8-24: As Time Runs Out

Olympius schemes against both ostensible friend and definite foe.

Last time on Power Rangers: Carter accidentally traveled back in time to get a second chance at saving his friends.


Taking Out the Competition

In the Skull Cavern, Bansheera reveals to Jinxer that she wants to put Loki and Vypra in charge opposed to her son as he’s failed her too often.  From behind a column, an upset Olympius eavesdrops.

Out on a hillside, he has called the pair to him.  He claims it’s because they must work together and combine their powers in order to defeat the Power Rangers.  Putting down his blade, Loki takes one of Olympius’ outstretched hands.  Although a bit wary, Vypra puts down her weapon as well to take his other hand.  But then the two are grabbed by vines and sink into the ground.  Cackling in triumph, Olympius stabs Vypra’s blade into the ground where they sank.  Hmm… I wonder if eventually Olympius and Bansheera will end up at odds due to a power struggle?

After the credits, Olympius is telling his mother that Loki and Vypra were destroyed in battle by the Rangers.  This causes Bansheera to want revenge more than ever on them, which Olympius promises to dole out.  Vilevine is out in the wilderness.  Huh, I’m watching this and “Bloom of Doom” side by side and both have plant-based monsters.  Well, those are a common type of monster in the franchise.

The Rangers have taken the Jeep out into the area due to Miss F having picked up on a “disturbance” nearby.  I wonder if it’s what happened to Loki and Vypra that her sensors reacted to.  Chad spots a vine-ish hand sticking out of the ground nearby.  Kelsey starts to approach, leading Carter to rightfully express concern it could be a trap.

But it’s too late and short bits of vines wrap themselves around each Ranger’s morpher and each has a closed pod.  Vilevine appears to reveal his scheme: vast amounts of poisonous spores will be emitting from the pods at noon in an hour, thus wiping out Mariner Bay.  The monster then teleports away to a nearby grove where Olympius is to give his report.

“I love it when a plan comes together,” gloats the demon prince before the two teleport away.  Yet the plan would have much better odds of working had Vilevine not spelled it out to the Rangers.  Oh well, monologuing is a perennial trait of villains across media.

Of Sands and Space

Out in the desert, Vypra and Loki emerge from the sand.  He promptly rewrites history by claiming he tried to warn her not to trust Olympius.  Both want revenge and Vypra claims she’ll “enjoy figuring that out” in a pretty decently done bit.

The five are back in the lab with Angela, who tries to laser away Carter’s vine bulb.  Although the heat apparently affects him, it seems to work… but the bulb just reforms.  Joel can’t use pliers on the bulb either.  Kelsey suggests they isolate themselves to protect the city but Angela’s tests reveal that the spores are too small to be contained.

Captain Mitchell arrives to reveal they can meet halfway between here and a lab which has a poison that might work to destroy the bulbs.  Carter drives the Jeep fast as the pods are preparing to open.  The Jeep arrives in an empty parking lot where there’s a white van.

But when the scientist opens the case holding the vials, Vilevine blasts the vials and effectively ruins their chance to destroy the bulbs that way.  After reminding them they now have only four minutes, the monster teleports away.  I’m kind of interested as Vilevine’s actions indicate that the potion would have worked or it was an actual possibility.

Angela and the captain are worried back in Rescue Ops.  Staring up at the sky, Carter has a realization.  The Max Solarzord is created and the Rangers fly off into outer space where the pods won’t hurt anyone.  Everybody is panicky down in Rescue Ops.

The Shuttlezord door is opened, causing Joel to lose his hat but the spores are sucked out into space.  Kelsey’s restraints fail so her teammates grab her.  Back in the Aquabase, the screen goes all staticky to the worry of Angel and the captain.  But the Rangers are fine to their relief- in fact, Angela gives the captain a half-hug before resuming her professional persona.

The pods and vines fall off their morphers.  Vilevine decides to personally destroy the city but then the Rangers return.  Apparently Joel took the time to grab a new hat.  Morphing, the five take on the nearby Batlings.  Chad and Dana work as a team but the others work independently.  Carter unflinchingly approaches Vilevine despite the monster blasting at him.  After using a bad pun, he punches the monster.

Together the five attack.  Carter uses his Battle Booster and then everybody uses Spectra Blast to destroy Vilevine in a huge explosion.  At Olympius’ command Jinxer revives and super-sizes the monster.  Olympius then uses his star power to “darken the sky”.

But Carter just calls for the Omega Zords and the Omega Megazord is formed.  It’s a red sky with lightning blasts and lots of flames in the city.  Despite some blasts, the Megazord charges and soon explodes Vilevine again.  Somehow this returns the sky to normal.

Two Returns

Vypra and Loki have arrived at the desert ruins… at this point only she recognizes them and has a plan to use somebody down there to help them get back at Olympius.  Unknown to them, Ryan is spying upon them.

… Where has he been?  “The Cobra Strikes” proves that these ruins are less than a day’s journey from Mariner Bay.  Has he been checking out the sites at Angel Grove?  Trying to find the legendary martial arts academies near Blue Bay Harbor and Ocean Bluff?  Trying to learn about magic near Briarwood?  Asking the advice of the Indiana Jones wannabe at San Angeles?  Talking to Ji in Panorama City?  Learning how the Orgs were defeated in what’s now Turtle Cove?  No, seriously, where has Ryan been?

Vypra pushes Loki down the well into the tomb, which he does recognize.  She comes down as well and removes some cobwebs on a wall to start a rhyming spell.  Loki throws a rope into the tomb which causes the flames at its base to briefly rise up.  As Vypra continues the spell, Diabolico’s shadow can be seen.


Ryan is now at the edge of the ruins.  Vypra and Loki are pleased to see their old boss and the trio teleports up to the desert where Ryan is hiding amongst the ruins.  The duo briefly explains while kneeling as seen above what has happened during his absence.  Diabolico is indeed missing his star power and is fine with repaying the duo for his revival by destroying the “brat”.  Ryan stands up to watch as the three demons teleport away.


I’m now sixty percent done with Lightspeed Rescue; in other words, I’ve watched three of the five discs.  After an absence of four episodes, Ryan comes back… but so does Diabolico who’s been missing since his destruction in “The Cobra Strikes”.  Apparently he’ll be allied with Loki and Vypra against Olympius- I strongly suspect at this point their alliance won’t break as prior to his destruction there was no notable in-fighting and Vypra expressed seemingly sincere grief and fear at the loss of Diabolico.  Plus, none of them like Olympius.

When Bansheera discovers Olympius’ deceit, I wonder if she’ll be angry at the lie or proud over his deviousness.  But it is clear that the mother-son bond is fraying and will likely get broken at some point in the future.  Both are too power-hungry to withstand a rival.  Then again, Bansheera might side with her son only out of concern she’d be the trio’s next target if they succeeded at taking out the prince.

This episode had a ‘race against the clock’ plot which is stressed by its title.  Carter is still looking out for Kelsey and it looks as if Chad and Dana have been bonding off-screen or at least have been training/sparring together.  The focus was evenly split between the heroes and villains.


Next time on Power Rangers: Carter has to save his frozen teammates.



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