2-3: The Mutiny, Part 3

The Thunderzords are used for the first time against evil.

Last time on Power Rangers: Pirhantis Head turned Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord against the team.


On the Brink

Instead of destroying the Rangers, Pirhantis Head instead opts to have the two Zords head towards the rally to wreak havoc there.  Of course, maybe the monster would know that the heroes would do everything they could to prevent that from happening…

Zordon has Alpha contact Billy and Trini as things are now “critical”.  Both are worried, although Alpha is the less calm one (as usual).  Lord Zedd dismisses Billy and Trini’s efforts and is eager to conquer the world.

Over at the start/finish line, a guy spots Bulk and Skull’s inadvertent antics in his binoculars.  Amused, he has his friend look through as well.  Back in the moon fortress, Lord Zedd apparently dislikes teenagers and wants to get rid of them first before conquering the world.

Confident he’ll be fine due to the Zords under his control, Pirhantis Head has them start the attack on the rally.  Luckily said attacks aren’t too effective; furthermore, enough dust gets kicked up that the riders don’t see what’s attacking them.  Lord Zedd and Goldar are pleased with this start.

Thinking the device is ready, Billy takes off his glasses.  The pair morphs and takes the device with them when they teleport to the others.  Billy tries to turn it on but nothing happens.  The two Zords approach the teens as Billy is befuddled as to why the device isn’t working.  Jason tells the others they ought to create the Power Blaster.

Alpha expresses worry that if the old Zords are destroyed then the new ones can’t be used.  The five form the Power Blaster out of their Power Weapons and use it on Pirhantis Head.  After checking the device, Billy realizes in his rush he put in the batteries backwards.  Tommy is affectionately amused by this.

Now the device works so the Zords stop their attack.  Upset, Lord Zedd decides to strip the Zords of their powers and return them to the “depths of the Earth” by opening up a fiery crevasse.  The five Zords sink into it to the Rangers’ fear, particularly Kimberly.

Lord Zedd, Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt are pleased as they think they’ve basically won at this point.  But Zordon and Alpha are working hard to save enough of the old Zords to create the new ones.  I’m not quite sure how this process works, but okay.  Tommy sends Dragonzord back to the ocean to protect it from the crevasse, leading to him having a bonding moment with Jason.

Big Trouble

The novelization calls it a bomb (wat) but the device Lord Zedd will apparently be using to super-size his monsters looks like a grey BB-8.  Helmetless, the six Rangers are worried back at the Command Center.  Alpha and Zordon reassure them that enough of the old Zords was saved to create the new ones.  Tommy’s powers are too weak to support a new Zord so he agrees to stay behind.

There’s a special sequence of the Dinozords turning into the Thunderzords.  Zordon is amused by Alpha’s efforts to cheer on the Rangers.  The Thunderzord Megazord is formed and then the Mega Thunderzord (I think).  Lord Zedd is not amused by Zordon’s “surprises” but is still sure of victory.

Tommy is watching the battle nervously and wishes he had a new Zord so he could help his teammates.  Alpha assures the teen they’ll find a way to restore his powers.  The others manage to defeat Pirhantis Head.  A furious Lord Zedd glows red on and off.  Finster is grumpy down in his study, thinking matters would have gone better had one of his monsters been used.  Even though he’s created like sixty of them to no effect.  Like Rita, Lord Zedd blames the defeat on everybody else and wants Earth to be reduced to “mere cinders”.


Everybody’s back at the Command Center in normal attire.  Zordon warns them that the Dragonzord is now weakening as well.  Weirdly, Kimberly is the only one not to reassure Tommy that he’ll always be one of them.  Well, she was the one to originally ask about him and his powers.  Tommy then asks about Rita Repulsa.  Alpha shows her in the viewing globe: in her trash can, she’s singing ‘ninety-nine bottles of slime on the wall’.  This amuses everybody, especially Zordon who sings a bit of the song.

Next the viewing globe shows them what’s happened to Bulk and Skull.  I’m a little impressed that Pirhantis Head was powerful enough for his spells to last after his destruction.  The six teleport to a nearby spot where Trini and Billy use the device to see if it’ll break the spell on the four-wheelers.  When it does, the two high-five.

Jason suggests Kim and Tommy check on them while the others get their bikes.  Bulk and Skull recount what happened to them to the duo, who feign skepticism.  When they then reveal their plan to find out the Rangers’ identities, the two aren’t concerned by the idea.

The others show up on their bikes, with Zack suggesting they get back to the marathon.  Kim insists on driving one of the bikes with Tommy behind her; Bulk and Skull ride the other.  So apparently the two did ‘borrow’ two of the Rangers’ bikes.  The race is wrapping up with Mr. Kaplan present- the group won’t win, but given the day they’ve had the Rangers are likely fine with that.


First off: there is finally a new opening sequence!  Yes, the theme song is the same but the images are basically all new.  Of course, things will change up again when Tommy leaves and again when he returns and let’s not even think about what “The Power Transfer” will do to it yet.  Sorry, but after sixty-two episodes of the same opening credits this warrants celebration.

The new Zords were used for the first time and it’s established that the old ones can’t be used anymore.  So, I’m guessing I’ll no longer have to despair over tank mode not being used.  Yay?  The Thunderzords do look cool.  And some more consequences are being seen about Tommy’s dwindling powers.  I’m fairly certain Tommy and Kimberly are dating at this point.

Overall, this trilogy of episodes was a good start to the second season.  And I’m glad that Lord Zedd is already more intimidating than Rita Repulsa, even if his plans are equally doomed to failure.


Next time on Power Rangers: There’s a shape-shifting monster.



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