15-5: Weather or Not

Mack has an ill-timed crisis of self-confidence, not least because there’s a haywire weather control machine.

Last time on Power Rangers: Dax’s new girlfriend turned out to be the villainous Miratrix.


Put on Hold

Up in the mansion’s rec room, Will and Ronny are excited for the upcoming trip to St. Lucia while Rose is reading up on the island.  Mack is just thrilled to finally be having adventures instead of reading about them to the former two’s amusement (Rose is less so).  Dax jumps onto the pile of duffel bags, scared since he has heard that the island is haunted, so he’s gotten out his bag of lucky marbles.  But Mack is undeterred by the idea.

Andrew is fretting down in the base when Spencer comes in dressed as an ‘islander’.  The Drill Driver is being prepared so it’ll be available for the “island adventure”.  The brunet is bemused by his butler’s choice of disguise and he goes into resigned amusement after his departure.

Flurious is lounging on his throne, using Norg as a footrest.  He decides to contact his brother, who’s planning to use a weather machine to one-up him.  Their long-distance chat consists mostly of insults.  After the call, Moltor is upset.

A truck is driving along the grass (not a road… why?) when Moltor and some Lava Lizards to steal the “subatomic generator” being transported by it.  Andrew is with the five down in the base when footage of the attack comes up.  Evidently it’s in Australia.  The trip is put on hold because this takes priority, and the five morph.

Safety Net

A Lava Lizard gets the generator.  The five drop down from a vehicle, possibly the SHARC as seen from below.  Mack goes to the driver’s aid while the others take on Moltor, but all five struggle against the enemies.  When Mack tries to shield him from the Lava Lizard’s blasts, the driver ends up falling off the cliff.

Calling upon his HoverTech Cycle, Will rescues the driver and takes him to safety.  Mack tries to take on the thieving Lava Lizards but Moltor blasts him just before the villains teleport away.  Back in the volcano, a trio of Lava Lizards puts together and activates the weather machine and one of them even speaks, which is unusual for a minion.

Down in their base with Andrew, the five Rangers are upset and worried, particularly Mack.  Will brings up what Mack told him in “The Underwater World” although he doesn’t bring up the episode even obliquely.  But yes, to support each other and handle large-scale activities is why superhero groups are formed.  A damp Spencer comes down from gardening to complain about the rapidly changing weather.

Andrew brings up the news on the global weather antics before stating the obvious connection between it and Moltor.  He then wants Mack to use the Drill Driver as part of stopping it.  Although uncertain, Mack is encouraged by his father to at least try it.  Drill Driver, Zord number six, is apparently powerful enough to zap Mack, who ends up despairing.


Unmorphed, Mack goes back to the base to tell his dad that maybe he had the right idea about him not being cut out to be a Power Ranger.  Andrew is in the process of effectively telling his son to get a grip when the alarms go off.

The morphed quintet ends up fighting Lava Lizards near a forest.  A smug Moltor shows up, wanting to destroy the Rangers in order to earn his brother’s respect.  The five are worried about the consequences of the weather machine being used at full power (basically Earth would be doomed).  But the Lava Lizards can’t use it anymore.  Then the machine starts floating freely and creating a snowfall.

Iced In

Watching from his ice fortress, Flurious is amused by this twist.  When Norg tries to laugh too, the other being just glares at him until he stops.

Mack is upset with Moltor, but Moltor is upset at this turn of events as well.  The Zords and consoles are sent out.  Dax loses control of his Zord first due to the snowfall, and then there’s an avalanche.  Mack alone manages to eject himself out of his cockpit before the Zords get lost/trapped.  When he can’t get in contact with his teammates, Mack becomes afraid despite his father’s comments.

Moltor shows up and the two fight in the snowfall.  I’m vaguely reminded of The Force Awakens, but then again I think any sword fight in or near snowy woods will make me think of that movie for years… even if, as in this case, it predates Episode VII.  The fight basically ends in a draw.

Rose wakes up in her cockpit.  Dax is convinced this is the fault of St. Lucia’s curse.  Ronny and Will are awake now too, but all the Zords are stuck in the ice/snow.  Rose in particular has faith in Mack.

Spencer and Andrew are trying to locate the others’ position when Mack returns.  Upset with himself, he hands his tracker over to his dad.  Both men are wide-eyed about this decision.

In his volcano, Moltor complains at his Lava Lizards before blasting them into oblivion.  Norg and Flurious briefly show up in the lava screen so the latter can mock Moltor.


Footage of the four gets pulled up.  Dax is messing with his bag of marbles, Rose is reading, Will is grooving to some music, and Ronny is shuffling a card deck.  Andrew points out they’re calm because they trust that Mack will rescue them.  Mack is bemused by this and Andrew ends up challenging him to live up to their trust.  Thus Mack asks for his tracker back and leaves to Andrew and Spencer’s relief/happiness.

Morphed, Mack is back in the Drill Driver’s cockpit to activate it.  There’s a lot of nonverbal noises as Mack struggles to control the Zord’s power.  When it stalls, Mack reminds himself that his teammates are counting on him so he powers the Drill Driver up again.  He ends up drilling into the ground to find the ice encasing the five Zords.

The others can now communicate with their team leader.  Mack vows not to let them down again… um, Mack, you didn’t let them down a first time.  You might have come close to doing so, but when push came to shove you came through for them.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Mack leads the charge towards the weather machine as it converts itself into a huge monster.  The DriveMax Megazord is formed and suddenly it’s no longer snowy as the battle begins.  The Drill Driver, piloted by Mack, attacks too.

They realize “the blowhole” is the monster’s source of strength.  The Drill Driver is combined with the Megazord and Mack joins the others in the central cockpit.  Will comments on the new Zord’s power but Rose is confident they can handle it.  By attacking the blowhole, the Rangers manage to explode the monster to their triumph.

Moltor is grumpy and his mood isn’t helped when Flurious’ image shows up to be condescending towards him.  When Moltor expresses his desire to be all-powerful and have his brother bow down to him, Flurious is certain that’ll never happen.

Mack, Dax, Ronny, and Rose are back in the rec room as the trip to St. Lucia is back on.  Will shows up with Dax’s bag of lucky marbles, feigning concern that they’ll need all the luck they can get.  All five end up being playful to Spencer’s resignation as the butler is busy carrying most of the duffel bags.


It makes sense for there to be an episode where Mack realized this wasn’t all fun and games, given how his only prior experience with adventures was with pulp novels.  But I’m not sure this is it.  I think the showrunners didn’t quite realize the strangeness of Will advocating teamwork two episodes after Mack did so with him.  Furthermore, I wonder if Mack’s self-doubt would have been as potent had Andrew been more receptive to the idea of him being the Red Ranger.

This was basically a filler episode.  It starts with the Rangers preparing to leave for St. Lucia to find the first pearl and ends in the same spot.  All that has changed is that Moltor feels more scorned than ever by his brother Flurious.  Well, there’s now a sixth Zord, the Drill Driver, and hopefully Mack is more secure in his role as a Power Ranger and team leader.


Next time on Power Rangers: Rose gets possessed by a pirate’s ghost.



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