2-5: Putty on the Brain

Lord Zedd puts a perception spell upon Zack and Billy.

Last time on Power Rangers: The team dealt with the shape-shifting Primator.


Not as They Appear

At Angel Grove High, Zack and Billy are excited about an upcoming physics demonstration they’ll be doing.  It’s never clarified what precisely they’ll be doing, let alone it seen on-screen.  But evidently they’ll need optical protection for it.

Lord Zedd casts a spell upon the “protective glasses” so that they’ll see their fellow Rangers as Z-Putties permanently once they put them back on.  Jason, Kim, and Tommy are understandably confused when they come over and the two claim they see Z-Putties.  Mr. Kaplan shows up and in trying to protect him they end up with detention due to crashing into him.

Bulk and Skull are planning to record everybody to use the vocal samples to identify the Power Rangers.  They briefly, silently suspect each other before dismissing the concept.  Miss Applebee puts them in charge of feeding the pet iguana while she goes elsewhere to make copies (presumably of the upcoming test).

Bulk dumps in the entire canister of food… and Lord Zedd decides to transform the iguana into the monstrous Saliguana.  After Bulk goes, “I guess we overfed it,” the duo flees.

It’s time for the test… evidently the monster left the school without anybody else noticing.  Zack and Billy are still freaking out while Kimberly is in charge of handing out the tests.

Zack, Billy, Bulk, and Skull are all in detention with Miss Applebee.  Billy figures out they’re under a spell by Lord Zedd even if he’s not sure of the details yet.  When the other two put on the shades, they see Billy and Zack as Z-Putties and scream before bolting from the classroom.

Goldar is praising Lord Zedd, who wants to send down actual Z-Putties next.  Walking near a playground, the pair is trying to figure out the spell when the Z-Putties attack.  They quickly clue in they’re the real deal and fight back. Zordon has Alpha contact the other Rangers.

When they teleport in, Zack and Billy can’t tell who’s a friend and who’s a foe.  Zack deals with this by attacking everybody.  Billy explains the situation after Zack nearly attacks Trini.  After the Z-Putties have been defeated the six teleport to the Command Center where Zordon explains matters and reveals the existence of the Saliguana to them.

It can breathe fire due to being a combination of a salamander (the mythical, fire-breathing kind) and an iguana.  Zack and Billy are put in charge of creating a device to “cool down” the monster while Alpha works on finding a way to reverse the spell.

Cooling Off


They go to Billy’s garage lab to work on the device while wearing the shades.  Trini teleports in and morphs before them; they can now see her properly as the Yellow Ranger.  But then the alarm at the Command Center blares due to the Saliguana attacking the beach.

Jason contacts Billy, who’s worried about his ice device being untested.  After suggesting they bring along a second computer chip, Trini teleports away.  Zack grabs the ice device and the two prepare to morph.  Tommy has to stay behind to get his powers recharged; he clasps hands with Jason before he and Kimberly morph.

The five fight Z-Putties on the beach as another rock song plays.  When Saliguana shows up, Zack takes it on.  Billy tries to remind Zack about the monster’s fire breath to no avail.  Zack gets out the ice device but it’s not working.  The blond offers to distract the monster while Zack figures out why it’s not working.

But Billy still isn’t a very proficient fighter, hitting his head at one time, so Zack comes to his aid.  Getting out the additional computer chip, Billy puts it into the device.  There’s a bit of technobabble to justify why that causes the device to function.

The other four come onto the scene and the Power Blaster is formed to take out the Saliguana.  Lord Zedd sends down a BBomb8 (this is what I’ll be calling them now) to revive and super-size the monster.  There’s the extended Zord transformation sequence and the Megazord is formed and then the Mega Thunder Megazord partway through the battle.  Apparently the Saliguana has a chameleon-like tongue, but the Megazord cuts it in half when the monster tries to tie them up with it.  Next the Thunder Sword is used to blow up the Saliguana.

For whatever reason Lord Zedd is upset with Goldar.  It’s becoming clear Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa aren’t so different when it comes to blaming their underlings unjustifiably for their defeats.

Back at Angel Grove High, the iguana teleports down under Billy’s chair.  Zack, Billy, and Trini are joined by the other three.  Jason hands over the glasses as Alpha put the counteractive spell in them as well.  The spell gets broken and everybody’s happy.

The iguana crawls up on Skull.  Bulk thinks the iguana could sniff out the Power Rangers to the duo’s excitement and confusion of the six.  Chaos ensues when the iguana is unleashed onto the classroom and Miss Applebee is upset when she arrives.  The six are amused when Skull expresses dismay about him and Bulk not knowing whether or not the Rangers were ever present here.


This wasn’t a particularly outstanding episode.  I’ll acknowledge that Lord Zedd’s scheme was clever and did have some effect.  This was the first episode to have Billy and Zack interacting on an extended basis and it’s nice to see they are indeed friends.

Billy did wear his regular glasses in a few scenes as well as wearing the protective glasses alongside Zack a couple of times.  This was a run of the mill episode overall; I think the show is falling back into the rut it had going on late last season.


Next time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd magically enhances Kimberly’s jealousy of Trini.


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