14-30: The Return

Matoombo doesn’t want to hurt anyone… but he’s been chosen to be the vessel for the Master’s new form.

Last time on Power Rangers: Clare, LeeLee, and Phineas rescued Udonna, who went on to save the day from Hekatoid (with some help from the five Mystics).


Info Dump

Toby opens the episode by recapping the situation as it currently stands to his six employees.  He’s rather relieved to learn that yes, he was carried off by the Queen of Vampires so he no longer needs therapy.  I don’t think that’s a jab at mental illness, as Toby was proactive in trying to get help when he thought he needed it.  When there’s screaming in the distance, Toby accepts the fact that five of his employees won’t be working regular hours for a while.

However, then Phineas shows up with a bouquet of turnips (or maybe parsnips) for LeeLee.  They’re now dating and are adorable together.  But Toby’s confused as last he knew Phineas was Xander’s uncle from the old country.

The five remaining Terrors- Black Lance, Gekkor, Iron Sculpin, Itassis, and Matoombo- are to have a final Selection Ceremony before the Master chooses his host.  Matoombo is chosen.


Jenji is doing laundry with Fire Heart acting as his dryer.  Daggeron and Udonna have been looking for Leanbow for days with no luck.  Udonna decides to use astral projection to do a more intensive search for her husband.  I know it’s not for mourning, so I’m rather confused by her wearing a black tunic (?) in this episode.

Evidently Phineas has been made a Rock Porium employee.  Putting him in charge of opening the store, the five nudge him over to the door.  He switches the open/closed sign and opens the door to greet the four teen girls standing outside.  At the sight of the troblin, they scream and flee to the group’s dismay.  Honestly, I can’t blame them; for all they knew he was one of the monsters attacking the city.

Harm versus Heart

Then the sky darkens and there’s thunder so the five exit.  Matoombo is absorbing all of the city’s electricity when the Mystic Megazord and the Solar Streak Megazord show up.  As the sky returns to normal, Matoombo uses a force field to hold off their attacks and then the Zords end.

Matoombo states that if they stay out of his way he won’t hurt anyone.  Vida is bemused by this claim while Nick and Xander are convinced he’s lying.  I suspect while they don’t voice an opinion, the others lean towards the guys’ viewpoint with the possible exception of Madison.  Daggeron suggests they split up to find him.

Elsewhere, the Terror is confused by the humans resisting the darkness.  A ball bounces into the road, chased by a boy, as a car approaches.  Matoombo stops said car from hitting the boy, who he then leads off the road.  Vida flies overhead on her Mystic Racer and opts not to contact the others.  The boy gives Matoombo his ball before leaving.

There’s a brief scene of the astral Udonna looking for Leanbow before going back to Matoombo.  Vida comes over to explain the ball’s function in playing to an interested Matoombo, who says he’s the “energy warrior of the Underworld”.  She accidently kicks him in the face at one point; thankfully he seems to get it was an accident.  Commenting on how he rescued the boy, Vida introduces herself.  They’re about to shake hands when Xander blasts the Terror, afraid for his teammate.

Vida insists on Xander not continuing the fight and he demorphs.  She goes on to point out the consequences of the Terrors and the Master conquering the world- that everybody will be hurt (or even destroyed).  Down in the Underworld, the Master’s orb flares up as the other four Terrors and Necrolai watch on.  The fiery orb goes into the Stone of Judgment.


Back in Briarwood, Vida has offered herself up as the first victim of the darkness’ victory but Matoombo won’t hurt her.  She then insists on Xander not interfering as the collected electricity returns but Matoombo blows it up instead of using it against the city.  The energy orb rises up and goes into Matoombo.  Itassis and Gekkor show up to info-dump.  Matoombo doesn’t want to serve the Master anymore, though.

Down in a crevasse, Udonna finds a collapsed Leanbow.  While the show only skirts the topic, I think he’s supposed to be dying at this point.

Going into Legend Mode, Vida and Xander help out Matoombo against Gekkor.  The other four Rangers show up, presumably very confused by the sight.  Vida grabs the Solar Streak card to activate it so she and Matoombo can escape with the others watching on.  Chip is apparently resigned to his best friend being unpredictable.  Itassis comes over, offering to give them explanations.  As it turns out, she has a (correct) theory about where the pair will go.

Seeking Slumber, Craving Knowledge

Jenji is driving, while Vida and Matoombo are in a train car.  Somehow Gekkor is on-board and attacks.  Matoombo and Vida team up to get him off the train, but he’s still determined to get Matoombo.  Returning to complain to Iron Sculpin and Black Lance, Gekkor learns they know the duo’s plan.

Itassis explains that they’ll go to the Sleeping Lake in the Dawn Dimension, standing in the middle of a circle of Rangers.  As she craves knowledge, not power, she wants an exchange of information before she sends them.  Furthermore, she offers to send one of them immediately as a good faith gesture.  After the others all volunteer, she instead sends Xander.

