14-25: The Hunter

When his teammates are zapped away by Oculous one by one, Nick must bond with Fire Heart to stop this Terror.

Last time on Power Rangers: The Ten Terrors announced their presence and Nick learned about his destiny as the Light.


“The Cunning Hunter”

It’s a usual day at the Rock Porium when it’s revealed that Nick is the winner of the “first ever rockployee award”.  It’s a bunch of trophies stuck together with a guitar as the centerpiece.  Huh, that’s unexpected.  Well, it is possible that out of the five Nick is the most reliable/productive… when he’s around.  Nick gives kudos to his friends, making a point to exclude LeeLee who Vida ensures is at the back of the crowd.  Madison in particular is pleased for him.  Nick expresses pleasure at having stuck around long enough in one place to make friends.

Down in the underworld, the selection ceremony occurs and Oculous is chosen.  Necrolai says the section header when musing to herself about the Terror.  Megahorn and Serpentina are frustrated about having to play by the rules.

Nick and Daggeron are feeding Fire Heart in the woods when the latter warns Nick that the Terrors will be after him in particular and is hopeful that in time he’ll realize his connection to Fire Heart.  Skeptical, Nick leaves.  Daggeron decides he and Jenji should go to the opaque dimension for training.

Udonna is trying and failing to light a fire the human way.  From behind a tree, Clare manages to cast a spell to light the sticks.  But this reveals her presence to her aunt.


Back at the Rock Porium, the five are understandably skeptical about LeeLee’s claim that she just wants to be their friend.  On the one hand, I do feel sorry for LeeLee even though I don’t think she has quite realized the extent of her own misdeeds or even her mother’s.  But for that reason among others, I can see where the Rangers would be mistrustful of her.  When their morphers chime they leave, dumping their tasks upon her.  Well, except Xander, who apologizes for not being able to supervise her.

They arrive already morphed (but not in Legend Mode).  Oculous offers to spare the others if the Red Rangers surrenders to him.  When they refuse, Oculous tells them his game- to democularize the other four by sundown or he’ll lose- and teleports away.  The Terror starts to blast at them in all directions, injuring Nick in the leg.  I’m guessing these aren’t full-strength zap-away blasts, then.

Megahorn and Serpentina are plotting while the other Terrors are distracted.  As the five Rangers run through Briarwood, Xander gets blasted and vanishes in red flecks.

Stronger Together


Udonna wants Clare to go back to Rootcore, but the blonde refuses and points out she’s the one with magic now.  Furthermore, Clare wants to help her find Leanbow.  I think Udonna appreciates how her niece is growing up as well as getting some back-up for what will likely be a dangerous quest.  Serpentina is still down in the Terrors’ chamber but Megahorn is missing to the concern of Itassis.  The four remaining Rangers decide to teleport out of Briarwood.

Daggeron and Jenji are practicing hand-to-hand when a giant Megahorn shows up.  Jenji goes back in his lamp and Daggeron morphs before forming the Solar Streak Megazord.  The Terror easily gets the upper hand against Daggeron and soon they’re doing a regular-sized battle.  Necrolai arrives to watch from a cliff top as Megahorn continues to batter Daggeron.  I have to wonder why exactly the Laser Lamp is so ineffective against the Terrors.  Megahorn gets in a bad pun by saying “time to say good night” in his fight against Daggeron while Necrolai schemes to get the Terror in trouble by telling the others.

In the woods, the four are on the move.  It’s revealed here that apparently Chip does role-playing games, because of course he does.  Oculous dissolves a bunch of trees, taking away their cover.  When Vida gets zapped, the trio must flee as Phineas watches from behind a tree that didn’t get zapped.

Necrolai reports to Iron Sculpin and Itassis, worrying them.  The trio is in an alley, presumably in Briarwood.  Nick is starting to think of surrendering to save his teammates.  Matters aren’t helped when Madison takes a blast meant for Nick.

