1-57: Enter the Lizzinator

Kimberly supports her little cousin in becoming a cheerleader.  Meanwhile, Rita creates the titular monster.

Last time on Power Rangers: Rita enchanted Jason and Tommy into fighting each other.


Junior High Cheerleading

The episode opens at the Gym and Juice Bar where the preliminary practicing for the junior high cheerleading squad tryouts is going on.  Among them is the redheaded Kelly, who is Kimberly’s little cousin.  Kelly messes up at the end of the practice cheer and comes over, upset.  Kimberly demonstrates the routine but Kelly just despairs she’ll never be as good as her cousin, who apparently was a superb cheerleader.

Rita wants to be the only being cheered for and has Finster working on the “terrible Lizzinator”.  Goldar suggests they kidnap Kelly, a plan the other two approve of.  Back at the Gym and Juice Bar, the other four Rangers show up.  Billy’s back in overalls.  Ernie’s delivery truck has broken down, so Jason volunteers to go get the packages.


Thinking she’ll never be as good as Kimberly, Kelly storms off to the park.  Kimberly and Tommy follow her to the swings, where the two cousins sit.  Kimberly reassures her little cousin that she had to practice too.  Meanwhile, Goldar commands Baboo and Squatt to go get the redhead.  Rita snarks that the Putties will do the thinking.

Kimberly and Tommy continue to reassure Kelly and tell her not to compare herself to others.  Putties show up to Kelly’s panic and she backs up.  The two Rangers fight the Putties, obviously unable to morph with Kelly watching on.  Baboo and Squatt teleport in, grab Kelly, and then all three teleport away to a cave.  The pair goes back to the Gym and Juice Bar to report the situation to Trini, Billy, and Zack.  Obviously Trini’s and Billy’s cups match their Ranger color, but Zack got a red cup.  Maybe Ernie doesn’t stock black ones or the show wanted the three primary colors?

“I’ll Be Back”

Jason is getting the delivery when the Lizzinator shows up so he morphs.  The Lizzinator picks up a red car and throws it at the Ranger.  The monster is mostly amused by Jason’s efforts to fight him.  Throwing Jason into some cans, the Lizzinator states the above quote before teleporting away.  And yes, the monster is doing his best effort at the accent.

Going to the Command Center, the Rangers exchange information.  Tommy wants to help and Zordon is concerned that even all six of them won’t be able to defeat the Lizzinator.  Alpha is showing Billy his data when the alarms blare and the viewing globe shows the Lizzinator’s latest attack site.

Morphing, the six go to the quarry where the Lizzinator is about to mess with a car.  First the Rangers have to deal with a group of Putties.  Jason tries to protect the car from the monster, but it turns out a Putty got in it.  To Jason’s surprise, Putties can drive and he ends up clinging to the roof… until the Lizzinator blasts him off it.  Kicking several rocks at Jason, the Lizzinator throws a huge boulder next but Tommy interferes before it can hit his friend.  As Jason is currently weakened, Tommy alone takes on the monster.

In the cave, Kelly does an internal monologue voiceover and flashes back to her cousin’s earlier advice.  Kelly offers to teach Baboo and Squatt some cheers, intriguing them.

Tommy continues to fight the Lizzinator.  Having defeated the Putties, the other Rangers show up.  Rita opts to super-size the Lizzinator now opposed to after its defeat (even though it wasn’t imminent yet…).  Using the Dragon Flute, Tommy calls upon the Dragonzord.  Unconcerned, the Lizzinator easily has the upper hand against the Zord and sends it flying.  Jason calls upon the Dinozords and the Megazord is formed so the Rangers can double-team against the Lizzinator.

Kelly is wearing out Baboo and Squatt by teaching them anti-Rita cheers.  Apparently the two aren’t aware of the actual content of the cheers.

Lizzinator continues to hold its own against the two, so Jason calls upon Titanus and the Ultrazord is formed.  A barrage of blasts manages to destroy the monster.  Kimberly expresses worry about her cousin, since they can go after her now that the Lizzinator has been defeated.  Zordon assures her that Alpha will send the coordinates.  But worn out and annoyed, Baboo and Squatt teleport away just before the Rangers show up.  Kelly is awed by seeing them.


Summing up the situation and her new perspective on not judging herself by others’ actions, Kelly is happy the next day at the Gym and Juice Bar.  But Billy’s still in overalls.  Bulk and Skull show up, scornful towards Kelly.  Evidently snark runs in the family, as both Kelly and Kim use it against the pair.  Doing a cheer about himself, Bulk ends up splitting his pants and needing Skull to help him back out of the room.

Kelly does her tryout, which is more of a dance routine, as the pleased Rangers watch on.  Applause ensues and she gets on the team.  The two cousins high-five.


The episode’s moral was to teach kids to judge their abilities on their own merits and not to constantly compare themselves to others- particularly when they don’t know the whole story of how said others achieved their abilities.  It’s easy to think you’ll never be as good as somebody when you don’t know how much effort went into them learning/practicing that ability.

The monster is a clear riff off of the Terminator, even doing the accent to a degree.  It was indeed powerful enough to be a threat to the Rangers even with Tommy’s aid.  Thus using Titanus wasn’t overkill or even unfair like Lizzinator claimed- not when the monster was clearly eager to do damage to Angel and Grove and its vehicles.  Kelly was never in any serious danger with Baboo and Squatt as her captors.  But now she’s better capable of handling her own inner doubts as well as dismissing others’ dismissals of her abilities.

I think Tommy and Kimberly might be dating at this point… it’s hard to tell.  Kimberly (and Kelly) were the focus of the domestic plot while Jason and Tommy got the focus in the combat plot.

Three episodes left!


Next time on Power Rangers: The guys want to join the football team.


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