1-55: Second Chance

Rita sends down the Soccadillo monster to fight the Rangers.

Last time on Power Rangers: Kimberly had to leave the titular game show early due to Rita’s scheming.


Soccer Tryouts

The episode opens with Ernie posting the results of the junior soccer league tryouts.  Jason and Zack watch on in amusement (and possibly with fond memories) as the kids crowd around the paper once it’s been pinned on the corkboard.  Ernie comes over to them, upset that not all of the kids qualified and they can’t get a- title drop!- second chance.  One kid, Roger, is particularly upset by not qualifying for a team.  Zack points out the obvious: Ernie can in fact do that.  Happily Ernie decides to do a second round of tryouts.

Up in the moon fortress, Rita and Goldar are inspired by these events.  Finster starts to energize the “soccadillo monster ball” for use against the Rangers.

Bulk and Skull are in the school hallway.  Their antics go ignored by Tommy and his teammates.  The six are pleased about the second chance being given to the kids and bring up the idea of mentoring Roger to improve his skills before the tryouts.


Zack starts to mess around with a soccer ball but then Bulk and Skull brag they’re great at soccer.  As seen above, the other Rangers are not impressed.  Also, Billy is back in overalls!  Despite Trini’s reminder that soccer isn’t a hallway activity, Bulk messes around with a ball.  As the ball bounces around, Tommy’s communicator gets hit as does Miss Applebee.  Ultimately Bulk gets a ball to the chest.

The five core Rangers go help Miss Applebee, who gives Bulk and Skull detention.  Kimberly checks that she’ll meet up with Tommy after first period (for what, I don’t know).  As Bulk and Skull swagger off, Tommy’s communicator beeps as it’s not on the fritz.  It continues to beep during class, and Miss Applebee ends up confiscating his ‘pager’.

Soccadillo Shows Up

After school, Jason and Zack train Roger in the park.  Rita is impatient to send down the monster but Goldar points out that it’s not fully charged yet.  He suggests sending down Putties to wear them down first.  Jason and Zack are doing their best to improve Roger’s admittedly poor skills.

Then the Putties show up.  Roger goes to hide behind a tree as the minions approach.  Despite the monster not being ready yet, Rita insists upon sending it down.  Jason and Zack are bemused by how the Putties play ball with the giant, scaly orb.


Zack: Jason, do you see what I see?

Jason: I’m seeing it.  I’m just not believing it.  Do Putties play soccer?

… Is that another tie-in to the MCU, in this case, The Avengers?  Seriously, are some of the people in the MCU writing department Power Rangers fans?

In any case, the two get out of the way when the ball rolls towards them, but it just rolls back at them.  Jason and Zack realize this is not a joking matter and jump over the ball when it tries again to roll over again.  The Putties continue to mess around with the giant ball.  At one point Jason punches it and Zack kicks it.

The girls and Billy are having a snack at the Gym and Juice Bar when their communicators go off, bemusing Ernie when he hears them.  Alpha alerts them about the others’ situation and they’re teleported to a spot that’s close by but not so close that Roger will see them teleport in.

They do so, with Trini deciding to stick near Roger in case any Putties decide he’d be an easier target (well, she doesn’t say that second bit, but I’m reasonably sure that’s her concern).  A rock song plays over the four’s battle with the Putties and the ball.

Annoyed by how the monster hasn’t defeated the Rangers yet, Rita has both it and the Putties teleport away.  Roger is suitably impressed by the teens’ capabilities.  I’m not quite sure where Roger goes at this point, possibly home, because the next scene has the five in the Command Center being briefed by Zordon on the soccadillo.

Zordon warns them that Rita is still feeding it energy to make it more powerful as time goes by.  Alpha reports that he can’t contact Tommy, which worries Zordon as in a change from previous episodes he wants the Green Ranger from the get-go in the battle.

Tommy finds his way back to Miss Applebee’s room, where Bulk and Skull are amusing themselves in detention via sumo thumb wrestling, in an effort to get back his communicator.

Despite Tommy’s absence, the five morph and head to the quarry where they encounter the Soccadillo outside of its ‘ball’ mode.  The monster quickly gets the upper hand.

Back at the school, Tommy asks for his pager back, using “please” and puppy dog eyes.

Soccadillo’s Inevitable Defeat

Rallying to “tower formation” the five blast at the Soccadillo, who goes into ball mode to prevent the attack from damaging him.  Putties show up with sizable rocks to kick at the five, further battering them.  Soccadillo in ball mode gets kicked by the Putties at the Rangers.

Having gotten his communicator back, Tommy gets into contact with Alpha about the situation.  Morphing, Tommy heads to the quarry to take on Soccadillo.  With his presence, the Rangers gain the upper hand in the battle so Rita super-sizes the monster.

The five call upon their Dinozords and form the Megazord with barely a nod to tank mode.  Tommy plays the Dragon Flute to call upon Dragonzord.  The two team up to fight Soccadillo, with Zack reminding Jason to wait until the monster is out of ball mode to use the Power Sword.  When Soccadillo does unroll the Zords approach but apparently Soccadillo has eye lasers.  Okay then.

Jason still manages to call upon the Power Sword to use to destroy Soccadillo.  It looked like he could have had time to go into ball mode but didn’t for some reason.  Surely if he had panicked his instinct would have been to go into ball mode.  Maybe he was shocked into immobility?  Up in the moon fortress Rita is furious with Goldar, Finster, Baboo, and Squatt.

The four show up at the Gym and Juice Bar in time to learn the new tryout results.  Roger made it to his and the team’s joy.  Apparently Ernie made a second team in order to fit everybody, and Roger will be captain of this second team since practice so improved his skills (not that we really got to see that…).

Bulk and Skull scorn the idea of practicing in order to become good at something.  But Skull fails worse than Bulk at using a soccer ball due to having slime on his hand.  Everybody else is amused.


A part of me wished the training montage had lasted a little longer to get a better grasp of Roger’s improvement, but then again it’s not like Roger will ever be seen again.  Also, it looks like most of the episode’s events were all in the same day following the opening scene.  Ernie is apparently not comfortable with having to whittle down participants in a sport.  Bulk and Skull continue to be jerks.

I wonder if the Soccadillo would have been even more effective had Rita been patient enough to wait for the monster to be fully charged before sending it down to Earth.  While the Rangers are awesome, I suspect sometimes their victories are helped along by the sheer incompetence of their villains.

Given how Tommy’s communicator was on the fritz (hopefully to be fixed by Billy in the near future), I wonder if part of why Miss Applebee gave it back is because it kept beeping for no reason throughout the day and she couldn’t get it to work (admittedly that’s a good thing here).  But basically she realized it was legitimately broken and thus it wasn’t fair to Tommy to keep it away since there was no way for him to stop it.  Though I don’t know why he didn’t just put it in his backpack before class, along the lines of what he did in “A Star is Born”.  Maybe it didn’t occur to him?

There are just five episodes left until it’s time to start the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!


Next time on Power Rangers: Rita uses magic to pit Jason and Tommy against each other.


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