2-6: Bloom of Doom

Lord Zedd magically magnifies Kimberly’s jealousy of Trini on club sign-up day.

Last time on Power Rangers: Billy and Zack were bewitched to see their friends as Z-Putties.


Club Sign-Up Day

As usual, the scholastic event is taking place at the Gym & Juice Bar.  Well, less usually is that apparently there are multiple locations due to the quantity of sign-up booths.  Zack has a hip-hop club, Billy a science club, and Trini a super popular volleyball club.  Kimberly is upset as no one has signed up for her gardening club unlike her friends’ clubs.

Lord Zedd picks up on her “little touch of jealousy” and plans to have her prick a finger on a cursed cactus and then in her sleep she’ll turn completely against Trini.  Goldar flatters his boss’ brilliance but the idea sounds like a warped version of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to me.

Zack shows off some dance moves.  Bulk and Skull have founded an “unsolved mysteries” club.  Mr. Kaplan shows up, disorganized about club sign-ups given the sheer number of clubs and multiple locations.  Kimberly is grumpy as she thought there were people interested in joining her club and is determined to design a great garden even if it’s by herself.

Bulk snarks at her.  Both guys laugh at her and try to further her jealousy of Trini.  Kimberly is stubborn so they keep laughing, leading her to storm off.

At Lord Zedd’s command, Goldar pours the jealousy potion on a potted cactus.  Next a Z-Putty will make the switch.  It teleports down with the cactus before taking on a human form.  Ernie has made Kim a smoothie in an effort to cheer her up as she’s upset that Trini’s club is by far more popular than hers.

Pink with Jealousy

By the time she goes back to her booth the switch has occurred.  Kim notices the flower on the cactus and ends up pricking her finger, thus getting impacted by the jealousy potion.  This causes her to lash out at Trini to the confusion of her as well as Zack and Billy.  She’s also upset that even Bulk and Skull got club members… that they apparently bribed into joining via free food.  Their club will focus on finding out the Power Rangers’ identities via vocal recognition.


Jason and Tommy are confused by Kimberly’s anger.  Ernie gives Tommy a flower to give to his girlfriend to see if that’ll cheer her up.  The guys try to be sympathetic but Kim just storms off.  There’s an allusion to “On Fins and Needles” which honestly ought to have clued them in.  By now, shouldn’t they know if two of them are fighting that it’s the villains’ fault?  Or would that be paranoid?

Trini and her club members play volleyball in the park.  Afterwards, Jason and Tommy come over to ask her about Kimberly’s bad mood.  After explaining, Trini comments how it’s not like Kimberly to be so jealous.  Bulk, Skull, and their club members come by and scoff at the idea of these geeks being Power Rangers but for the sake of completion they get some voice samples.  Then Skull accidentally knocks over Bulk to the other teen’s annoyance.

Kimberly is frustrated about having to plant flowers by herself elsewhere in the park.

The titular monster is created by Lord Zedd, causing the alarms to blare at the Command Center.  Zordon and Alpha are alerted about the Bloom of Doom and its “fiery, poisonous pollen”.  Alpha is instructed by Zordon to contact the Rangers, and the floating head alerts Jason, Tommy, and Trini about the new monster.

When Trini expresses concern over Tommy’s waning powers, Zordon points out that it’s his decision whether to fight or not.  The brunet is firm on fighting alongside his friends so the trio morphs.

Next Zack and Billy go to the locker room where they’re alerted to the situation and thus morph.  Hang on… and nobody noticed the morphing?  I mean, there’s not always a massive explosion post-morphing but it’s always noticeable.  Maybe the others are just that distracted by signing up for clubs?

Off topic, this is another thing that hints at an extended timeline because club sign-ups usually happen at the beginning of the school year.  So this makes more sense if they’re brand-new sophomores here rather than them being seniors for the first four seasons.

Lastly, Kimberly is alerted by Zordon and Alpha beams her the special weapon needed to defeat the monster by wrapping it around the monster like a vine.  She then morphs.

Bloom of Doom calls upon some Z-Putties when confronted by the Rangers in the park.  A rock song plays over the ensuing fight.  After the minions have been beaten, the monster unleashes its dangerous pollen upon the four guys causing them to flail dramatically.  Trini is upset but Kimberly gets out the weapon to use its pink ribbon (?) to wrap up the monster and weaken it.

But when Trini attacks, she accidentally frees it instead.  Kimberly fights Bloom of Doom and the two end up in a pocket dimension.  The others head back to the Command Center.  Up in the moon fortress, Lord Zedd is certain that Kimberly is doomed.

The Power of Friendship

While Bloom of Doom and Kimberly face off, the helmetless Rangers go to Zordon for advice.  He alerts them to what Lord Zedd did to Kimberly.  … And he didn’t mention this sooner why?  Oh well, maybe he didn’t realize it until after the Rangers left.  Kimberly and the monster are in an “interdimensional warp”.

Kimberly gets tied up by a monster’s vine.  When she expresses faith in her friends, Bloom of Doom refutes that her jealousy ended her friendships.  Um, if it takes a half-hour of cranky jealousy to break multiple friendships then they couldn’t have been that strong to begin with.  Then again, it’s likely that Kimberly isn’t yet back to normal here and thus can’t reason that well.

Billy and Alpha do some calculations and the blond explains what Trini must do to save her friend.  Zordon warns them of the impending deadline before Trini teleports away.

The monster is still taunting Kimberly when Trini manages to free them both from the pocket dimension.  Trini and Kimberly reaffirm their bond as “friends forever” before uniting against the monster in order to weaken it.  The guys show up next so that the Power Blaster can be formed and thus the monster be destroyed.

Lord Zedd is upset and takes his temper out on his underlings before vowing that he will defeat the Power Rangers.

Back at the Gym and Juice Bar, it turns out all the girls who wanted to join Kimberly’s club were trying to find it at the auditorium due to the mix-ups mentioned earlier.  Mr. Kaplan sort of apologizes, which Kimberly accepts.  After sneezing, the principal adjusts his toupee and leaves.

Kimberly asks for forgiveness from Trini.  When it’s granted, they hug.  I suppose Kimberly is viewing her behavior as something she would do if she cared less about her friends’ feelings or got especially upset.  And she was already a bit jealous prior to the potion taking effect.  I half-wish there’d been a moral on how to actually deal with jealousy rather than the consequences of that emotion being magically enhanced.

Tommy is also reassuring.  Bulk, Skull, and their club members return in triumph.  But the cassette player evidently got broken at some point (possibly during Bulk’s fall… but surely if it had been then, the duo would have noticed before this point).  In any case, this scheme has failed but the duo remains determined to learn the Power Rangers’ identities.  The six are amused, although they were initially a bit worried before the reveal that the cassette player was broken.


This was an okay episode.  I have to wonder how the end of the episode would have played out had there actually not been anyone invested enough to sign up for Kimberly’s club.  Then again, if that had been the case maybe an administrator would have headed off the brunette from having a booth.

Like I said before, I do wish there’d been a more clear-cut moral about dealing with jealousy beyond it turning out that the two clubs were roughly equally popular.  And it would have been nice had Tommy and Jason clued in that maybe Kimberly’s mood was akin to what happened in “On Fins and Needles”.  Maybe the fact only one of the best friends was impacted threw them off?

The guys are mostly sidelined this episode.  Billy does wear glasses but he doesn’t wear much blue.  Zack is mostly wearing purple and black.

And is it just me, or is Lord Zedd starting to fall into the same rut Rita Repulsa did?


Next time on Power Rangers: Goldar schemes to obtain the Rangers’ powers for Lord Zedd.


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