15-8: Both Sides Now

Will feigns betrayal in order to get information from Miratrix.

Last time on Power Rangers: Ronny was a little too competitive, and Andrew got a dragon scale to power the Defender Vest.


Deception Everywhere

Rose is giving an info dump on the Hou-Ou Bird as the five travel through a narrow street that the caption states is in Turkey.  Dax points out the pun, not impressing Ronny.  Those three are wearing a short-sleeved variant of their Ranger uniform; I’m not sure why Mack and Will opted to stay in long sleeves.  And everybody wears the long-sleeved version for the rest of the episode- except Will, who’s in black and white civilian garb.  They find the location that did have the Hou-Bird statue… but it’s been ransacked, including the safe that presumably held the statue.

Four of them are down in the base when Andrew comes down to reveal that Will was fired but refused to hand over his tracker.  And then Andrew claims Will is “unstable” which seems extreme (not to mention vaguely self-insulting as Andrew hand-picked Will for the team).

Miratrix is training out in the woods with her double blades when Will finds her.  When she attacks him, Will morphs and a cool-looking fight scene ensues.  When he has clearly won, Will demorphs and ‘helps’ her up as he wants to team up with her.  She asks about the others; Will claims that he sold some Zord technology to a rival and besides, being a Ranger doesn’t “pay too well”.  Some flirtation occurs and Miratrix touches her blue pendent in thought as Will walks off.

Down in the base, the four are fretfully searching for Will.  Ronny in particular denies that he’d betray them.

Will sneaks into a building, wearing goggles with the Operation Overdrive logo on them, to sneak an object he then hands over to Miratrix.  Said object is “the only thermal bivalve reticulating laser in existence”.  He grabs her arm when she tries to leave.

Then the other four show sup- Dax and Ronny on cycles while Mack and Rose took the Jeep.  Dax and Ronny voice their denial about Will switching sides, but Will morphs and blasts the four.  Mack grumbles about being upset when his dad is right.  Um, Mack, you might want to look at your priorities.

The four morph, leading to a fight between Will and his ex-teammates.  Ronny in particularly is upset.  Miratrix is snarky and shoves Will back towards his opponents.  Putting her pendent in the device, Miratrix releases Kamdor.  The blue being expresses his upset about how long it took Miratrix to free him before he takes on the quartet.

Will is halted from rejoining the fight by Miratrix touching his shoulder.  Kamdor battles first Ronny, then Dax and Rose.  Dax demorphs.  Kamdor blasts Ronny some more before Ronny and Rose team up to fight Miratrix, but they end up demorphed as well.  Mack battles Kamdor next, but also gets demorphed before being blasted again.

Kamdor and Miratrix opt to leave, thinking the Rangers are no longer a threat.  Despite initial hesistation, Will then laughs and goes with them.

Down in the base, Mack and Ronny are grumpy.  Dax points out that it’s not cool to hook up with “a friend’s ex”.  When the girls look confused, the guys clarify, “Man law.”


As seen above, Ronny and Rose are not impressed by such a concept.  And I agree… also, how did Mack learn about ‘man law’?  I doubt it was Spencer and Andrew apparently wasn’t home often.

Will expresses his skepticism about Kamdor to Miratrix despite Kamdor being right there in the underground chamber with them.  Apparently two years ago he rescued her but got captured in the process- it has taken her this long to find a way to free him.  Kamdor wants him to destroy his “former friends” to prove he’s now with them.

Untangling the Truth

The four and Andrew find a weak signal and go into the woods where they find Will, who points out he let them find his signal.  Rose realizes, “It’s a trap!”

All five morph and a fight ensues.  Miratrix and Kamdor are watching from nearby- she’s impressed but Kamdor is not.  Will puts a code into his tracker and there’s a huge explosion… when it clears the four Rangers are gone.

It turns out they’ve been teleported back to the base.  Everybody asks questions, with Dax fretting his arms got put on backwards.  Andrew assures them, “I will answer all of your questions.  Even Dax’s.  But, first, you’re all okay?”

But before they can respond he reveals that he “modified Will’s tracker to send [them] here”.  Rose realized that Andrew and Will set them (and Miratrix) up.  Will has feigned switching sides to learn what she’s done with the Hou-Ou Bird.  When Mack asks how he was sure it was Miratrix who stole the Hou-Ou Bird, Andrew reasons that one of Flurious’ or Moltor’s monsters would have been noticed.

