8-21: The Fifth Crystal

The Rangers must stop the demons from using the Starlight crystals to power a device that’ll destroy Mariner Bay.

Last time on Power Rangers: The Omega Crawler was used to blow up an asteroid before it could blow up Mariner Bay.


A Thief in the Night

The opening scene has Vypra and some Batlings in human guise sneak into a museum to steal a yellow crystal.  They return to a warehouse where other Batlings are hard at work building a device.  Her companions drop their disguises, while Vypra is pleased there’s just one crystal left to steal.  Only named in the credits, the monster of the episode is Moleman.  It fits his appearance, but honestly it’s one of the least scary monsters in the franchise.  Once complete, the device will be used to destroy the city and the Rangers.  Vypra’s actress still can’t act.

As part of a briefing, Carter is given a newspaper with a headline about the fourth theft.  Special Agent Myers is in charge of a taskforce to get back the “starlight crystals”.  It’s never clarified why they’re special or why they have that name.

They want to set a trap with the fifth and final crystal as bait.  Kelsey reveals that her grandmother possesses it, which is another reason for Lightspeed Rescue to be involved in this mission.  Since the credits call her Grandmother Winslow, I’m assuming she’s her paternal grandmother.

To Grandmother’s House Mansion!

Carter accompanies Kelsey to her grandmother’s mansion, where he’s bemused by the fact they haven’t spoken in years.  Once inside, he’s impressed by all the black and white photos of her doing various sports in her youth but Kelsey grumbles that was a long time ago and nowadays she’s interested in her money.  The grandmother shows up and Kelsey does give her a hug while Carter is awkward when she won’t shake his hand.

Grandmother Winslow wants to leave for the bank and have the duo be gone as soon as possible.  When Kelsey admits she needs her help, Grandmother Winslow thinks she’s referring to financial aid.  There’s a brief summary of the situation.  When she’s still dubious, Kelsey rightfully points out that Vypra will be coming after it anyway.


The butler returns with the starlight crystal and Kelsey promises “it’ll be safe” when her grandmother stresses how it’s a family heirloom.  Kelsey kisses her on the cheek before the duo leaves.  Once they’re gone, Grandmother Winslow touches the kissed cheek and smiles.  It looks like she cares more about Kelsey than her granddaughter realizes.

Bait and Switch

Kelsey, in a blue-grey uniform, is handcuffed to the case containing the crystal.  Other agents are present as well, including Myers.  They go in a truck out into Mariner Bay.  Amusingly enough, the truck has a “how’s my driving” on the back.  The other agents are all male, and uncomfortably Myers (the boss) is the white one.  The other four Rangers are in their Jeep, already morphed.

Vypra shows up in her vehicle to blast at the truck, sending it swerving.  Next she sends Batlings after the truck, leading Kelsey and the agents to start fighting them.  Myers gets locked in with Moleman in the truck during the fight.  Vypra gets ahold of the crystal.

But then the other Rangers show up to get the five crystals; Kelsey remains unmorphed.  Vypra and the Batlings leave, with Kelsey holding the tray bearing all five crystals.  However, Myers got possessed by the Moleman so the monster teleports away with them when Kelsey hands them over to the special agents.  The no-longer possessed Myers is disoriented while the Rangers are upset with themselves.

Carter and Kelsey end up telling Grandmother Winslow what happened.  Upset, she tells them to leave.  Kelsey bolts, in tears.  Carter snaps about the grandmother only having material wealth and nothing in her heart before heading after his teammate.  This scene further clarifies why Kelsey’s buddy Chad wasn’t her ‘partner’ for these scenes.  In addition to Carter being team leader, he’s far more likely to verbally come to his teammates’ defense than the quiet Chad, especially in regards to a near stranger.


He heads over to where Kelsey’s sniffling on the fountain’s edge.  Carter is worried about his friend and miffed at her grandmother for making her cry.  Kelsey is convinced she’s in the wrong for failing her grandmother and bolts off to Carter’s concern.  Grandmother Winslow definitely saw this scene but I’m not sure how much she heard.

Kelsey spots a truck full of Batlings, so she gets her roller blading gear out of her backpack in order to chase down the truck, getting into the back.  It arrives at a warehouse outside of the city, ushered in by other Batlings.

Back in the Skull Cavern, Bansheera is giving orders to Loki and Olympius about the plan.  Carter has returned to the Aquabase, checking with the other three about Kelsey.  Joel’s bemused while Chad’s worried.  Then the alarms go off…

To the Rescue

Moleman and Vypra are in the warehouse, ready to complete the device.  Kelsey is spying on them from behind some crates.  The starlight crystals are put into the device to power up the laser.  When Kelsey gets discovered by a Batling, a fight ensues with her still on roller blades (and wearing safety gear).  The Batlings fire their blasters at her but she dodges them.

But then Moleman uses a fireball which fells her and Batlings surround her.  The other Rangers, morphed, are running down a dirt path when they’re halted by Loki and Olympius.  A battle ensues, with Carter getting out his V-Lancer to fight Loki while the other three struggle against Olympius.  Joel wants Kelsey present so she could help them out.

The weapon is being put into position to take out Mariner Bay when Grandmother Winslow shows up in a backhoe (I think).  She’s in bluish sweats and has on a black helmet and knee pads as well as a dark blue padded vest.  She also has a hockey stick for a weapon.  Kelsey gets loose and resumes fighting Batlings as Grandmother Winslow continues to create chaos.

Grandmother Winslow rams into the laser, causing Moleman to toss her aside.  Undeterred, she starts to whale on a Batling with her hockey stick.  Kelsey gets her grandmother out of the way because the laser explodes and the starlight crystals shatter.

Outside the warehouse, Grandmother Winslow reveals she came to rescue Kelsey, who loves the most.  Assuring her that she’ll be fine, Grandmother Winslow tells Kelsey to go help her friends when Carter contacts her.  Kelsey uses the boomerang aspect of her V-Lancer as part of her big entrance.  Carter and Chad greet her.

Loki, Moleman, and Olympius all want to take on the Rangers.  Kelsey takes on Moleman, who turns out to also have fire breath.  The other two aren’t happy when Kelsey fells Moleman, even if he’s not yet destroyed.  Spectra Blast is used.  Olympius gets out of the way, but Moleman is destroyed while Loki is weakened.  The two survivors presumably leave but it’s not shown on-screen.

The four are getting lunch when a roller-blading Kelsey shows up to snag Carter’s drink.  Grandmother Winslow is on roller blades as well.  Carter is confused, as he didn’t get the memo that they’re not estranged anymore.  When the others decline, the two decide to have a race off to the park.


This episode is “in memory of Bob Manahan” who voiced Zordon in Mighty Morphin 2 through In Space as he had recently died.

The central figure of this episode was Kelsey.  Apparently she inherited her love of actions and sports from her grandmother.  Considering how her grandfather isn’t mentioned, I have to wonder if Grandmother Winslow’s frostiness occurred due to her spouse’s death prior to Kelsey’s birth.  Grandmother Winslow learns to show her love of her granddaughter as well as re-embrace her love of action despite her age.

Carter is coming into his own as team leader, ready to defend his teammates and generally look out for them.  Kelsey’s bond with Chad was downplayed here, but still acknowledged.  I half-suspect Kelsey and Joel butt heads on a regular basis.  Dana didn’t really have a role here.  Captain Mitchell and Angela didn’t show up at all.  Despite the previously on segment being Ryan-centric, the sixth Ranger went unmentioned in this episode as well.


Next time on Power Rangers: Chad’s sensei mistakenly thinks a demon will be an honorable student.



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