The three male Terrors are concerned about Matoombo going to sleep for eternity and ergo the Master will never rise.  In the Dawn Dimension, Vida and Matoombo are enjoying the scenery when Xander runs up to them.  Blasting Matoombo, Gekkor then flies down.  Again going into Legend Mode, Vida and Xander do their best to deflect the other Terror’s blasts.  To Xander’s confusion, Matoombo takes some blasts meant for him.  Xander then continues to battle Gekkor, but then the three manage to escape.

Udonna is using her restored magic to heal Leanbow.  Itassis expresses her confusion about how the Rangers have been able to defeat multiple Terrors.  Nick is initially hot-headed about the subject, but then Chip speaks up.

“You want to know why we beat you?  Here’s why.  Yes, you’re more powerful.  Yeah, you’re bigger.”


Chip continues, “What we have that you don’t is something that no wizard or witch could ever give you.”

“No spell can bring it forth,” Madison confirms.  “You can’t buy it or borrow it from someone else.”

“You can’t teach it,” Daggeron adds.

“Everyone is born with it,” Nick contributes.  “They just have to step forward and claim it as theirs.  It’s in the heart.”

“What is it?”


“Courage,” reveals Nick.  “It’s when you put someone else’s well-being before your own.”

… I’m not sure that’s an actual definition of courage.  Let me check my dictionary; it says “ability to disregard fear; bravery”.  Okay, and bravery, well brave, is: “able or ready to face and endure danger, disgrace, or pain”.  I mean, the Rangers do such things, but I don’t think it can or should be summed it in that word alone.  Particularly when their motive is more about helping others than facing their fears.

In any case, Itassis inquires, “And why would you do that?”

“Because… because you just do.”  Nick is unable to verbalize why it’s so important to help others; possibly as it’s such a critical quality in humans.

Back in the Dawn Dimension, Gekkor is flying over the woods and spots Matoombo and a morphed Xander running along.  Shooting blasts at them, he then lands before them.  But then he spots a pink bow on ‘Matoombo’ who is actually a shape-shifted Vida.  Returning to her own form, she reveals they were a successful diversion while the real Matoombo headed for the Sleeping Lake.

Warrior Wolf

Udonna is still using good magic on Leanbow as Vida and Xander (both in Legend Mode) battle Gekkor.  The other four Rangers show up to help out their teammates but Gekkor retains the upper hand.  Then Leanbow shows up to save the day.  Nick goes “Dad!”, Madison goes “Leanbow!”, and Daggeron goes “You’re okay!”

That’s extra heart-warming when it’s recalled that Daggeron is the only Ranger who didn’t get to see Leanbow back in “Heir Apparent”.  And, of course, he’s been worried for his former mentor ever since.  Leanbow responds, “Good job, Rangers.  Well done, son.”

Nick thanks him.  Then Leanbow uses his new red morpher to become the Wolf Warrior, “Defender of Truth”.  Udonna returns to her body, happy.  I have to wonder if she stuck around long enough to see him morph.


Gekkor is still determined to destroy the Rangers but he’s no match for Leanbow and gets destroyed in a huge explosion.  Matoombo finds the Sleeping Lake and starts to exposit.  Iron Sculpin pops out of hiding to fell him.

Back at the quarry like area, the Rangers are happy.  Vida is sad, thinking she’ll never see Matoombo again.  Xander is sympathetic (possibly recalling all the friends he left behind when he moved).  The sky suddenly darkens and a giant Matoombo rises up to explode into the Master.  If you’re a Vida/Xander shipper, please note that Xander puts an arm around her for this bit and she lets him do so.

The Master ‘predicts’ the deaths of Leanbow and Daggeron, giving the latter a ‘vision’ of said defeat.  I put those words in quotes as it’s possible he’s just trying to scare them.  He goes on to say that then the rest of the Rangers will be defeated and after that the world will fall to the darkness.  But then he flies off for whatever reason (maybe he’s weak from reviving?).  Nick understates the situation by going “this is bad”.


The episode title refers to two returning characters: Leanbow rejoins the group as the Wolf Warrior while the Master uses Matoombo to revive himself to a physical form.  While Leanbow is now a powerful force for good, it’s been confirmed that even he is no match for the evil Master.

Vida proves she can be just as compassionate/empathetic as her twin, given the opportunity.  Xander is understandably wary about trusting a Terror, but Vida’s instincts were right in believing that Matoombo has a heart.  Unfortunately, Iron Sculpin was waiting for him at the Sleeping Lake.

Obviously this episode acts as set-up for the two-part finale.  The ultimate villain, the Master, has come into play at last.  Toby is now aware of the Rangers’ identities.  Udonna has found and healed Leanbow so he can truly join the team.  The Rangers are all currently determined to show courage and defend humanity, as Itassis learns.  LeeLee and Phineas are officially dating.  Clearly some of these points are less critical than others, but they’re all valid preparations for how the season ends.


Next time on Power Rangers: Nick gets cursed into being Koragg.


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