8-13: Ryan’s Destiny

Ryan is left unsure whether he has any good left in him.

Last time on Power Rangers: The truth behind the Mitchells’ car crash years ago was revealed.


At a Loss

Ryan visits the Aquabase only to tell his father of his intentions to leave.  After his years with the demons Ryan is afraid he doesn’t have “any good” left in him.  Basically he wants to go on a quest of self-discovery.

Getting out a shiny box from a desk drawer, Captain Mitchell goes after his son in the hallway.  In contrast, he’s confident Ryan has “an ocean of goodness” in him.  Yeah, I don’t get that phrase either.  Once Ryan knows that too, he wants him to open up the box, which he gives to him.  Dana shows up just as the elevator doors are closing on Ryan.  Her brother doesn’t say anything to her, which indicates he’s even less sure how to reconnect with his sister than his father.  I’m not sure why he just shakes his head at her.  The credits now include Ryan.

Down in the stepped pyramid, Bansheera is upset with Diabolico and threatens to put Impus in charge, an idea which intrigues Vypra.  Both Loki and Diabolico are grumpy, the latter at the chance of losing his ‘star power’.  I’m sure that’ll be a later plot point.  In response Diabolico calls up the last three monsters he has.  He commands them to destroy the Power Rangers.  They start to spread white feathers that evidently can explode throughout Mariner Bay.

Siblings and Buses and Feathers

One such feather lands in front of Ryan, who picks it up curiously.  He’s near a busy playground.  A ball lands at his feet, a boy coming over to retrieve it.  Apparently his little sister “can’t throw very well”.  While his sister’s name is later revealed as Katie, the boy’s name (Jimmy) is only revealed in the closing credits.


Ryan suggests that he teach to throw better and speaks from experience when he tells Jimmy if she wasn’t around he’d miss her.  But Jimmy just goes, “Nah.”  As a gift for Katie, Ryan hands over the feather, which the boy does give to her when he goes back to the playground.

Upon reaching the bus terminal, Ryan realizes he has no clue where to go.  Sitting on a bench, the older lady next to him asks where he’s going.  When Ryan admits he doesn’t know, she advises him, “Follow your heart.  You’ll end up just where you’re supposed to be,” before winking and departing.

When the alarm blares, the five end up taking the Jeep to where the trio of monsters are.  They arrive already morphed to battle the monsters.  But the trio ends up with the upper hand.  And then they decide to reveal their scheme… which is a bad idea.  They even reveal that to stop the feathers from exploding come nightfall the Rangers must defeat all three of them.

Back at the Aquabase, Captain Mitchell orders a “city wide alert”.  Meanwhile, the Rangers are still struggling against the monsters.  At the park the kids’ mom picks them up.  Ryan is still at the bus terminal, still confused.

Overhearing and then watching the news report on the feathers, Ryan promptly has a flashback.  I’m not sure if they’re padding the episode or if they think their audience’s memories are that short.  After a momentary internal struggle Ryan runs off.

There’s chaos in the city as cops and firefighters carefully pick up the feathers.  Meanwhile, the Rangers continue to struggle against the three monsters.  Ryan’s still running as the sun begins to set.  The Rangers manage to set up a situation where they use the Unilaser but even that doesn’t slow down the three monsters.

The siblings are telling their mom about their day when Ryan finally finds them and saves them.  While the Rangers get blasted and demorph, Ryan is thanked by the trio before they resume heading home.  Pleased with himself, Ryan flashbacks to his earlier conversation with his dad (show, stop it) and opens the box the Captain gave him.

Joining the Team

Ryan arrives at the warehouse just in time save the Rangers from being blasted yet again by the monsters.  I’m not sure how he found them, but whatever.  The monsters consider him a traitor.  Ryan morphs into the Titanium Ranger and takes on the three monsters.  His power is showcased by him easily having the upper hand in the battle, causing the trio to retreat.

Angela reports that there’s a little damage and that “no one was hurt” to Captain Mitchell back in the Aquabase.  Ryan demorphs and the siblings hug.  Dana comments, “I hope you never leave again.”

“I won’t, little sister.  This is exactly where I’m supposed to be,” Ryan assures her.


Once they’re back in the Aquabase, Ryan is given a Lightspeed Rescue jacket of his own.  Dana is certain that with them around, Diabolico can’t hurt her brother.  Everybody’s delighted that he’s joined the team.

But that night, Ryan has a nightmare where he’s back in the stepped pyramid and Diabolico puts a cobra tattoo on his back.  The demon explains that it’s magical and will move up his back each time he morphs until it reaches his neck and destroys him.  Jinxer, Vypra, and Loki are watching on smugly.  Waking up, Ryan goes to the bathroom to check his back… and the tattoo is on it.


This episode was a bit weak.  While Ryan probably did have issues to work through after having been manipulated by the demons for over a decade, I’m not sure how well that topic was covered here.  The two flashbacks were not necessary, as they were from earlier this very episode.  Jimmy and Katie mostly existed for Ryan to care about and to help him realize just how much he missed/misses his own little sister.

I am glad he and Dana seem to be reconnecting, but it looks like Ryan won’t be getting much of a chance to do so.  Diabolico wants Ryan destroyed if the human won’t work with him.  Of course, matters aren’t helped by the fact that he’s losing favor with Queen Bansheera as he keeps failing to destroy Mariner Bay.

Everybody besides Ryan was more or less side-lined this episode.  As a group, they didn’t have much luck with the three monsters whereas Ryan did.  I’m a bit surprised the power gap is that large between them.  Or maybe Ryan is also better trained in fighting demons in addition to having a more potent morpher, given how he likely grew up training against them.


Next time on Power Rangers: Ryan must deal with the consequences of the cobra tattoo.


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