Megahorn is battering Daggeron still.  When he goes into Ancient Mystic Mode, Daggeron manages to land a blow that weakens the Terror.  Megahorn starts up a massive spell which never reaches Daggeron.  Itassis shows up, having stopped the spell.

Chip is theorizing about Oculous’ tactics when Nick again expresses a desire to surrender in order to save his friends.  The two guys are now in uniform rather than morphed as well as being in a forest again.  The redhead points out that is not what they’d want him to do and then gets zapped himself.

Itasssis is defending Daggeron from Megahorn as she knows the potential consequences of breaking the rules of darkness.  When she threatens to destroy Megahorn herself, he departs.  Although she claims she didn’t do that to help him, before leaving herself Itassis alerts Daggeron that his apprentices are in serious trouble.  But then he isn’t seen for the rest of the episode.  Maybe he got stuck trying to figure where they went…?

A New Mode

Nick calls out for Oculous, agreeing to give himself up in order to save his friends.  But Phineas tackles Nick out of the blast’s way to Nick’s annoyance.  The troblin points out that Nick is the Light, key to destroying the Underworld.  Ergo everything and everyone is at risk if he surrenders.  When Nick remains confused, Phineas asks what his heart is telling him.

That inspires a flashback of Daggeron’s earlier advice, inspiring Nick.  Thanking Phineas, Nick then morphs into his Legend Mode.


And then he goes to the lake and castle (now partially in ruins) from the first scene of the series, the one with a young Udonna.  I really want to know this location’s significance.  A smug Oculous shows up, and then Necrolai and a bunch of Hidiacs and Styxoids teleport up as well.

Calling upon Fire Heart, Nick starts to ride the dragon.  Apparently Fire Heart usually has blue flames in battle, which makes sense as they’re hotter than red/orange ones.  The two then merge into the Red Dragon Fire Ranger, which has retractable wings.  Nick is now apparently comfortable with his role as the Light.


A lengthy battle ensues of Nick versus the horde of minions.  It becomes increasingly clear that it’s only taking a while due to the sheer quantity of Hidiacs and Styxoids.  After finishing off the minions, Nick is warmed up to take on Oculous and get back his friends.  The ensuing battle doesn’t take along and the Terror is destroyed (apparently Necrolai left or something).  A huge explosion occurs behind Nick, as seen above, when that occurs.  The other four Rangers are then restored somewhere in the forest.  Their reunion with Nick isn’t shown, alas.

Iron Sculpin stresses to the remaining Terrors that no one else is to break the rules of darkness.  The five Mystics return to a clean store and a worn-out LeeLee.  Toby decides that after all of her work today, LeeLee in fact deserves the rockployee award.  While I’m not sure that’s necessarily fair, I will acknowledge it’s more likely LeeLee did deserve the award.  LeeLee tells the five that she’s determined to stay in Briarwood and the Rock Porium in general.  I’m not sure why, since it did seem like in earlier episodes she mostly hung around to spy on the five for her mom.  Maybe it was the only place that would hire her and she needs money to survive now?


Nick got a new mode this episode, and it looks totally awesome as well as boosts his powers.  It’s also already in the opening credits.  He’s also coming to terms with his role as the Light.  However, a weakness of his is also seen here: if those he cares about are endangered, his morale weakens.  Clare is also coming into her own in regards to magic- possibly as a parallel to her cousin (although that connection hasn’t been brought up yet).  She and Udonna are now a team in search of Leanbow.

LeeLee is trying to carve out a new life for herself but matters aren’t helped by the fact the Rangers are aware of her true identity.  I have to wonder how much better things would have gone for her if the Rangers hadn’t known about her mom being Necrolai… then again, they would have then reacted really badly once they found out.  Maybe this is the better scenario for everybody involved.

This is the fourth and final disc, with only seven episodes left of the season!  Wait.  Operation Overdrive is next… uh-oh.


Next time on Power Rangers: Nick and Vida must work together to stop Serpentina.


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