where is he, then?

[More overlapping explanations ensue.]

… That’s totally how it went down.  Okay, so the first arc entailed Morticon.  The second, Imperious.  What’ll be the third and final arc?  Fine, I’ll tell you: the Ten Terrors (and the Master himself).


My biggest, well only, issue with this reveal is that um, Nick/Bowen looks a lot more like Daggeron than either of his parents as seen in the above screen-cap of the final scene.  It doesn’t help my doubts that so far Udonna and Chip have been the only redheaded Power Rangers.  Sam doesn’t count as his adult Ranger self turns out to have dark blond hair.  So yeah, that makes things a bit awkward for me.


Next time on Power Rangers: Nick learns about his destiny and the Ten Terrors make their introduction to Briarwood.


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