2-2: The Mutiny, Part 2

The Rangers must find a way to break Pirhantis Head’s control over Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd showed up to overthrow Rita Repulsa.


Zord Control

Tyrannosaurus is still active, but Lord Zedd is fine with that as he wants to turn the Zord against the Rangers.  Pirhantis Head uses a spell so he’s now in control of the Zord and has it attack the Rangers to their confusion.  Jason states they need Tommy and Dragonzord.

Zordon has energized Tommy but only to a certain extent so he’s still worried about the Green Ranger.  Alpha alerts the teen that his teammates need him so he puts on his helmet and goes to their aid.  Tommy calls upon Dragonzord, which rises out of the water.

It’s red versus green again as the Zords clash.  Lord Zedd wants to take control of Dragonzord as well.  This pleases Goldar, as well as Baboo and Squatt from their hiding spot.  Lord Zedd activates his staff, which somehow gets Pirhantis Head to cast the spell upon Dragonzord.  The six Rangers are freaking out while the monster is pleased.

Zordon wants Alpha to prepare for “phase two”.  Lord Zedd is more interested in squashing the Rangers so Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord prepare to take them out.  They do try to regain control of the Zords but to no avail.


Helmetless, they despair back in the Command Center over what to do next.  But it’s okay since the Thunderzords are nearly ready!  Alpha leads the Rangers to just outside the Command Center so they can each briefly see their new Zord despite the grey and stormy skies.

Jaon gets the Red Dragon, “fierce and true”.  Interestingly, he’s the only one whose color is mentioned in the Zord’s name even though they’re all color-coded.  Trini gets the “swift and accurate” Griffin.  Zack gets the Lion that while it has “courage and strength” is the only one that’s a real creature.  At least on Earth, anyway.  Billy gets the Unicorn which has “mythological powers and wisdom” while Kimberly has the “powerful and agile” Firebird.

Together they’ll form the Thunder Megazord.  Jason is awed and Billy goes “morphenominal”.  When Kimberly asks about Tommy, Alpha admits they didn’t make him one since they don’t know how long his powers will last.  Tommy assures them he expected something like this would happen although he does wish that he could change things.

Alpha warns them that before they can use them the Rangers must regain control of their old Zords.  This isn’t explained in the episode itself, but according to the novelization Alpha and Zordon need some of the parts from the old Zords to finish the new ones.

Working Together

Still helmetless, the Rangers return to Zordon’s chamber to brainstorm.  Looking over some data with Alpha, Billy gets the idea to create a signal that’ll interfere with Zedd’s control of the two Zords.  Zordon approves of the idea, so Billy and Trini teleport back to Billy’s lab to create the needed device.  The three remaining guys are worried.

Lord Zedd and Goldar are triumphant, certain that their victory is at hand.  Baboo and Squatt are impressed as well.

Billy (now in glasses) and Trini are working hard in the lab.  Outside of Angel Grove, there are some ATVs (I guess?) riding along, among them Bulk and Skull.  Pirhantis Head plans to attack them.  The alarms blare back at the Command Center.  The four Rangers want to go protect the civilians but Zordon points out that it’d be too risky for them to do so at this point.

Bulk and Skull come to a stop, each thinking they should go in a different direction and they end up splitting up.

The four Rangers at the Command Center are restless.  But when Zordon contacts Billy and Trini, they admit they’re not done yet.  Worried about the damage Pirhantis Head could cause, the four grab their helmets and teleport to the area.

Lord Zedd spots the Rangers with his visor vision and decides to play “cat and mouse” by sending Z-Putties to distract them and then the two Zords will arrive to take them out.  The quartet soon spots the monster.  Zack initially goes “in the flesh” about Pirhantis Head before ‘correcting’ himself about the monster having scales instead.  Um, Zack, fish have flesh under their scales.  That’s why they’re edible.

Pirhantis Head teleports away and the Z-Putties teleport in.  A rock song plays as the four battle the Z-Putties.  Lord Zedd tells Pirhantis Head to take care of some nearing intruders.  Both Bulk and Skull are certain they’re the one heading the right way and the other will get lost.

Tommy and Jason team up, thus causing Zack and Kimberly to fight closer together than usual.  Actually, Zack and Kim usually don’t interact much, do they?

Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull encounter each other head-on.  According to the novelization, both went in a circle.  Then Pirhantis Head shows up behind Bulk and Skull.  Unnerved, Skull manages to point out the monster to his friend.  As they freak out, Pirhantis Head enchants their bikes to go away.  He’s amused by this before teleporting away.

A new rock song is playing as the four start to defeat the Z-Putties.  But once they’ve been defeated, Pirhantis Head shows up.  And then so do Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord… seemingly the result of Pirhantis Head’s magic.  Alpha is worried as he reports on the Zords attacking the Rangers.

The Thunderzords are on standby since they can’t be fully activated yet.  The Rangers are getting battered and Jason is worried about how long they can last against the attacks.


This episode was fairly action-packed, though there was a lull to introduce the new Zords.  Bulk and Skull had a close call with the monster, but so did the Rangers.  There was a brief Zord versus Zord fight before both were enchanted by Pirhantis Head.  It’s definitely a reoccurring theme that Red and Green are either best friends or worst enemies (even if the latter is typically a case of enchantment).

Lord Zedd continues to be considerable more competent and scarier than Rita Repulsa.  Goldar is still a kiss-up while Baboo and Squatt continue to be skittish and lazy.  While overall tougher than the usual Putties, the Z-Putties do have that glaring weakness of theirs.

Strangely enough, the novelization put the end of this episode and the start of the next one in the same chapter.  Way to ruin the cliffhanger.


Next time on Power Rangers: The Thunderzords are used to defeat Pirahntis Head.


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