8-23: Yesterday Again

Carter ends up traveling back in time by a day, which enables him to change what’ll happen.

Last time on Power Rangers: Chad’s sensei trained a demon feigning honorable intentions.


Practice Round

The episode opens with Carter doing a simulation for the red-hued “mobile armored vehicle” down in Angela’s lab.  Joel’s present as well- mostly to support and advise Carter due to his flight experience, but I have no doubt his crush on “Miss F” was a factor as well.    Carter had trouble in the simulation piloting the vehicle but the duo still wants Carter to try out the real deal tomorrow despite their concerns.

Chad, Joel, and Dana are having breakfast together where Joel reassures the other two about Carter, who then joins them at their table upon entering the commissary.  Dana reads out loud from the newspaper a joke about why a dog put on a sweater, which she finds hilarious but the guys not so much.

Kelsey roller blades into the room and accidentally runs into one of the chefs, who puts her in charge of cleaning up the batter that got spilled as a result.  Chad and Dana head over to help her out while Carter and Joel head off to Angela’s lab.

A nervous Carter nears the vehicle and morphs.  He gets into the vehicle and prepares to test it out.  Angela readies the situation so Carter can take off.  Angela and Joel watch him via footage in the lab.  Soon the engines and gauges start malfunction so Carter does an emergency landing.

Next the Aquabase alarms go off as Olympius and the praying mantis monster Mantevil are attacking Mariner Bay, backed up by a group of Batlings.  The four arrive, morphed, to take on the minions.

Carter hangs his jacket on a branch before starting to do repairs on the vehicle.

Chad activates his Battle Boosters to get more of an advantage over the Batlings.  Kelsey contacts Carter about them needing his help.  Carter morphs and gets back into the hopefully repaired vehicle… but it won’t take off.

But the vehicle’s screen does show him Joel’s struggle.  Finally, the engines start up and Carter is able to fly off.  The take-off gusts cause his Ranger jacket to end up by a boulder.

Chad contacts the Rescue Bird while Angela is worried about where Carter is.  He’s still struggling to get the engines to function.  Olympius uses a vehicle to tractor beam it into his hands.  Mantevil blasts the quartet down onto the ground so Olympius can take careful aim at them with the Rescue Bird.  Carter tries to get there in time but Olympius blasts the four, eager to have his mother be proud of him.


As he keeps flying, Carter ends up back at the episode’s beginning.  Joel and Angela are both confused by his freak-out and surmise he’s overreacting to the simulation.  Yet they still want Carter to test out the real deal the next day… um, that seems like a really bad idea if they’re under the impression Carter can’t even handle a simulated flight.

That night, Carter can’t sleep well in his ‘bunk’ with Joel sleeping soundly below him.  I say bunk, but they look like ‘beds’ that can be put against the wall during the day for space.  In any case, Carter has a nightmare about what did/will happen and bolts upright.

The same scenario plays out in the commissary the next morning… until Carter tries to claim Dana’s said that joke before as he knows the punch line of it being a chilly/chili dog.  But the blonde truthfully insists she just read it in today’s newspaper.  When Kelsey arrives, Carter takes action to keep the batter from being spilled (again).  Joel is reassuring and the two leave as Kelsey sits down next to Dana.

Carter is uneasy as Angela and Joel tell him the plan.  When he admits to feeling as if he’s reliving the day over, Angela shrugs it off as him being still disoriented from the simulation.  Again, that’s a red flag that this test flight should be held off for a bit.  Is there some kind of time crunch that wasn’t stated in the episode itself?

After take-off, the engines and gauges malfunction ‘again’.  Angela and Joel are worried; Carter lands and removes his helmet.  While confused in general, he has a better idea of how to do the repairs.  Then he spots his Ranger jacket by the boulder.


Picking it up, Carter states his realization that he has indeed gone back in time.  He promptly tries to warn Angela about sending the Rescue Bird but she’s focused on helping the other four.

Dana gets battered by Mantevil and Chad uses his Battle Boosters.  Olympius takes away Chad’s Battle Booster.  Carter keeps trying to warn anybody not to send the Rescue Bird and ends up taking off.

The quartet is getting battered again so Chad calls for the Rescue Bird.  Olympius uses his device ‘again’ to get ahold of the weapon.  However, this time Carter comes to his teammates’ rescue in time as Mantevil flees.  It takes some missiles, but Carter manages to blow up the monster and batter Olympius.

But Olympius flies after Carter.  Look, I’m going to call his weapon a ‘staff weapon’ because it looks and acts basically like one from SG-1.  They end up flying over the nearby mountains.  Carter goes fully within the vehicle and gets the retractable roof to be over him so he can activate hyperspeed mode.  Somehow this causes Olympius to crash onto the ground.

Carter goes back and lands near his friends, who are happy that he arrived in time.  Carter’s even happier as he knows what would have happened had he not.  But then Jinxer revives and super-sizes Mantevil so the Omega Zords are called for by Carter and the Omega Megazord is formed.

But Mantevil withstands its attacks so the Lightspeed Solarzord and the Super Train Megazord are called for as well.  The three attack at maximum power together and explode the monster.

In the Skull Cavern, Olympius apologizes to his grumpy mother and promises to do better next time.

Carter visits Angela in her lab, where she and some technicians have been doing repairs on the mobile armored vehicle so it’ll function more smoothly in the future.  His teammates show up, with Joel gifting him with a copy of his hat as they’re both “sky cowboys” now.


Weirdly, the booklet has for this episode’s synopsis “Carter is haunted by psychic visions of a future in which the Power Rangers are defeated”.  The episode itself made it fairly clear that Carter ended up time-traveling what with his Ranger jacket being by the boulder and all.

“Yesterday Again” was a great episode.  It’s not my favorite time-travel related episode ever, but it’d take something really special to top “Window of Opportunity”.  Also, I’m not sure why Angela and Joel maintained the short timeline for piloting the mobile armored vehicle for real when Carter was clearly having trouble with the simulated flights.

Despite still being in the credits, Ryan is still nowhere to be found.


Next time on Power Rangers: Olympius sets up a trap for both his ‘allies’ and his enemies.


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