14-28: Light Source, Part 1

Udonna has been captured by Hekatoid.  The Rangers fail to rescue her, but that’s okay as an unusual team forms with the goal of rescuing her.

Last time on Power Rangers: The Snow Prince had Nick and Daggeron trade roles for a day.


New Leaves

After the credits and a previously on segment, Clare wakes up at the Lake of Lament with no Udonna in sight.  Meanwhile, there’s another Selection Ceremony where Hekatoid is chosen.  Matoombo is annoyed by the frog’s laziness and gluttony.  The other Terrors are more concerned about finding Leanbow.

At the Rock Porium, Toby comes in from a jog as he’s decided to turn over a new leaf and become healthier.  LeeLee cheerfully starts planning an exercise club to have with her co-workers, but Nick shuts her down, stating that “we don’t trust you and we never will.  Can’t change who you are.”


Once he heads off, LeeLee insists to herself that “well, I can chance who I’m gonna be,” before going off to the twins’ and Chip’s concern.

In Rootcore, Jenji is feeding Fire Heart as Daggeron frets over the lack of contact from Clare and Udonna.  This, of course, is the cue for Clare to appear in the crystal ball to report that Udonna’s been captured and she’s going to rescue her.

Hekatoid has ensnared an unconscious Udonna.  Itassis learns about him capturing the white sorceress and is concerned about the potential consequences.  Hekatoid dismisses her fears as having Udonna is his insurance policy.  Although Itassis concedes that she’s powerless without her Snow Staff, the female Terror is concerned how the Pit will change with Udonna in it.

Back at the Rock Porium, the others gather around Nick.  Madison asks him, “Don’t you think you were a little hard on LeeLee?”


Xander and Chip back her up.  Nick reminds them what her mom has been up to these past few months and by bringing up the events of “Stranger Within” further alerts them to the fact that in hindsight LeeLee was in on the scheme to make Vida a vampire.  Speaking of whom, Vida now has a two-shaded streak of blond and green.  I have no idea why Chip isn’t in yellow and why Madison is wearing barely any blue.  Their morphers then chime and Daggeron reports that Udonna’s been captured and a Terror is attacking the city.  As they leave, they go by a returning Toby with a fruit basket.  He tries to bite into a whole pineapple… okay then.

Hekatoid’s Games

The Terror somehow emits a lot of poisonous tadpoles to fill the sky above Briarwood (sort of…?) that when grown, will overrun the city.  The Titan Megazord and the Solar Streak Megazord show up, but Hekatoid threatens Udonna’s safety.

When the Terror shrinks down, so do the Rangers.  Hekatoid reveals the presence of all his poisonous tadpoles in the sky, grossing out Madison.  Apparently she’s not over her fear of amphibians.  Blowing his horn, Hekatoid teleports the five to his dimension to Daggeron’s concern.


Down in the Terrors’ chamber, LeeLee arrives just in time to hear a sizable Exposition Dump.  Trailing after her mom to go to Necrolai’s chamber nearby, LeeLee expresses her desire to have some “mother-daughter time” and confesses she doesn’t want to be Queen of the Vampires.  Necrolai is enraged by such ‘folly’ as she sees it.  I wonder if there’s a set timeline for how long a Queen of Vampires can rule and that’s part of why LeeLee was born.

In some woods, the five must play Hekatoid’s game or risk Udonna’s life.  There’s a two minute countdown of them battling a bunch of Styxoids and Hidiacs.  When it looks like they might win, Hekatoid freezes four of the Rangers.  Grumpy about the lack of fairness, Nick goes into Red Dragon Fire Ranger mode to take out the remaining minions.  This frees the other Rangers from the immobilization spell.  Hekatoid insists upon a second round rather than handing over Udonna.  Also, it turns out two minutes is either a longer fight scene than I realized or the show cheated (or some of the individual Ranger fight scenes were happening at the same time).

Back in Rootcore, Daggeron and Jenji are worried about the possibility of billions of poisonous frogs falling from the sky.  Preventing that has to be the priority, so Daggeron morphs and forms the Solar Streak Megazord to try blasting away the tadpoles.  Somewhere in the Underworld, Necrolai has found Leanbow at last.

Apparently back in Briarwood, the five are wary of what Hekatoid has in order for them next.  Five ‘dark’ Rangers with black neck cloths instead of white ones materialize.  Interestingly, a color-coded fight doesn’t go well for the Rangers.  Madison and Chip are the only ones not turned into dice by a spell, and then the Dark Pink Ranger turns into a giant toad and wraps her tongue around Madison in an effort to swallow her.

Grossed out, Madison goes into Legend Mode and manages to blow her up, expressing her distaste for frogs.  Chip attacks the dark male Rangers, taking them out.  Madison insists upon seeing Udonna so Hekatoid teleports them away.

Screams at First Sight

In the magic woods, LeeLee encounters an upside-down Phineas.  As standard with these scenes, there’s some mutual screaming at first.  The troblin is quickly smitten with the blonde, although he thinks she’s messing with him when she confesses to being alone since nobody likes her.


LeeLee reveals her mother thinks she’s too good but her potential friends think she’s too evil.  Offering her a bug, Phineas then empathizes as his heritage has left him abandoned as well.  I have to wonder how on Earth he was ever conceived if trolls and goblins hate each other so much, particularly given how firmly G-rated this show is.

The blonde figures she’s a mix of good and evil.  Phineas views himself as some troll, some goblin, and all Phineas.  Introductions are made, leading LeeLee to confess that her mom is Necrolai.  LeeLee’s plan is to save Udonna because it’s not right to capture those who can’t protect themselves.  Phineas decides to come along too.

Daggeron is failing to burn up the tadpoles.  The trio are returned to normal back in the Pit; Hekatoid wants to collect the five as well, showing them the unconscious Udonna.  Clare finds the pair on a strangely paved road in the woods, considering how we’re supposed to be the magical dimension.

The two blondes get into a squabble before Phineas points out to them that they are on the same side.  LeeLee comments she’s Clare’s only option to find Udonna.  Iron Sculpin, Matoombo, and Gekkor have gone to where Leanbow is to battle him.  Forming the Manticore Megazord, the Rangers fail to defeat Hekatoid or rescue Udonna.


There are four episodes left in the season, so of course let’s focus on the secondary anti-villain character of LeeLee.  Not that I dislike LeeLee, in fact I like her and her arc a lot, but I will acknowledge it’s a problem in this season that maybe the usual secondary characters tend to be treated more like primary ones.  Clare, Phineas, and LeeLee all have on-going character arcs.

Out of the five core Rangers, just Nick has one.  Koragg/Leanbow has a sizable arc.  Udonna and Daggeron have some character development as well.  But this gives the twins, Xander, and Chip the short shrift.  Madison is compassionate, Xander is laidback and a bit arrogant, Chip is an impulsive geek, and Vida is a stubborn music-loving tomboy.  They don’t get a lot of depth or even character development.  It could be argued that Madison even backslid this episode with her renewed fear of frogs.

I do love this season dearly, but I will admit it had trouble remembering who its main characters were supposed to be.  It wasn’t so much that Nick got a ton of focus compared to his teammates… it was that he got the most focus out of the five due to secondary characters getting the rest.

This doesn’t mean I disliked this episode- I liked it a lot.  But it’s definitely an issue that the show is finding everybody else more interesting than Chip, Madison, Vida, and Xander.


Next time on Power Rangers: Udonna is rescued and reunited with her Snow Staff.


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