14-24: The Light

When the Ten Terrors rise up, Nick learns of his potential.

Last time on Power Rangers: There was a unicorn, Daggeron defeated Imperious, the characters learned that Nick is Bowen, and Leanbow faced off against the Master again.  Basically, a lot happened.


Ten Terrors and Toby’s Torment

Down in the Underworld, Necrolai and LeeLee are dealing with how the central chamber is now full of rubble.  LeeLee is frustrated with her mother’s antics and wants to go make friends as “[she has] tried the evil girl thing.  It’s just not [her].”  I think this implies that a lot of her actions in previous episodes were due to a façade in hopes of gaining her mother’s attention/affection.

Necrolai gets distracted when she finds “The Book of Prophecy”.  LeeLee decides to leave the Underworld, hurt that her mother doesn’t even try to convince herself otherwise.  Soon the vampire queen starts to fall deeper into the Underworld.

At the Rock Porium, Madison is moping.  Xander and Chip listen as she expresses her disappointment in herself as she feels she haven’t been doing her share.  When Chip mentions she helped Jenji, Madison refutes that was a friend thing, not a superhero thing.  The events of “Rock Solid” are also brought up.  Madison leaves, causing the two boys to high-five since they don’t realize they didn’t actually help her.

Then Toby confronts Chip, Vida, and Xander about the five’s frequent absences from the store.  I’m guessing he’s either not yet frustrated enough to fire them or he’s simply not confrontational enough to do so.  Also, Vida now has a blue-violet streak in her, as seen below.  I half-wonder if it’s a nod to Koragg/Leanbow’s sacrifice last episode.


Chip confesses, “Uh, well, it’s simple, boss.  We’re the Power Rangers, and we have to go fight the bad guys.”

Vida and Xander are understandably wide-eyed, as seen above.  Not believing Chip, Toby wanders off, still annoyed.  Chip informs his friends that “the truth is always the hardest to believe.”

I do appreciate that the five living a double life has actual consequences.  Plus, I wonder if Toby at least subconsciously blames Nick as his arrival was around the time his more long-term employees started to act weird.  As far he knows, Nick has always been like this.

The Ten Terrors

Daggeron, the five, and Clare have all been called to Rootcore’s central room.  As Udonna praises everybody, ending with Nick, he clues in that she’s planning to leave.  She reveals that she’s going on a quest to find her husband and bring him home.  When the others offer aid, she refuses since they’re needed in Briarwood and Rootcore.  I wonder then, if Udonna feels unnecessary without her magic.

Necrolai has found the chamber of the Ten Terrors, whose natural state is apparently super-sized.  The vampire queen reports that the Light has been found, Imperious is gone, and the Master has been sealed away again.  After some initial snubbing of Necrolai, the Terrors decide to fight anybody who’s against dark magic.  Necrolai is excited about these new allies.


Toby is talking to himself about how awesome it is that his employees have stuck around for five hours when their morphers chime and they bolt.  He comments, “[It was] too good to be true.  I’m gonna have to do something about this.”  His aggravated face is amazing, as seen above.

Still in their civilian garb, the five go elsewhere in Briarwood.  Everything grows dark and weird dark magic occurs.  A multi-tiered platform or possibly a giant set of stairs starts to rise up.  Chip is concerned that “now this- this could really be the end of the world.”


Daggeron shows up just in time to see the Ten Terrors show up.  When he admits that he’s never seen anything like this before, Xander is not okay with that.  Their names are listed off: Black Lance, Megahorn, Iron Sculpin, Itassis, Serpentina, Hekatoid, Oculous, Magma, Matoomba, and Gekker.  They demand to be given the Light.

Morphing, the five then go into Ancient Mode and then form the Manticore Megazord.  To say it goes poorly is an understatement, Daggeron going over to them once they’re felled and back in civilian garb.  I suspect he was face-palming at their impetuosity off-screen during that battle.  The Ten Terrors retreat back to the Underworld, the sky returning to normal.

