14-27: The Snow Prince

The Snow Prince, the mentor of the original Mystics, makes his appearance.

Last time on Power Rangers: Nick and Vida overcame their shared stubbornness to defeat Serpentina and save their teammates.


Okay, so both the DVD inner cover and DVD menu call this episode “The Snow Prince”.  AND the episode itself does so as well.  I was under the impression that all of Mystic Force’s episode titles were two words just like SPD has one word titles, Operation Overdrive has three word titles, and Jungle Fury had four word titles.  The theme represents Bruce Kalish’s reign as executive producer for those four seasons.  Apparently this episode is the exception to that rule.  And some sites on the show/series misled me into thinking this episode was just entitled “Snow Prince”.  Okay then…

In any case, the remaining Terrors have a meeting about Leanbow and them needing to stop him so that the Master can rise again.

Student and Teacher

Nick and Daggeron are doing hand-to-hand combat training in the woods.  Daggeron wants to strictly follow the rules but Nick wants to “follow his gut” at times.  Their debate is stopped when they’re suddenly teleported to a snowy place with a black backdrop.  Daggeron explains that this is the realm of the Snow Prince, who mentored the original Mystics.


Said being teleports in.  He’s in shades of light blues, with spikes framing his face.  I’m not sure why they number more than six (the number of ‘spikes’ for snowflakes).  Daggeron kneels and nudges Nick into doing the same as he does so.  Nick still goes by that name opposed to Bowen.

The Snow Prince feels that one of them “has strayed off the path of knowledge”.  Thinking it’s Nick, Daggeron tries to defend him by going, “Don’t be hard on him, teacher.  Nick is very bright, but sometimes a little headstrong”.

“No, Daggeron, it is you who needs a lesson,” the Ancient (?) corrects him.  He wants the pair to switch roles for a day and then teleports them back to the woods.  Nick cracks up but Daggeron is cranky about being demoted back to student… particularly with his mentor’s son as teacher.

The selection ceremony is held and Megahorn is chosen at last to his triumph.  Meanwhile, Nick wants to give Daggeron a motorcycle riding lesson.  To his amusement, the older man does poorly.

Elsewhere in the woods, Udonna and Clare are continuing their quest.  The redhead can now sense Leanbow’s presence nearby.  Hmm.  I wonder if this is meant to be a clue that maybe Udonna isn’t as magic-less as she thinks she now is.

Iron Sculpin goes back to the Lake of Lament, summoning Leanbow again to show him a vision of Megahorn about to attack Briarwood.

Megahorn Means Mega Trouble

Daggeron returns to Nick, a mess and more irritated than ever.  Nick’s morpher chimes, because Megahorn is indeed about to attack Briarwood, going, “Look upon me and tremble!”

Both the Manticore Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord are formed.  Daggeron flashbacks back to his fight with Megahorn in “The Hunter”.  Nick encourages his fellow Rangers, but Daggeron wants to have a plan before attacking.  The five attack anyway with no impact upon Megahorn.  The Terror’s attack causes them to de-Titan-ize and be in standard mode opposed to Legend Mode.  Nick rallies them into creating the Dragon Formation.

Daggeron is unnerved as they resume fighting, Megahorn flying off.  Nick is determined to find Megahorn’s weak spot and attacks again, but Nick falls down in his uniform, demorphing.  Iron Sculpin is still showing Leanbow the scene in an effort to get him to abandon his efforts of preventing the Master from rising.  Daggeron, also back in uniform, approaches Nick and tries to scold him, frustrated with both him and the Snow Prince.  After another attack, the others fall down and demorph as well.

Small as well, Megahorn approaches but is then attacked by an off-screen figure.  Not going to lie, I was surprised that it was the Snow Prince and not Leanbow.  Chip is awed, since he knows who that is (possibly via Daggeron or maybe tomes).  The Snow Prince expresses disappointment in Daggeron.

Megahorn and the Snow Prince engage in the battle, seemingly evenly matched.  Back at the Lake of Lament, Iron Sculpin is still trying to convince Leanbow to go to his son’s aid and then claims that dark magic will ultimately be victorious.  But Leanbow is unbending in his convictions.

The Snow Prince decides to teleport himself and Megahorn to his realm, where his powers are stronger.  But first he asks for the Mystics’ aid (excluding Daggeron).  Everybody but Daggeron is teleported away.

Having returned to the Terrors’ chamber, Iron Sculpin decides to send Black Lance to the surface world.  Both Itassis and Matoombo are concerned by this decision.  I think this is the first time the latter has spoken.  Meanwhile, the Snow Prince and the five in Legend Mode are fighting Megahorn in the snowy realm.


