8-16: The Cobra Strikes

While the other Rangers deal with Troika and Diabolico, Ryan goes in search of the source of his cursed cobra tattoo.

Last time on Power Rangers: Ryan morphed and used the Max Solarzord to rescue his teammates despite the risk to himself.


Diabolico’s Schemes

Miss Fairweather is scanning Ryan’s tattoo but has “never seen anything like it”.  She stresses that he’ll be fine as long as doesn’t morph.  But the sky in Mariner Bay darkens and a storm brews.  A building is struck by lightning, which apparently leads it to explode.  Captain Mitchell alerts the Rangers, and Miss Fairweather insists that Ryan rests.

Morphed, the five run along in the city and then are also struck by lightning (but thankfully do not explode).  Diabolico himself appears before them.  When they charge at him, he disappears and uses his staff to batter them before reappearing, amused.

Chad expresses concern and Carter confesses he has no plan.  Diabolico has the three jewels from the end of last episode and merges them into a single monster: Troika.  As the monster attacks, Diabolico opts to leave.

Back on base, Ryan watches footage of the battle which worries him.  When the five try to use a Spectra Blast with their V-Lancers, Troika evades the blast.  After the monster’s next attack, the Rangers manage to conceal themselves but they’re demorphed.

Captain Mitchell comes over as the battered Rangers return in the Jeep.  Kelsey is grumpy, and Joel even more so.  Carter is just worried.  Ryan checks on his little sister, who reassures him and wants him to rest up.  Ryan is determined to stop the cobra as he currently feels “useless”.

Diabolico is reporting to Bansheera, who warns him if he fails it’ll be his last chance.  During a briefing with the captain and four of the Rangers, Miss Fairweather tells the captain that the Battle Boosters are nearly done but as they’re untested she’s not sure what they’ll be capable of.  Dana shows up, having been unable to find Ryan.  However, the Captain is then alerted that Troika has returned and is blasting an inhabited area so finding his son must go on the back burner.

Once again already morphed, the five show up to battle Troika.  As the techinians have finished up the technology, Miss Fairweather has Carter tell the team to energize their morphers.  The Battle Boosters appear on their wrists and they activate them after a brief info-dump on them.  This enables Carter to get the upper hand against Troika.

Back to the Tomb


Evidently the ruins are close to Mariner Bay, as Ryan is already there.  And that makes the opening scene where the demons escaped all the more confusing.  The blond goes down into the underground chamber and finds a stone cobra head on the wall.  When Ryan tries to touch it, he gets blasted and the stone head turns into a cobra monster.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are fighting Troika successfully and I think they manage to fell it.  So of course Diabolico shows up and super-sizes to destroy them personally.  Carter calls upon the Super Train Megazord while Ryan fights the cobra monster.  When his tattoo glows through his shirt, Ryan decides to morph as otherwise he won’t stand a chance against the monster.

Diabolico uses his star power to blast a hole through the Megazord which then basically explodes.  So the Rescue Zords are sent to the other Rangers as Ryan continues to battle the cobra monster.  Badly battered, Ryan demorphs.  The cobra monster cackles due to its approaching victory.  Ryan takes off his shirt and throws a mini axe at a pillar, leading it to topple onto the monster.  The cobra monster dissolves into sand and the tattoo disappears.

Star Power Again

Back in Mariner Bay, Diabolico has the upper hand against the Megazord and even blasts it into an office building.  Then the Max Solarzord shows up to save the day.  When Captain Mitchell panics, Ryan reassures him that the tattoo is now gone.  Dana is happy to hear that.

Using the Battle Booster, Carter is able to form the Lightspeed Solarzord out of the two.  Diabolico is still certain of victory, but the Zord just absorbs his next attack.  Think Thor trying to use Mjolnir against Iron Man in the first Avengers movie.  Ryan diverts the energy boost to the weapons and Carter uses a barrage of blasts against Diabolico.

Diabolico is apparently under the impression that Queen Bansheera will avenge his defeat as he dies.  His star power flies off.  Loki is astonished while Vypra ‘despairs’.  Seriously, it’s a problem when the rubber-mask monsters emote better than she does.  To their mutual surprise, the star power goes into Impus.


In the Aquabase, the Rangers and the personnel are celebrating Diabolico’s defeat as they think him being gone means Mariner Bay is safe.  To everybody’s surprise the alarm goes off.  Impus is creating a red chrysalis for himself as a concerned Loki and Vypra watch on.

Taking the Jeep, the Rangers head into the city.  A massive image of Queen Bansheera shows up in the sky.  Ryan says her name, warns his teammates that “she’s worse than ten Diabolicos”, and reveals he thought she was destroyed.  I’m pleasantly surprised that the demons didn’t tell him everything about themselves as they knew of her still being alive before Ryan got ahold of the Titanium morpher.

Bansheera has faith in her son Impus, whose now massive chrysalis appears in the city.  And the episode ends with a “to be continued”.  I’m also impressed with the Aquabase’s systems picking up on the threat before it actually shows up.


This was a solid episode plot-wise.  Ryan solved his cursed cobra tattoo problem and Diabolico was destroyed, opening up for a new villain.  Evidently Impus will ‘evolve’ into said new threat.  There’s definitely some kind of parallel in having parent-child bonds on both sides of the conflict.

Character-wise, nothing new was learned about anybody.  Ryan is still borderline reckless and determined to make up for his past under Diabolico’s influence.  Dana is still a good-natured, loyal sister.  Captain Mitchell is a good guy doing his best to protect Mariner Bay and his kids.  Carter is still figuring out how to be a great leader, but he’s already a good one.  Kelsey and Joel get snarky when annoyed and Chad’s a worrywart and Angela Fairweather is a workaholic.  None of this is new.

But hey, at least they’re each a far better actor than Vypra’s.  I think I’d be less grumpy about her if I didn’t suspect the reason she got hired was that she made the costume look good.  Look, I recognize that’s sometimes a factor, but it shouldn’t be the determining factor like it apparently was in this case.  And I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice lady who might have had better luck sticking to live theatre.


Next time on Power Rangers: Impus turns into Olympius and causes trouble for the Aquabase.


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