The Titular Being and the Rules of Darkness

Out in the woods, Nick is playing fetch with Fire Heart when Phineas shows up.  When the troblin picks up on Nick’s bad mood, the Red Ranger insists it’s not about his father.  Phineas’ ensuing commentary about Leanbow aggravates Nick.  When Phineas turns to go, Nick asks him about the Light.

Phineas reveals that Bowen is the Light due to his father being a powerful warrior and his mother a powerful sorceress.  It’s a bit awkward when he sidesteps how exactly Bowen came into existence as this is a G-rated show.  He has the potential to be the “most powerful wizard” ever and to destroy the darkness once and for all.  Before leaving, Phineas gives Nick a hug.  Fire Heart then returns with a felled tree rather than the branch Nick threw at the beginning of the scene.

Down in the Underworld, Necrolai watches the selection ceremony occur with the Stone of Judgment.  Magma is chosen to battle the Rangers.  The sky darkens (although it soon returns to normal for whatever reason- presumably lightning Doylist ones) as Magma shows up and sets fire to a signal tower as a timer.

The Solar Streak Megazord shows up battle him.  Magma easily stops the Megazord and shrinks down to combat the Solaris Knight.  The Laser Lamp has no effect on Magma, but the Terror’s attacks do hurt Daggeron.  Unmorphed, the five Rangers show up to join the fight.  Despite being outnumbered, Magma has the upper hand so much so that he teleports away.

Back in Rootcore, the five start squabbling amongst themselves.  Daggeron calls them out on acting like “spoiled children” and that they must be a “unified force” to stand a chance against the Ten Terrors.  The signal tower has burned down so Magma, still small, returns to use the “volcanic force” spell to create a huge orb of lava.

Magma gets knocked down by a blast from the Rangers in Legend Mode, undoing the spell.  A ‘game’ is set up by Magma, including him setting another signal tower on fire.  At first Magma still has the upper hand, blasting down the Rangers.  Madison refuses to lose because if the Rangers lose so does the world.  Her tidal wave is effective against Magma in a case of ‘water beats fire/lava’.  But the Terror simply super-sizes so the Manticore Megazord is formed again.

But then the other signal tower burns out so Iron Sculpin sends an attack that destroys Magma as he lost the game.  Nick is unnerved by the Terrors destroying one of their own, but Magma promises before he dissolves that “this is just the beginning”.  Apparently “the rules of darkness” must be followed otherwise the Master won’t return.  Necrolai is delighted that the Master could still return.

Walking in the park, the other Rangers give Madison kudos.  She in particular is in a playful mood.  But then they return to the Rock Porium where Toby reveals he’s hired a new employee… LeeLee.

The Rangers flail (presumably having clued into her real role back in “Stranger Within” as well as simply due to her being Necrolai’s daughter) but can’t explain any of this to Toby.  Once he leaves, LeeLee suggests that “you keep my secret, I keep yours” before winking.


In the woods, in a simplified but still white outfit Udonna is trekking along.  She suspects somebody might be following her… and in the squabbling scene Xander arrives late to ask if anybody has seen Clare lately.


I’m now three-quarters done with Mystic Force.  All the pieces are set up for the final mini-arc before the grand finale: Leanbow is missing, the Rangers are powerful enough and competent enough to handle most threats, and the Ten Terrors are in play with Imperious gone.  I have to wonder how exactly Imperious knew that his defeat would trigger their entrance in the battle for the surface world.  But the Ten Terrors make their introduction to Briarwood and the Mystics here.

Nick learns he’s the Light, potentially the most powerful wizard of all.  But he’s still reeling from learning his birth parents’ identities.  Reeling from the same discovery and the loss of her magic, Udonna has set out to find Leanbow.  It’s not revealed here what’s going on with him.  Madison feels like the weak link of the team (possibly an unintended nod to how Billy was physically the weak link for the original six Rangers) but she got a chance to shine against Magma.

Toby has become fed up with his employees’ frequent disappearances.  Unaware that Chip spoke the truth, he hires LeeLee in response… just after the Rangers have learned of her heritage.  Even though LeeLee isn’t interested in being evil (anymore or maybe she never was), she’s still not exactly nice (yet).


Next time on Power Rangers: When Oculous hunts the Rangers, Nick must learn to harness Fire Heart’s power.


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