14-29: Light Source, Part 2

Clare, LeeLee, and Phineas team up to rescue Udonna.  Meanwhile, the other Rangers struggle against Hekatoid.

Last time on Power Rangers: Hekatoid was selected to have his turn at trying to destroy Briarwood.


Using Pressure

As the Manticore Megazord battles a smug Hekatoid on the surface world, the trio has reached a portal to the Underworld guarded by a pair of Styxoids.  Clare wants to use magic but LeeLee shoots down that idea as that’ll just attract more enemies.  Instead, LeeLee goes up to the guards and does her best ‘spoiled dark girl’ act to cow the guards.  When she gets them to face the walls by the portal, the other two manage to sneak in and then LeeLee enters as well.

Elsewhere in the Underworld, Gekkor is battling Leanbow.  Daggeron is still using the Solar Streak Megazord in an effort to fry the tadpoles even as Jenji warns him that the Zord is losing power.  A roller-skating Toby spots Hekatoid and the Manticore Megazord duking it out to his awe.  He’s in a multi-shaded grey windbreaker and seafoam green shorts, but he does wear safety gear.  Itassis is watching on as well, worried that the Rangers will defeat yet another Terror.

Hekatoid manages to teleport the ensnared Udonna away and then takes the Rangers’ powers, leading them to land in some woods in their uniforms.  When Nick is upset over not getting Udonna back, the others boost his spirits.  But then they can’t morph, realizing what else exactly Hekatoid stole.

Clare, LeeLee, and Phineas are sneaking through some passages, hiding when a pair of Styxoids goes by.  Apparently one wants to see battle instead of being on guard duty, while the other points out that the minions chosen for battle usually don’t come back.  Huh.  I’m used to a season’s minions being mindless drones, which makes their destruction guilt-free; it’s rather concerning that it looks like the Styxoids & Hidiacs are sentient.  Then Clare finds a scrap of white cloth, which they all know must be from Udonna’s attire.

Iron Sculpin orders Matoombo to finish off Leanbow over Gekkor’s protests.    I can, however, see the point of putting in a fresh combatant when the foe is weakening.  Especially as it appears that Matoombo has considerable power.

The three find a chamber containing several tables covered in desserts.  They look pretty but it’s also fairly obvious they’re plastic.  As a hungry, small Hekatoid approaches, with a pair of Styxoids carrying the captured Udonna, he comments on the container holding the Rangers’ powers within.  Clare uses magic to make herself and her allies invisible.  Hekatoid and the minions depart as soon as he conjures up a ‘screen’ showing Daggeron’s efforts to destroy his tadpoles.  Becoming visible again, Clare is afraid for her aunt/mentor.  But LeeLee is more worried about the other blonde’s magic usage attracting enemies.

No Pressure

Jenji is again commenting on the Megazord losing power when Hekatoid shows up.  Evidently Daggeron’s efforts have slowed down the tadpoles’ growth but at the high cost of leaving his Megazord powerless for the time being.


Nick and Xander go back to the Rock Porium, which Toby shut down as none of his employees were around.  The Red Ranger expresses his frustration over being alone and dismisses Xander’s empathy as baseless.  But the brunet opens up about having been bullied when he first came to this ‘country’ due to his accent.  Xander reassures him that even though he’s found and lost his birth parents, he still has friends and even family in him and the other Rangers.  Apologizing, Nick agrees that Xander’s right to his pleasure.  Yet this bonding solves nothing.

Clare manages to vanish the green vine-like cage Udonna’s in.  Shoving off the desserts, they put her on the largest table.  Trying a spell to break the one currently on her, Clare can’t get her to wake up.  I’m a bit surprised that true love’s kiss wasn’t at least suggested, but then again this whole mess happened because Udonna went in search of her true love.

A group of Styxoids rush in, leading the blondes to go into battle stances.  But Phineas asks them nicely to let him handle it instead.  His combat skills impress LeeLee, while Clare does get to pie a Styxoid in the face.  The troblin literally wipes the floor with a minion before tossing it aside.


