2-1: The Mutiny, Part 1

Lord Zedd arrives due to Rita’s failure to conquer Earth.

Last time on Power Rangers: Zack tried too hard to get Angela to like-like him.  Rita’s scheme didn’t help either.


There was a summary post to wrap things up for Mighty Morphin 1.  I can’t believe I’m finally onto Mighty Morphin 2!  Even better, I can sync up this trilogy of episodes with the 23rd anniversary of “Day of the Dumpster”.  That’s why all three will be posted this morning instead of being spaced out like most over-two parters are.  The opening credits haven’t changed yet.  I also checked out the novelization for these episodes from the library, which is cool.  In it, the monster is called Pirhantis Head but the DVD booklet calls it Piranhtis Head.  I know better than to fully trust the subtitles.


The Fun Before the Storm

Outside Angel Grove, a Motor Marathon is being hosted as a charity event for the local children’s hospital.  Mr. Kaplan is apparently one of the event coordinators.  All six Rangers are participating.  For the opening scene they’re paired off: Jason and Tommy, Zack and Trini, Billy and Kimberly.


As seen above, Billy isn’t wearing glasses and doesn’t do so for the rest of the episode.  I suspect this will be my new Billy-centric count: whether or not he has on glasses.  But don’t fear, I will continue to track the dwindling times he wears overalls.  Bulk and Skull are also going to race, wanting to beat the ‘geeks’.

Up in the moon fortress, Rita is amused by the Rangers and eager to come up with a scheme to take them out.  Scorpina, for once, is among the minions (I wonder where she’s off to most of the time [yes, I know the Doylist reason but I want a Watsonian one]).

But then comes thunder and lightning, heralding the return of Lord Zedd the “true emperor”.  Rita’s reaction is a fearful, “Oh my gosh.”

Oblivious, the Rangers are ready to race.  They have at least one map, whose clues they must decode in order to finish the race.  The vehicles take off!

Lord Zedd’s Return

It’s still stormy at the moon fortress when an image of Lord Zedd shows up to scorn Rita and tell them to prepare the palace for his return.  The moon fortress then shakes.  Lord Zedd has gone to his “chamber of command” while Rita has a headache.

The six pull off the dirt path, concerned by the mysterious thunder.  Zack suggests they stay alert for their communicators to beep; Jason is wary as well.  Billy is more intent on solving the next clue on the map.


Goldar goes to a new chamber.  A throne revolves around to reveal Lord Zedd.  He has a pet boa (?) that turns into his staff.  He is definitely a scary looking guy.  Goldar does his best to butter up to Zedd; while knowing he’s doing so, Zedd still approves of Goldar’s behavior and thus restores his wings.  Huh.  When and why did he lose them?

Rita shows up just as Lord Zedd identifies the Power Rangers and dismisses them as “mere infants”.  Baboo and Squatt are spying through peepholes; the former points out how the chamber changes color along with Zedd’s mood.

The command center’s alarms go off, concerning both Alpha and Zordon.  When Jason’s communicator beeps, the six pull off the path again to be contacted by their mentor.  They’re worried about it being an “emergency”; Tommy checks their surroundings before giving the go-ahead for them to teleport.

Once there, the Rangers learn about Lord Zedd’s return as well as who he is.  Both Zordon and Alpha are worried the Rangers, and more specifically their Zords, aren’t powerful enough to stop him.

New Threats and Goals

Zedd dismisses the Putties as useless so he conjures up some Z-Putties and energizes them.

Bulk and Skull are driving along when distracted by the thunder they end up crashing and landing in a pine tree… somehow.  Their vehicles are damaged and unable to restart.  Skull suggests they use the map to reach the finish by foot.  The thunder starts to scare them, especially since it’s a clear sky out.

Rita pleads for another chance, which Zedd refuses.  First he zaps away her staff and then shrinks her down to fit into a container.  The novelization clarifies that it’s a “trash can”.  A pair of Z-Putties assist in sending away Rita’s prison; upset, the sorceress vows to return.  Now Zedd is ready to take out the Power Rangers.

Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull have found the Rangers’ abandoned cycles to their delight.  But their joy turns to horror when the Z-Putties show up.  Alpha alerts the Rangers to the duo’s situation.  Kimberly notes that the Putties look different, which Zordon explains.

The six morph and go to the duo’s rescue.  Bulk and Skull hide in some nearby brush while the Rangers face off against the Z-Putties.  Unfortunately, these Z-Putties are indeed tougher than standard Putties.  As the battle continues, Tommy’s powers begin to weaken.

Jason manages to hit the Z emblem on a Z-Putty’s chest, destroying it.  He alerts his teammates about the weak spot, enabling the tide of the battle to turn.  Once all the Z-Putties have been destroyed, Jason checks on the duo before the six teleport back to the Command Center.


Bulk and Skull are awed by their close encounter with the superheroes.  Then Bulk has an idea.  They could become famous by finding out who the Power Rangers really are!  And thus their quest begins…

Helmetless, the six are in the command center wondering what’s next.  Kimberly in particular is worried, with Zack agreeing it’ll be no “Pudgy Pig”.  Heh.

And indeed Zedd transforms a piranha into the Pirhantis Head monster to take out the Rangers.  Due to his weakened powers, Tommy must stay behind while Alpha and Zordon try to figure out a way to energize his powers.

The five head out to find the attacking monster, who soon blasts.  For some reason, Jason decides it’ll be a good idea to call upon the Dinozords even though the monster isn’t super-sized.  Of course, even small the monster is capable of freezing four of the Zords right off the bat: Sabertooth, Triceratops, Mastodon, and Pterodactyl.  And that’s the cliffhanger!


This was a solid start to the second season.  Rita’s ineffectual schemes were addressed here by Zedd’s dismissal of them and Rita Repulsa as a serious threat to Earth.  It does seem as time went on her plans got flimsier and flimsier in season one.  Lord Zedd is already far more intimidating.  Even if his Z-Putties have an absurd weak spot.

Now Bulk and Skull are given a recurring story line: they want to unmask the Power Rangers to win themselves fame as the guys who found out who Angel Grove’s superheroes are.  This is going to be interesting.

Tommy’s powers are starting to fail him mid-battle, which is worrying.  Four of the five Dinozords have been iced over.  Clearly this second season is planning to take things up a notch, danger-wise.


Next time on Power Rangers: The team struggles against Lord Zedd.



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