Daggeron is sulking up against a well which Phineas pops out of.  The fish ‘Carl’ squirms out of the troblin’s hands to his annoyance, as he’d been fishing to finally catch that fish in particular.  When Daggeron grumbles about Nick’s antics, Phineas points out he’s just like his dad.  The example listed in particular is him going up against the Master alone.  Daggeron is offended when Phineas suggests that maybe Leanbow wasn’t all there mentally.  I’ll agree that’s ablist, but I think Daggeron was upset by it being his idolized mentor Leanbow’s mental health in question.

He states that Leanbow is incredibly brave and his son is just as brave.  Having a light bulb moment about Nick (and Leanbow) doing things their own way, Daggeron goes, “Phineas, you wise old soul,” before leaving.  Phineas is just confused.

Weak Spots

Megahorn has managed to teleport everybody to the edges of a quarry and blasts the six.  As the Snow Prince tries to rally the group, Daggeron shows up on his magic carpet ready to fight.  The Snow Prince fakes being angry and Daggeron reveals he’s learned that sometimes you do have to follow your gut.  The Ancient grumbles about how slow students can be and that’s why he retired.  Daggeron apologizes for being pig-headed and the Snow Prince tells him, “Now go teach [Megahorn] a lesson.”

Silently morphing, Daggeron has his rematch with Megahorn as the others watch on.  Itassis remains concerned but Iron Sculpin  gives Necrolai a red scale as part of a task.  Going into Ancient Mystic Mode, Daggeron multi-blasts Megahorn to discover the Terror’s weak spot after a flashback of Nick trying to do that earlier.

Pleased, the Snow Prince returns to his own realm.  Daggeron fells Megahorn.  The group reunites, where Nick and Daggeron affirm their bond.  However, Megahorn returns super-sized.  The five go back into Legend Mode to form the Manticore Megazord and Daggeron forms the Solar Streak Megazord.

To Leanbow’s concern, the sky there darkens and turns purple.  I think it’s from wherever he actually is.  Black Lance shows up to help out his fellow Terror.  Iron Sculpin is pleased with dark magic’s odds of victory now.  Calling upon his chariot, Black Lance batters the Manticore Megazord as the chariot is too fast for them to keep up with.

Leanbow (still in Koragg’s armor) shows up to their rescue in his super-sized centaur mode, making Iron Sculpin smug.  Once the chariot is destroyed, the Centaurus Wolf Megazord is formed (as apparently Leanbow retains Koragg’s bond to Catastros).  As Black Lance and Leanbow fight, Necrolai sends the scale to land on Leanbow before they teleport away.

Daggeron manages to set things up for the Manticore Megazord to hit the Terror’s weak spot before Furnace Blast is used to finish him off.  Although the remaining five Terrors are concerned, their numbers now halved, it’s revealed that the scale was a tracker to find where Leanbow (and ergo the Master) is hiding.

As Daggeron improves his motorcycling driving, Nick is trying to learn how to fly Daggeron’s magic carpet.  He’s amused by how Nick wobbles.


Udonna and Clare have reached the Lake of Lament, where the redhead can sense Leanbow more clearly than ever.  Clare thinks she can sense something as well.  But then Hekatoid blasts Clare into unconsciousness and captures Udonna.


This was a great episode.  Daggeron learned to be more open-minded in his tactics, with some ‘encouragement’ from the titular being.  The Snow Prince was revealed to have mentored the original Mystics before retiring (presumably before the war with the Underworld began).  With each bit of information revealed, I want a prequel series about the first war even more.  Also, is there a Snow King/Queen or is the Prince part of his name an honorary title?

While never spelled out, the episode centered around the Rangers finding Megahorn’s physical weak spot while the Iron Sculpin managed to manipulate Leanbow’s emotional one: his son.  Plus, Udonna’s need to find her husband has now gotten her captured by the Terrors.

Daggeron figures out that learning never ends here and that teachers can in fact learn from their students.  Nick’s courage and determination were also seen here.  It’s mostly in a positive context, but Nick continues to insist upon being Nick and Nick alone rather than acknowledging his birth name of Bowen.  While understandable to a degree, I suspect it’s influenced by his lingering mistrust of his birth father.  Even if, as continually underscored, they are very much alike.  Or maybe that’s why Nick is uncomfortable about his birth dad.

Phineas continues to unintentionally inspire the Rangers.  Not the Rock Porium, Toby, or LeeLee were involved at all while the other four Rangers were on the fringes of the episode.

Just five episodes left!


Next time on Power Rangers: Udonna has been captured and an unusual team forms to come to her rescue.


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