LeeLee expresses her admiration and then kicks the Styxoid that tries to sneak up on Phineas.  Next she pulls out the Snow Staff, which she ‘borrowed’ from her mom, asking if it might help Udonna.  Clare’s delight indicates it probably will.  Matoombo is still fighting Leanbow to Gekkor’s annoyance.

Under Pressure

The five regroup in the Rock Porium as Toby returns, pleased with the impact of his new exercise regimen.  For some reason he’s now wearing his roller skates on his hands, though his employees take them off moments after his arrival.  Toby again asks why the five keep coming and going.

Checking non-verbally with his teammates first, Nick states they’re the Power Rangers.  When Toby calls them out on saying that before, they currently can’t prove it as an overweight toad stole their powers.  Filling in for Phineas, Toby inspires them by pointing out the ‘real’ Rangers would use their physical prowess and agility to great effect against such a threat.


Putting the Snow Staff on Udonna, Clare states they need to channel their powers and have them form a hand-holding line.  LeeLee and Phineas are shyly delighted to be holding each other’s hand.  Together the trio chants a spell several times before white shiny magic happens.

Daggeron fails to stop Hekatoid, going back to his uniform down in Briarwood.  Showing up in their civilian garb, the five are ready to attack despite lacking their powers.  As Toby suggested, they use their agility to wear out the bulky Hekatoid via gymnastics that would make Kimberly proud.

But above the tadpoles have become poisonous frogs nearly ready to fall.  Nick gets ahold of the container and opens it, restoring their powers to Daggeron’s pride.  As the frogs start to fall, they’re all suddenly frozen because the White Mystic Ranger has returned!


Out for a jog, Toby spots his employees up next to the White Ranger.  Then he sees them morph (first standard mode and then Legend Mode).  I don’t know why Vida’s arm is blocking her face in the above screen-cap (maybe that’s the best shot they got of the scene?).  He’s astonished that they were telling the truth.  Not bothering to morph (maybe he’s that tired out?) Daggeron just watches on.

Udonna takes point in the battle against Hekatoid which ends in his destruction.  Her husband isn’t having as much luck against Matoombo, his shield shattering.  Then using his spear, Iron Sculpin pulls the Master’s orb of reddish energy out of Leanbow, which reverts him to his Ancient Mode.  Leanbow understandably doesn’t want the Master to be revived, but then Iron Sculpin opens up a chasm which Leanbow falls down and ends up clinging to a chunk of rock part-way down.

Back outside of Rootcore, everybody is having a happy reunion.  A little ways off, LeeLee and Phineas admit that they like-like the other.  Nick is cranky about her presence, but Phineas, Clare, and Udonna all back up that LeeLee isn’t evil.  So he allows her into the group hug.  While the others hug joyously, Udonna tells Daggeron that she’s still committed in her goal to find her husband “at all cost”.


Like I said before, there are now just three episodes left so it’s weird for the focus to be on three non-Ranger characters.  Nick and Xander did get a good scene where the latter managed to get through to his leader that he’s not alone.  Apparently Nick is afraid anything good that happens to him won’t last and he’ll end up by himself again just like before the series started.

However, most of the episode was about Clare, Phineas, and LeeLee.  Clare has come into her own as a sorceress, LeeLee redeems herself, and Phineas proves to have combat skills.  The latter two have an adorkable budding romance.

Udonna has her powers back and remains determined to find Leanbow, so she was the secondary focus on the episode.  Daggeron did his best against the tadpoles, even if it wasn’t enough.  Similarly, Leanbow’s effort to keep the Terrors from the Master ultimately failed.  But yeah, the people who are supposed to be the main characters got shunted aside.  This even includes Nick, although there is some set-up for him nearing a despair event horizon after all the upheaval in his personal life lately.

I do enjoy lower-deck episodes but I’m not sure having one so close to the finale was a good idea.  Then again, this pair of episodes did manage to set up the stakes for the final three episodes: the Master’s revival is now possible, Udonna has her powers back, and there are only a few Terrors left.  And Leanbow is literally hanging from a cliff right now.


Next time on Power Rangers: Vida ends up bonding with Matoombo, but that doesn’t prevent the Master from using him as a vessel.


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