“Will convinced me in order to go undercover successfully, we all had to be convincing or it could cost him his life,” Andrew clarifies, expressing hope that Miratrix has bought Will’s act.


It turns out she has… although the flirting doesn’t hurt.  Kamdor is not amused by their “mutual admiration society” and has Miratrix bring him the Hou-Ou Bird, which he holds up.

Ronny finds a weak, rhythmic signal which Rose realizes is Morse Code which she has known since she was four.  Out in the woods, Will is using his tracker to send the message about Miratrix indeed having the Hou-Ou bird statue when Kamdor finds him.  Will claims he was just tapping due to an ear worm in his head but Kamdor remains rightfully suspicious.

The trio goes to a quarry.  Miratrix holds up the statue in the sunlight and it turns into a golden bird that’ll hopefully lead them to the Touru Diamond.  But then the other four drop down out of the SHARC, already morphed.  When Miratrix expresses her hurt at having been tricked, Will points out as he goes to stand by his teammates, “Kind of like you tricked Dax, huh?”

“Guess you don’t know about man law, Miratrix,” affirms Dax.  I’m really not amused by that concept.

Kamdor has Miratrix follow the bird while he handles the Rangers, but Will tells his teammates to follow her while he takes on Kamdor.  Will charges despite explosions behind him; he then uses Kamdor’s katana to run his morpher along as he does his morphing call.  Afterwards, he gets out his Drive Slammer for the battle.

Miratrix and the other Rangers fight in a field near a picnic area that was hastily abandoned by a group of civilians when the fight began.  Picking up a blue purse, she whistles.  Kamdor turns said purse into a big-mouthed monster from long-distance before resuming his battle with Will.  But the Black Ranger gets the upper hand and creates an explosion, thinking he’s destroyed the being (but he hasn’t).

While the quartet fights the monster, Miratrix heads after the Hou-Ou bird.  Will joins the group, worried in particular about his “buddy” Mack.  But Mack gets out the Defender Vest and uses the Drill Blaster to destroy the monster.

However, Kamdor uses his powers to revive and super-size the monster.  So Mack has Spencer send the DriveMax Megazord (sadly, yet again he’s not seen or heard).  Will activates the ninth Zord, the Crane Driver, and goes in its cockpit to help out the Megazord against the monster.  I’m a bit upset about how there was almost no foreshadowing… but before learning of him being ‘fired’ Dax thought Will and Andrew were in the latter’s office because Will was getting a new Zord or gear.

Will essentially ‘fishes’ for the monster and then sends it flying.  Miratrix obtains a scroll from the Hou-Ou bird, which then drops down as a statue again.  Back at the battle site, the Megazord forms a new mode with the drill and crane Zords as its arms, which are used to destroy the monster.

Miratrix is studying the scroll when Kamdor returns, upset at himself for underestimating the Rangers.  Although certain it’ll lead her to the Touru Diamond, Miratrix can’t understand the writing on the parchment.


Back in 2007, this episode upset me so much.  The villains in this franchise could (and often did) perform these sort of underhanded tactics, but I wasn’t used to the heroes doing the same.  I was also upset at the risk of creating a rift between Will and the others, even if I get why Will suggested they not be told in order to elicit genuine reactions.

And now?  I’m still upset.  The villains can (and often do) fake switching sides or being a good guy to get information and such from the heroes- the latter was just seen in “The Underwater World”.  But the heroes are supposed to be above such dirty tactics.  And I’m definitely uneasy that Andrew is down with such actions as he’s supposed to keep the Rangers in line.

There was a slightly weird love triangle here.  Dax is still vaguely hung up on Miratrix, Miratrix was genuinely attracted to Will (but just manipulated Dax), and Will manipulated Miratrix.  Samuell Benta does the arrogant, flirty villain act very well… I’m frankly surprised he didn’t get a reoccurring villainous role opposed to being one of the heroes.  Furthermore, he and Miratrix have far better chemistry here than she did with Dax in “The Underwater World” (no wonder Dax got upset…).

“Man law” as a concept just rubs me the wrong way… or maybe it’s how seriously Mack and Dax seem to take it.

Kamdor is now free from the pendant, and he and Miratrix now have a lead in finding the second jewel.


Next time on Power Rangers: Flurious and Moltor teaming up leads to Mack’s capture.



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