1-60: An Oyster Stew

Zack takes Angela out for a birthday dinner, but Rita’s scheme seems to ruin his chances with her.

Last time on Power Rangers: Rita used the Badges of Darkness to turn five Putties into mutant Rangers and put Commander Crayfish in charge of them.


Pulling Out All the Stops

It’s a busy day at Ernie’s Gym and Juice Bar: among the crowd Zack is spotting a weight-lifting Tommy, Angela is stretching, and Skull plays the guitar while Bulk sings.  Kimberly is amused by their antics- apparently Bulk and Skull have an upcoming audition after which they plan to become stars.

Zack wants to do something special for Angela’s upcoming birthday, with Tommy and Kimberly offering suggestions for his brain-storming.  Ultimately he decides to have a multi-tiered plan: a singing telegram, dinner at a fancy restaurant, and a pair of pearl earrings.  Kimberly expresses her concern about him trying too hard and they both think it’ll blow his budget but they agree to make it a double date if she agrees.

Up in the moon fortress, Rita asks for Goldar’s opinion for their next scheme.  Goldar responds, “Call on the Ecocide Pearl to unleash the Oysterizer.”  Step one is to “pollute the sea”, step two is unknown, and step three is to take over the world, of course.


Presumably the next day at school, Zack works up the courage to go ask Angela out to dinner for her birthday.  I’m rather surprised she didn’t already have plans for that.  Skeptical, Angela eventually agrees to dinner with Zack.  But he still needs to find a pair of pearl earrings.

Alas, the villains are plotting to ‘help’ him out by Zack obtaining the “pearls of stillness”.  Leaving a jewelry store, Zack is dismayed that he can’t afford pearl earrings to give to Angela.  As he walks through the park, he encounters a shady-looking man.  The inside of his brown coat is lined with jewelry.  A sob story is spun about the pearl earrings involving his dead wife.

Personally, I’d know it was a sob story as he clearly has enough other items to sell so that he doesn’t have to sell something so sentimental, particularly as cheaply as he does.  Then again, Zack has been established as the most naïve and borderline gullible Ranger.  Once Zack leaves with the earrings, the man turns into a giddy Putty.  I half-suspect this is ‘six’ from last episode.

The Big Date

The four go to the outdoor French café and are given menus in French.  Tommy is concerned but Zack is confident of his plan and gets the waiter to come over in a rather imperious manner.  The waiter, Kimberly, and Tommy all know it’ll end in disaster when Zack ‘offers’ to order for everybody in French.

Elsewhere Trini, Jason, and Billy are ambushed by Putties.  As usual, a rock song plays over the fight scene.  Zordon and Alpha contact the trio to explain the pearls of stillness’ powers.  At the café, Zack’s ordering has indeed ended in disaster.  Meanwhile, the trio realizes Zack’s gift is likely the cursed pearls so they leave to warn him.

Bulk and Skull show up, having passed their audition to be singing telegrams.  Both sides are surprised by the others’ presence.  Angela is not happy so Zack hands over the wrapped earrings, which do impress her.  Before they can kiss, chaos occurs due to Bulk and Skull.

Zack and Tommy leave for the bathroom to get cleaned up.  Kimberly urges the other girl into trying the earrings on… just as the trio shows up.  Everybody in the vicinity freezes, their skin taking on a bluish hue.  So when the two guys come back, they’re startled.  Tommy checks on multiple people, learning that they still have vital signs, while Zack focuses on Angela.

Teleporting to the Command Center, the two learn what happened from Zordon.  Tommy asks how they can break the spell (heh), and an image of the Oysterizer shows up in the viewing globe.  They must destroy his pearl on land, but Zordon is worrying about Tommy’s dwindling ability to morph.  But Tommy remains firm on helping Zack out.

The two morph and head to the beach, where the Oysterizer rises up and sprays acid gel on Zack before blasting him as well.  As the monster approaches the felled Ranger, Tommy attacks with the Green Ranger starting up in the background.  Zack warns him about the acid gel, so Tommy shifts his ‘shield’ over to the Black Ranger to speed up his healing.

Tommy then physically shields Zack from the acid gel spray, making it Zack’s turn to defend his friend.  The pearl is broken, breaking the spell.  Unfortunately, this also causes the pearl earrings to start dissolving to Angela’s frustration.  She storms off just as Zack returns.

Stopping the Oysterizer

The other four Rangers are worried, particularly when Zack warns them they’ll have to use their Zords underwater.  Zack leaves money to pay for the meal before they all leave.  Once secluded outside the café, the five morph.

No footage is shown of the Megazord forming; the show cuts to the Megazord heading underwater to take on the Oysterizer.  They soon find and destroy the ecocide pearl, enraging the monster.  However, the Megazord wasn’t meant to function underwater and gets battered fast.  Jason realizes that in contrast the Dragonzord is, and thus contacts Tommy.

Tommy calls upon the already submerged Dragonzord, which stomps over to take on the Oysterizer.  Yet somehow the pair ends up on a beach.  The Oysterizer uses the acid gel spray and then blast method on the Dragonzord, causing it to fall down.  Before the monster can fully gloat, however, the Megazord shows up to somehow remove the acid gel from its ally (how, I have no clue).  The two team up to take on the Oysterizer.  Calling upon the Power Sword, the Megazord lands the final blow.


Angela is exercising at the Gym and Juice Bar again.  Jason, Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly are nearby having drinks.  Trini is encouraging a nervous Zack, who has spent the last of his money on a bouquet of flowers.  Evidently he got Bulk and Skull to help out for free.  The duo did have to clean up a lot of dishes at the café but Skull didn’t care as he got to eat all the frogs’ legs he could.

Zack sings his apology to Angela while Bulk and Skull play their instruments.  Then he apologizes again, with Angela apologizing as well for being too “materialistic” which makes no sense.  He gives her the flowers and they kiss.  The moment is ruined when Bulk and Skull start singing.


This was not a good season finale.  Yes, it wrapped up the ‘Zack pines after Angela’ arc but that’s not something that ought to conclude the season.  While Power Rangers is an ensemble show, I will acknowledge the main hero is typically the Red Ranger and in Mighty Morphin it gradually becomes Tommy to the point he’s the Red Ranger for Zeo and some of Turbo.  Speaking of Tommy, it does look like he and Kimberly are dating if they went on the double date with Zack and Angela.

Admittedly the battle was ‘new’ in that part of it took place underwater even if it was clearly faked.  But otherwise, this latest scheme of Rita’s wasn’t anything special.  Billy didn’t wear overalls for the eleventh time this season.  Basically this means he did wear them about four-fifths of the time.  The finale focused primarily on Zack with some on Tommy, leaving out two-thirds of the team.  That’s not okay; good finales give at least a minute’s worth of attention to each of the core characters.

Furthermore, I have no idea why Angela apologized for coming across as materialistic.  If anything, her earlier characterization indicated she disliked Zack because she thought he was materialistic.  Maybe she was apologizing for acting as if that’s the sort of guy she’d date?  Or maybe she realized that Zack has been acting like somebody he’s not in an attempt to get her to date him.

Before I start season two, there will be a wrap-up post for the second half of the season as well as some analysis on the first season of Mighty Morphin as a whole.


Next time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd arrives!


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