8-15: Strength of the Sun

When his teammates end up struggling against Falkar and Thunderon, Ryan uses the Max Solarzord at great risk to himself in order to rescue them.

Last time on Power Rangers: Carter and Captain Mitchell learned about Ryan’s cursed cobra tattoo.


Star Power

Down in the demon pyramid, Bansheera expresses her displeasure with Diabolico but gives him one final chance before she gives his “star power” to Impus.  Then the demon queen leaves… where and why I’m not sure about.  Thinking the baby is a spoiled brat, Diabolico wants to destroy him but Jinxer shows up before he can act on his intentions.

Loki and Vypra enter the main chamber as well.  Diabolico apparently wants to keep using Falkar and Thunderon in his efforts to destroy the Power Rangers.  It’s later clarified that Thunderon is the bulky one while Falkar is the bird-like one.  I guess this should have been obvious, but I didn’t want to risk being wrong.  In any case, I’m not sure why Diabolico is still using a plan that has worked yet… then again, I think it’s been implied he doesn’t have any other monster cards to activate at this point.


Over at the Aquabase lab, Miss Fairweather expresses disappointment to Captain Mitchell as the Max Solarzord is “useless” without the Titanium Ranger since it was designed specifically for his use.  I wonder if it was conceived and started around the time the work on the morpher started but it just took longer to complete.  In any case, Ryan walks by and ends up eavesdropping on them.  The CD containing the Zord’s programming (or something) is taken out of the computer and put in a special case.

Please note that our sun is a star, thus creating some kind of parallel for the two sides.  Diabolico wants to retain his star power while Ryan wants access to solar power.  Hmm.  Maybe the split between them wasn’t as tidy as they wanted.

Double Trouble

In the galley, the five other Rangers are having lunch together.  Joel and Chad are both miffed that Ryan has been banned from morphing.  Dana and Carter point out there is a good reason for the ban.  Then they’re alerted that monsters are attacking Mariner Bay again.

As they hurry through the halls, they end up pausing when they encounter Ryan, who’s just standing there with sad puppy-dog eyes.  The captain nudges them into leaving, so a sad Ryan just turns away.  Taking the Jeep, the Rangers arrive at the battle site and morph.

They get up on a balcony to better showcase themselves, but the monsters aren’t impressed.  Thunderon blasts them down into the warehouse’s entrance.  Within, the battle ends up with the monsters having the upper hand.  Dana suggests splitting up, so she and Kelsey dart off.  After a brief squabble, Falkar gives chase.  Ultimately the girls manage to bury Falkar under rubble.

Captain Mitchell and Miss Fairweather watch footage of the guys fighting Thunderon in a quarry (how and why they got there isn’t explained).  The girls show up and the five get out their V-Lancers, but Thunderon fells them before they can attack.  Meanwhile, a frustrated Falkar gets out of the rubble.

But it turns out the Rangers are faking unconsciousness in hopes of luring Thundercon in close.  When the monster does so, they use a Spectra Blast on him.  A nearing Falkar expresses sadness over the loss of his friend.  But Diabolico uses a card to super-size Thunderon to the concern of Ryan back on base.

Carter calls for the Rail Rescues and the Super Train Megazord is formed.  Falkar is hopeful of getting the credit despite Thunderon doing the work… but then Diabolico turns out to have been behind him.  Diabolico ends up ‘insisting’ that Falkar be super-sized as well.  Apparently when done to a living demon it’s a painful process, or it might be due to Falkar being one of those monsters whose form alters when super-sized.

Maximum Damage

Miss Fairweather is worried that the Super Train Megazord won’t be able to take on both monsters.  The battle is favoring the duo so far.  Ryan looks down at his morpher and comes to a decision.  Watching on, Diabolico is pleased about the Rangers’ imminent destruction.

Setting up for the Max Solarzord, Ryan says his morphing call but his morphing sequence isn’t seen.  A technician reports that the Max Solarzord has been activated.  Ryan starts to use the Zord.  When the Captain tries to get Ryan to come back, his son refutes that he wants to help his teammates.

Since they can’t stop him, Miss Fairweather starts to advise him on how to use the Max Solarzord, which is vaguely jet-like.  Ryan arrives in time to save his friends to Carter’s surprise.  As Miss Fairweather tells Ryan how to bring the Zord to full power, the cobra tattoo flares up.  Going out of the atmosphere, Ryan energizes the Max Solarzord before returning to the battle site it goes into battle mode.


The baby Zord lands on the Super Train Megazord, as seen above.  It’s at this point Miss Fairweather explains the situation to the other Rangers; Carter and Dana both worry over Ryan.  Alternating between modes, the Max Solarzord takes on Falkar despite Ryan’s tattoo flaring up again.  Diabolico is certain that Ryan can’t fight it off forever.

Falkar blows up as Ryan struggles to stay conscious.  Thunderon is blasted and destroyed as well.  Carter and Dana are both delighted by Ryan’s actions… but Ryan is unconscious with the tattoo still glowing through his Ranger suit.

Ryan wakes up in the infirmary with Miss Fairweather next to him.  He informs her that “the Max Solarzord is totally awesome.”


She wants him to focus on resting, however.  Dana comes over to check on her big brother.  When Ryan asks if their dad will be upset, Dana admits he can be strict and ducks out when Captain Mitchell shows up.  Ryan is convinced that he’ll be yelled at but the Captain admits he’s “very proud” of Ryan and acknowledges that “I would have done the same thing myself.”

Captain Mitchell wants his son to rest.  Claiming it’s to check his breathing, Miss Fairweather has him roll over.  They both see that the tattoo has changed position and appearance, as Ryan is shirtless for this scene.


Stepping out into the hallway, she warns the Captain that the next time Ryan morphs the tattoo could destroy him.  He’s left standing before an open door to a dark room as Miss Fairweather enters.  Apparently she didn’t turn on the lights to create this dramatic shot.  It’s probably representative of an approaching dark time or the potential of losing his son again- this time for good.

Elsewhere, Diabolico has three jewels that evidently contain the spirits of Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon.  He definitely has one last trick up his sleeve…


This was a solid episode in which a new Zord was introduced and the stakes were heightened for Ryan.  Clearly both his little sister Dana and team leader Carter have grown fond of him while the others are less effusive.  I can buy Ryan acting like a kid around his dad since the last time he spent any time with him was when he was a kid.

Falkar is confusing: he seems to express genuine sadness when Thunderon is defeated but is then dismissive and even power-hungry when a super-sized Thunderon battles the Megazord.  Maybe he knows something we viewers don’t about how the demons revive/super-size beings… that would clarify his desire not to be super-sized as well.  Certainly it looks like a far nastier process when used on a still-living demon.

I’m a bit confused by Miss Fairweather being involved in the medical side of things as well.  I was under the impression she preferred technology.  Dana has been medically trained, even if she’s not a full doctor, so that’s okay.  But I can get that the show wanted to limit the size of the recurring cast.  And besides, a normal doctor would be clueless about magical tattoos.


Next time on Power Rangers: Ryan faces off against a manifestation of his cursed cobra tattoo.


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