2-7: The Green Dream

Goldar uses Tommy in an effort to gain the Rangers’ powers.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd tried to take advantage of Kimberly’s jealousy towards Trini but failed.


More of a Nightmare

At the end of class, Miss Appleby reminds her students about the 500-word essay due on Friday, taking special care to warn Bulk and Skull that it’s this Friday.  Skull starts to panic but Bulk reminds him they can just write about the Rangers’ secret identities.

Tommy is lost in thought at his locker, causing Kimberly to try twice in order to get his attention.  Apparently originally brought up off-screen, he’s been having the same dream for the past three nights about losing his powers and is afraid it’s a sign.  Kimberly does her best to reassure him.

Lord Zedd wants to obtain the Sword of Power as well as turn Tommy’s dream into reality.  He plans to use the Sword of Power to destroy the Rangers.

Billy and Trini are discussing his latest invention- a technology scrambler- at the Gym and Juice Bar when Tommy and Kim show up.  Apparently Tommy plans to write about mythology for his essay.  What, not dinosaurs?  I’m jesting, as it’s later clear there’s a Doylist reason for that topic.

Bulk and Skull bought a gizmo from the spy shop that reads energy signatures and hope it’ll lead them to the Power Rangers.  The four are a bit worried, but Billy turns on his gizmo so that the duo’s just leads them to Ernie instead.  Billy’s pleased that his device does in fact work (or maybe Bulk and Skull bought a dud…?).  Jason and Zack have showed up as well, possibly from the gym area of the business, but Tommy leaves to go to the library.

Entranced Again

Lord Zedd commands Goldar to send down Z-Putties to capture Tommy and bring him to the dark dimension.  As the Green Ranger song plays, Tommy fights off several minions.  But then more teleport in and grab him before they all teleport to the Dark Chamber where Goldar is waiting.  It’s actually a cave opposed to an actual chamber.  The brunet calls the villain “Goldilocks” which is admittedly hilarious.

Goldar reveals the plot: he’ll mind-control Tommy into having him convince the others to call up the Sword of Power so he’ll steal it and bring it to Lord Zedd.  Tommy doesn’t want to turn against his friends again but to be pedantic they weren’t his friends yet when he first became the Green Ranger.  In any case, Goldar uses Zedd’s staff on the restrained teen.  Evidently his eyes will occasionally glow red while he’s under the spell… how the others don’t notice that is beyond me.

Pleased, Goldar picks up a book that has half-fallen out of Tommy’s backpack.  One image in particular impresses him and has Lord Zedd use the image to create the Robogoat.  No, really.

Alpha alerts Zordon about how there’s a new powerful monster.  And they somehow completely miss out on the fact that Tommy got mind-whammied again.  At Zordon’s command, Alpha contacts the five who go into the locker room.


As Zordon warns them about the monster, Tommy shows up and the six teleport to the Command Center.  Let’s do a brief tangent on their clothes, because in this episode they’re really nineties.  Billy’s in pale jeans and a multi-shaded blue golf shirt.  Jason’s in a red sleeveless shirt and has a dark belt to hold up his pale jeans.  Trini has on a yellow shirt with a black-and-white checkered skirt that’s held up with suspenders.  Plus her hair’s pulled back with a massive yellow scrunchie.  Zack’s in a black sleeveless top along with blue-and-indigo (?) striped pants.  Kimberly has on brown with pink pattern overalls along with a pink tank top.  It’s hard to see what he’s wearing (though the red eyes are clear), but Tommy’s in a sleeveless green-and-brown hoodie with green slacks.

To misquote Brittany Diamond, yay nineties!

The viewing globe shows the Rangers the Robogoat.  Both Kim and Jason are worried about Tommy’s dwindling powers so Tommy brings up using the Sword of Power to aid them in the fight.  Thus the six call upon the blade… which Tommy promptly teleports away with.

He returns to the Dark Chamber.  Pleased, Goldar has him hand it over to Robogoat before breaking the spell just so Tommy can understand what’s he done prior to his and his friends’ destruction.  Robogoat teleports away but Tommy morphs in order to get back the Sword.

Less Green Than Ever

In a quarry, Tommy reiterates his determination not to betray his friends again.  There are multiple blasts as Tommy charges at Robogoat which I recognize as a clip from the opening credits.  Robogoat shows up to tell Tommy that he’ll have to go through him to get the Sword back.  The two fight and Tommy seems to obtain it… but it turns into a thin branch as it’s a fake.  Grabbing the real Sword of Power, Robogoat sends Tommy tumbling down a cliff as his powers are “fading”.

Alpha and the others are searching for Tommy.  Despite not having known he was under a spell in the first place, Zordon (admittedly correctly) assures them Tommy’s no longer mind-controlled but does warn them he needs their aid.  Morphing, the five go to the quarry where they confront Robogoat.

The monster uses the Sword’s powers against them and then creates a crevasse that four of them tumble down into.  Jason alone is left to take on Robogoat.  Getting out his sword, Jason engages in battle with the monster.  But then the Sword turns into a thing branch as apparently at some point Zordon switched it out with a fake.  Okay then.

Jason then frees his friends from the “energy bubbles” they apparently got put into.  Lord Zedd sends down a BBomb8 in order to supersize Robogoat.  Then comes the extended Zord transformation sequence before the Megazord creation sequence.  In the ensuing fight, they use the Thunder Saber in order to break Robogoat’s Rod of Destruction.  But then the monster emits electric blasts out of its hands to attack the Megazord.

Tommy, who’s still lying on the sandy hill, is contacted by Zordon.  In the cockpit, Jason wants his buddy’s aid against the monster as well.  But when Tommy tries to call upon Dragonzord, nothing happens.  The others are losing the fight and the Megazord tumbles down.  However, Jason got his teammates (mostly Billy to be frank) to repair the systems and thus the Megazord gets back up.

Luckily the Megazord manages to defeat Robogoat by itself.  Lord Zedd is upset about the “meddling Power Rangers” and threatens to clip Goldar’s wings due to blaming him for the loss.  He’s even more upset with Baboo and Squatt.

On the school stairs, Jason and Kimberly are with a moping Tommy.  He’s aware that his powers are indeed fading and “it’s for good”.  Furthermore, he’s afraid of what Lord Zedd will try next to do to him.


This was a solid episode that showcases the effects of Tommy’s lessening powers.  He’s still a powerful warrior, but unfortunately martial arts skills alone aren’t enough to stop Lord Zedd and his monsters.  Tommy remains closest to Kimberly and Jason.

Evidently Tommy is still traumatized by having been mind-whammied into doing evil by Rita back during the “Green with Evil” arc.  Sadly, he did get put under another spell to ‘betray’ his friends.  Though I’m baffled that nobody picked up on it… although flickering, those red eyes were not subtle.

I have no clue how a Robogoat was a serious threat to the team.  But at least Lord Zedd is trying to be a threat to the Rangers whereas Rita Repulsa just seemed to be doing plots out of boredom.


Next time on Power Rangers: Lord Zedd enacts another plan to try stealing the Rangers’ powers.


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